Saturday and top day at the show 🐴🦄

Day started at 08.15 with us going to the warm up with Duc! He was clear in the first round of the small GP and we went back to the stables and waited for the jumpoff!

Went out, he was super and we was leading a good while! Ended 3. Behind Jose Maria Larocca and Gaucho da Quinta and another superstar horse and rider! So very happy

The GP qualifier started right after so I went with Quin to the price giving and warmed up after! Great round, double clear and 9. Place!

Right after that Helle had made Picsou ready and Elsa was with me in the warm up! Picsou was super, one down! But a good round!

No time for rest, out and ride some dressage on Alf’i! Then we had time to eat!

You can believe how hectic it is specially for Helle, she needs to put studs a horse tack on, studs off the horse that just jumped, tack off wash him, put ice and so on, to quicky brush, studs on and tack on the next one before me and Elsa comes back with a sweaty horse that just jumped!

For Elsa it’s hectic to, but in another way, sometimes we have short time between the horses and it’s stressful for her to get the jumps to be like we need in the warm up!

THE GIRLS ARE DOING A AMAZING JOB. –and of course they are dressed like this while doing all that

After eating a little Alf’i s class stared! He was top and clear also

And finally Helle had time to watch one of her horses jump

Went to say hello to the horses in the evening before I went to dinner!

Thank you so much girls💖


Friday and the show has started

Day started early for me, morning riding with Alf’i! Hahaha, it was me and two other guys riding and one longing. The horse that was longing was wild so everybody got wild! Imagine, the riders that was up that early had a good reason to get out of bed that early, and that reason was called a wild horse. And when 4 of them decides to act out it was a bit 😂 but all came down and relaxed. So all good!

Back to the hotel for breakfast, cause it start firs at 07.30.

Back to the show again to jump a double clear with Duc in 135 and get 6. Place!

Then Alf’i in 130, he did not touch a fence! Incredible! Picture from 1* last week

Then Quin and Picsou in the GP qualifier. We decided not to jump Picsou cause he did not feel 100% good. Picture of Picsou from last week

But Quin and I had a good round with one down.

Picture from last week, today he was wearing his new hat from JS Horse Mades, you can buy it via Facebook and Instagram! TOP QUALITY! TOP PRICE

Ice Tea has walking and some longing!

In the evening I went to town to eat out! Omg, so much eating out, really love to be here but looking forward to come home to my routines and healthy eating again!

Really have to say that the girls are doing a amazing job! Working super and always happy and positive! And that’s so nice to be around! I like so much that they are able to keep a good system and also that everything is in order! They always check the water without me having to ask, and just that is a given thing you should do if groom is your job, but it often happens that people forget about it or are tired and feed up with carrying 1 million water buckets a day!

Btw, glitter shoes are in everywhere, look did not buy them, but had to take a picture to share with you! Bed now! Good night


Thursday 🐴🦄riding and 🏖pool time in 🇮🇹

Got up, breakfast outside and straight to the stables!

Started with Picsou today! This is my outfit! JEM in Bordeaux, and Chanel🎀

Really light work for Picsou today! A lot of walk and Trott! Not hard, just going trough the basic! He was super

Next was Quin Exactly the same work as Picsou! No gallop, he was a little more stiff than Picsou so he had to work a little longer! Making him straight specially on the left where he wants to put his hindlegs inside the line!

Then Alf’i! He had hard work! Since Alf is a little a wake all the time it’s best for him to be a bit tired before he’s going to compete! So we did loads of dressage, and extend the gates, collect the gates!

Last to ride was Duc! He also had a lift day! The older horses like him can sometimes think it’s boring to run around in the same place everyday, and Duc gets more motivated if he does different kind of trainings! Since it’s not possible to take him Quin and Picsou for a forest ride here! They had a easy day with just loads of carrot eating and light work! So they will be extra motivated to go up to the ring tomorrow

After ridding we feed the horses lunch and went to the pool!

I had my Missoni on, such a beautiful summer/pool dress

And my another bikini from Cleo San Remo



Hanging out together

In the evening I went with some friends to eat at the FAB restaurant of the hotel!

Eating outside, top food and temperature


Tuesday and Wednesday

Started the day with breakfast at the hotel before I went to pick up the girls! Marked was on the schedule today! And I got to wear my birthday presents together! Pink pink pink Chanel

Marked was okey I must say, I got some underwear and some towels!

Went to town after to get some ice cream and the 3 of us had new bikinis

Ice cream is good here, but the best one is Gelato Mania in San Giovanni/Cattolica

Bikini, super cute from a bikini shop here! clo cashmere and mare san remo It’s called ! They have Miss Bikini also

At the hotel they gave us this for free! Nice touch

Stable s! Started with some dressage on Quin! I’m wearing JEM ONE SEEM in black pink, and all my birthday Chanel! Belt and t-shirt, yes and bracelet! Thank you! Kep ITALIA and Parlanti Passion Quin was quite stiff in the start, but after some soft warm up he was super! I want to emphasize that a horse is allowed to be stiff while warming up! But that does not mean it should be allowed to ignore you, if you say Trott -walk, it should be Trott -walk in balance, not Trott, pull you out of the saddle, long horse Trott unbalanced, walk. The horse must still listen and you must concentrate to! In the listening part Quin was super from the start! Good boy

Alf’i one day off and Alf’i saw the 4 legged shark everywhere! I did not even bother to try to make him go out in the corners before the end of the training. When he’s tired he will do it, if I insist before he will be more tense and maybe we will have a fight. No point with that when my goal is to be best friends and to make him work as correct as possible! This does not mean that I let the horse win, it only means that i staid away from the areas he’s nervous about until he was relaxed and with me. Then I could ride there without any trouble

Picsou Picsou had loads of energy and really wanted to work! I even had to drop the dressage wip cause he was pushing with his hindlegs and very active on his own, so today the dressage wip just made him run faster and that was not the purpose! All in all a top horse being TOP


was such a nice ride as he always is! He had the easiest training today since he jumped 4 times this week! 3 days but one day he did a jump off also and got 2.place in the small Grand Prix! Only deep shape and loads of good boy Duc!

Ice The Ice Machine Ice Tea was really nice today also! He was so calm I thought he was sick. But he was not! At this show I’m only allowed to jump 4 horses in the CSI** and last week Alf’i did the CSI*, since he have been sick with the lung inflammation I though it was a good idea not to jump to high and to long courses, and not to get high pulse. This week he wants to jump higher and one of the horses will not jump, since the 1* feels a little low for the rest! Ice Tea is the horse that had done the most of my horses last year and this year so it will probably be him that gets this week off from the show.


went early to ride cause the 3 of us had planed a afternoon by the pool.

Started with Quin that was a lot better from the start today quite a lot of work for him today also!

Next was Alf’i ! My outfit! JEM ONE SEEM ridingbreeches Navy/Blue , Gucci t-shirt and Hermès belt! Parlanti Passion boots and Kep ITALIA helmet

Alf’i was perfect today! Soft, easy, no 4 legged shark in sight ! He had a light training, because I know I need to work him hard tomorrow and morning ride him before start on Friday, and I don’t want him to be over all to tired, since he was sick so long! But today he was great!

Next was Picsou and he really got to work today! Because the day before he show, opposite to Alf’i that needs hard work, Picsou gets light work! So today he got a lot of training! A lot of being active but at the same time in the same balance and shape no matter what speed! He was super!

Then Duc! Duc also got hard hard work today! Focused on getting him on the hindlegs, light in the hand, and active, then light in the hand, and active again, you guys get it!

But he was super and worked very good!

The girls longed Ice Tea today! Haha! Ice was pretending to be a lazy horse and not to amused by the little riding house and was trotting and galloping very slow, so the girls had to run after him

Feed the horses and then the rain came! So our plans of beach and pool was put on hold!

We all went to the hotel and Elsa went shopping! I went a quicky back to the stables and then I meet the girls for Ice Cream weather got better and we got a little walk on the beach wearing a Janne Ibiza bikini! Thank you! You can buy it on Instagram or google Janne Ibiza

Did some jogging and grocery shopping in the evening


Sunday and Monday 🇮🇹

Sunday and first GP for me and Quin together!

The day started with Good rounds for Picsou, Duc, Alf’i and Ice Tea and finished up with two down in the GP! Totally my fault! He was awesome! Rode a bit to fast in to a double! But all in all happy!

Monday! I have gotten HIGE Blisters on my toes and heel, so the docter said NO SHOES today! And that means no stables for me!

Spend the day by the pool , The bikini is from Rosella beach wear! You can get it on instagram! I also spend some time sewing crystals on one of the saddle pads!went out to it eat in the evening. Or I eat at the super fancy restaurant at the hotel looking like this, outfit is cool, but no shoesupdate about Tuesday comes tomorrow



About Friday and Saturday is under this post!

Today it went very good with me at the show! And that makes me happy, it makes ❤️Francois and my parents happy to!

Sometime just getting a ribbon 🏅is the source to your whole motivation! And not getting a ribbon can be very disappointing.

What I think is important is to be exactly the same, good result/less good/bad.

If I do good I’m the same with the other riders and people at the show.

Some people when it goes good with them feel the need to act superior over the people that did not have the best day. My advice is to be the same, if you do good, praise your horse, and do the same if it does not go good!

If some one you know is struggling, focus on what they do good! There is always something that they do good! And tell them that it was good! We have now idea what they are going trough when it goes less good, could it be disappointing themselves, their boyfriend, mom or dad, or their team or sponsor. So brining kind is the most important no matter what result


🏖Friday and Saturday in 🇮🇹

Friday was a good day for us at the show even though it was raining!

Started with some morning riding on Alf’i followed by warm up to Picsou class! By now it was raining a lot and we decided not to start since Picsou was injured a long time! Braved the rain and worked him a long time on the flat anyway

Next was Duc, had a good round but one down!

Then Quin and Ice Tea in the GP qualifier? both good , one and two down with them

Then Alf’i, really happy and jumped amazing! He was double clear and got a 4.place in the one star

Went to get some sushi at the grocery store, sooo good. In the evening we all went to the cocktail party! Was nice Saturday

Really good weather and started with two super rounds in 135 with Picsou and Duc! Where Duc got 2.place

Followed by a really good round with Quin in the GP qualifier giving us a 8. Place!

Ice Tea was very hot today. But okey! He went to pick up Quins price!

Alf’i had a day with just some light flatwork, felt tired and did not want to over work him! after feeding the horses we went out for some burgers and some pool time

I have to say that Helle and Elsa did a amazing job! Both these days! It has been very hectic but they have been awesome!

In the evening I went running in the stairs of the hotel! I have blisters on my feet and I did not want to run outside and the gym was closed!


Thursday and flatwork

My outfit, JEM ridingbreeches in Navy, and the Chanel belt and Tank top that I got for my birthday!

Went to eat breakfast and headed for the stables

I rode Alf’i first! It was a lot of 4 legged sharks in the paddock today, but I got him to relax in the end! i rode with a half Pessoa with a metal straight mouthpiece and room for the thong. With this bit he is less spooky but does not jump as good as he does with the same bit but have the plastic mouth pice! Did not jump today. But I think I will show him tomorrow with this bit, and if he is really calm maybe I take the plastic one on Saturday

Next was Picsou! Dressage for him also He was super! Worked on getting him to be active and still soft and easy in the hand! Sometimes he wants to shake his head and pull me so I takes the attention away from me getting him to work in the proper way! Focuses on being strong in my core and sitting up and it went very good then Quin! Dressage to get him to be straight in his body! Always want to go with his left hind legs inside the track! Went good today!After this it was feeding time for the horses and me, Helle and Elsa went to the pool to relax and eat some ice cream

Back to the stables for vet check and riding Ice Tea and Ducbest picture of me and Duc😂 he works super though


Wednesday and hello ITALY

❤️Francois dropped me off early in the stables and helped us get going! Me and two new girls Helle my new lady G, and her BFF Elsa went with me to Italy!

We brought Picsou, Duc, Quin, Ice Tea and Alf’i!

Had a nice drive with Helle and we eat macrons and I told her about the show routines!

Her fiend Elsa drove the Yaris!

The whole day has going by to pack out and show them what goes here and what to do! A lot of new for them, but they have both been awesome

I made the truck cozy and clean for themand they did some horse walkingat the hotel now, I could choose from a Junior suite with a sea view and a private balcony, or a suite (-a bigger one)

I took the big one because I love all the space, and would not spend time on the balcony anywaynow bed! Good night


Sunday/Monday/Tuesday 💑

Sunday in St Gallen!

Was at the hotel gym on hour in the morning! They had that stair machine! Wow! LOVED IT! Got really high pulse and had so much fun on it! Wish that our gym had this one!

After that I meet up with ❤️Francois at the CSIO St Gallen! Also went to Inequien and meet one of my awesome followers a lovely girl who lives in this area! She tried the JEM and JEM L! And bought a pair

CSIO ST GALLEN was super! Great weather! “Lilla gubben” was also there

Love it! From my childhood hero Pippi!

Childhood hero, STILL MY HERO!

The nations cup was exciting!

France was clear ALL THE WAY!!! One of my fav horses! Pret a Tout

We got some great seats and could happily cheer the Swiss in to a second place! WOW! Great jumping!


started in the stables with Helle! Jumping with Alf’i and Ice Tea! Only second time jumping with Alf after the lung inflammation! He feels quite good! Or he feels good, but I still take it easy with him! Not to much! Many times you jump more at a training than at the show, the training is often harder when a longer warm up and more jumping! Did not want his lungs to work to hard, so did not over due the warm up!❤️Francois my Love was there to coach me! He was happy with us Ice Tea jumped also! He was also good! A little bit heavy today! But did his best as always you can see he was sweating a lot! It was so hot when it was his turn to jump! So I am very happy for the effort he put in! What a good boy!

Picsou had first a short ride in the forest then some dressage

Duc had dressage also! A lot of collected canter ! Best pictures of me and Duc today! Hahaha! I’m wearing JEM in Navy, with my new Chanel belt from my birthday, Veredus team clothes, Kep ITALIA Helmet and Parlanti Passion boots

Quin and me went in the forest

When I went to take groceries I meet one of my followers! Really cool! I was not expecting someone to come up to me and talk, so I was like “jumped backwards” when I was approached, but then we started to talk and I was very happy to meet her! And very glad that she was brave enough coming to say hi, when I was looking at cabins very dirty after the stables


Up early cause we had so much to do! Started with forest riding with Picsou! And here’s my outfit! JEM Navy, and my new Kenzo t-shirt that I got for my birthday! Hermès belt, Kep ITALIA and Parlanti Passion It had been raining last night so we could gallop safely in the woods! Not so hard today! Picsou behaves perfect! Trained on having him active in a quite short canter

next was Quin! Forest for him also! Really deep shape! He was very relaxed

Duc and me had a little live stream! Duc was the horse that had the hardest training today!

Ice Tea also galloped a lot, but in a really slow relaxed canter! Just to school him! He was so super! Very soft and nice to ride

Alf’i was a bit shocked to be out again! Saw the 4 legged shark everywhere and wanted to go home one time! But when I convinced him he had fun also