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Hi Guys! Winter has arrived to Switzerland and I have been so lucky to get this wonderful jacket from Horse Pilot!

The jacket is really sporty and stylish with a feminin fit! And I really love wearing it! It gives me the ability to move and stay warm at the same time! It has all kinds of cool features! 

Me and Cal’i showing off the jacket 😍The zipper in the back is a really nice touch that is so usable for us horse girls! 

Felt really comfortable riding with it! 

To buy the jacket you can click on this link:


It’s a great idea for Christmas🎁🎅🏻 It can also be used as a everyday jacket or why not for skiing😍

In cooperation with Horse Pilot 


Monday and HOME❤️ with my ❤️LOVE❤️FRANCOIS❤️

Without telling my King one word I took the plane home to surprise him this morning! 

Winter jacket on, cause it can be cold in Suisse now 
Breakfast at Starbucks at the airport Also made a quick stop in Lausanne to get Francois his favorite chocolate! And got some Frappochino refill for the train ride home! BTW, please tell me how so many people can go with a space between their pants and their socks/shoes now in winter? I bought extra long socks to not get cold, to stay warm on the little places between the shoes/socks and the pants!

Francois was really happy to see me😍we staid home and had a cozy time! Dinner at home, yes and we went to the gym 

Back in Spain, this morning before they went home Niki rode Ice Tea on the beach, Alf and Duc had a day off, with walking 3 times!


Sunday and 140 with Alf’i 

Started this morning with some morning riding with Alf’i! When I came to he stables I had brought with me some breakfast for Niki!It was almost no one riding that early.

He was really fresh today. It’s a little cold in the morning here, so today the riding took some time before he relax! 

After Alf’i, the class of Duc started! We had hind boots on Duc in the warm up but took them off in to the riding! I wanted him to make some more efforts with the hindlegs and jumpig with hindboots a couple of times would help that! He hates hindboots and in the class on Friday I had instead some poles with the front legs. So remind him of his hindlegs in the warm up! Jump in the ring without hindboots so he also can focus on his front legs! Had a good round with one unlucky pole down. 

The walk the course and on Alf’i again! He jumped 140 today! He was really flying, we had two down, totally my mistake!

Today Ice Tea had the day totally off! He was only hand walking! No riding! Handwalking 3 times for him today! Think he needed one day to relax and think a little! He got ice on his legs anywayhaha, gave him this GIANT carrotYeah, of course Duc and Alf also got some carrots for Lunch! HAPPYMe and Hannah talking about the course before she is going to ride 

When she was finished, we watched the Grand Prix together! The weather was really good toda, warm when the sun is up! 😍JEM L PANTS

After that it was time for some evening cuddles with the horses! If you have not bought one pair of JEM L riding pants jet, you should really order them!!

Me and Hannah has boxes right next to each other! So cozy to live so close to my BFF!I finished up the evening with a evening run and some film watching in the truck 


Saturday in Spain 

Same same same! Started the day with Dressage on Alf’i! He had a day off from the show today! 

So Alf had a little harder training today! First really long and low, then more collected and loads of side movements! He was really good! Took also the chance to really gallop him forward! Was riding in the flat work area, so since nobody is jumping there, it’s space to really gallop! 

Next one was Ice Tea! Niki came up with him he had some stretching dressage to get relaxed before his class later he was really good, so I had hopes for a good round later 

Last one was Duc, he had some flatwork before his class also! Focused on really getting him on the hindlegs! Good workout before the class this afternoon! Outfit: JEM L pants, Chanel belt and t-shirt, KEP ITALIA helmet, and Parlanti Passion boots 

Lunch for us and the horses! And then Duc’s class! By then it has started to be a lot of rain and lightning and thunder! So me and Duc decided not to jump, his class was on the grass. Niki taking good care of a vet Duc 😍

When it was Ice Tea’s turn to jump the weather had gotten a little better, still raining. But Ice and me was schedualed for a sand ring so we rode! It was a Longine World Ranking class, a Jump Off class! It went okey today, not clear but better! 

Me and Niki went to Hollywood to eat dinner ! I had my usual dish, and Niki had a burger We also went a quicky to check out the shops at the mall! My outfitDoing a Dior theme today Non of us found something to buy although it was a lot of nice stuff

We did get some Frozen yogurt 

We got some groceries and snacks also! When we got back to the truck I went for a evening run, and Niki took care of the guys! I did night check and carrot refill 😉


Friday and ribbon for Alf’i today also 🏅

Day started with breakfast in the truck, followed with some morning riding with Alf’i! Had to have my show clothes on cause I was jumping the 140 with Duc at 09.30Alf was really good today also! Totally relaxed from the beginning! Better than at home actually!

BTW, Check out Hannah with her JEM ONE SEEM black/pinkSo 140 with Duc, had a couple of poles, but some jumped he jumped really really good! Like this oxer NR3, I jumped king totally on a angle and he had loads of air! I must give him more space in front of all the jumps tomorrow to be clear! And make sure he is on the hindlegs jumping upAfter Ducs class was finished the class of Alf’i started, 135! Alf was incredible, clear again and we got a 6 place! He jumped in the Valencia ring, was really cool and not spooky at all 

Quick lunch for me, Niki and the horses Alf and Alf, one of the Alf’s has ice on his feet 

Then Plating and stud putting for the ranking class with Ice Tea! Me making the plaits, and Niki the studs

Show time! How it went, not even gonna talk about it! Just no grass jumping for him tomrrow!!even the we took after the class was 😂😂😂😂😂 me with camel toeand both Niki and Ice, showing that angle on the picture is everything 

Niki took super good care of the horses and I cleaned the truck! It’s easy that it becomes dirty when you walk in and sometimes has shavings on your socks or sometimes don’t even take your shoes off..

In the evening I went for a run on the beach. And for dinner with my Bff Hannah and her boyfriend Isak! She’s wearing her JEM L pants! Want a boyfriend like Isak? Buy JEM L, you will look super hot 

Me and Hannah, both wearing JEM L

Really good food Mean while at home: I have bought ❤️Francois tickets to a Jazz concert in Zurich with one of his favorite, Candy Dulfer! And also a night at a 5* hotel renaissance! Top hotel! With spa! As a early birthday presents 😍 My BFF Janne went with him and send me this picture from the concert Happy that they are having a good time


Thursday and Showjumping 

Started the day to mornig ride Alf’i! Niki and Alf was waiting for me like this when I came me and Alf! My outfit: JEM pants in Bordeaux, Louis Vuitton tshirt, belt and bracelet, Parlanti Passion boots, Kep ITALIA helmet Alf’i and me whent up to one of the warm up rings and had flatwork! Some other riders had put out some poles so we could ride over Alf’i was really relaxed and super! He responded well going forward and coming back to collect with his neck forward! Happy!

Next one was Ice Tea! He was still quite hot! So we were back to the 1 million transition again.. only had to do 200 before he listen! At least then he was soft and good in both sides, and I did not have to worry about him not pushing with his hindlegs enough, when he’s in this mood he is very active behind! He was totally wet after! 

Duc did not jump today but had dressage! Worked him more easy today !

I feed the horses lunch And took some JEM L pants in my bag for a walk hoping to find some customers 

The first class for me today was the big class on the grass with Ice Tea! The course was quite difficult today, I had 3 down. 

Ice Tea was listening to me a lot more than this morning atleast 

Next one was Alf’i in the Oliva ring! 130, it went really well! We were clear and was placed as NR 10 in the class If I don’t have to run to the next class I take good time to Trott of the horses! Really deep and low until they are 100% relaxed in their body and mind 

My BFF Hannah was placed 5 in the big class on the grass so we celebrated her success😍 SO HAPPY FOR HER Haha, check out how me and Hannah “ride” 

Horses enjoying their evening foodAnd I went for a run 


Wednesday, training jumping 🐴💖⭐

Started the day with salad breakfast in the truck followed by some training jumping with Alf’i! 

Here’s me and Alf’i today! My outfit: JEM L pants, and totally red and green Gucci all over! 

Niki followed us up, incase Alf’i was scared😂he has his head all the way down with her hand, like sniffing it, or feeling safe with his nose against it! Sweet!

Alf’i was really calm! Actually best in a long time! He was down and low with his head, perfect in the mouth and both sides! He was pushing with the hindlegs and moved easy for my leg! Happy! Jumped amazing in the warm up and in the ring! HAPPY! Me and Alf’i waiting for our turn! Jumpig in the ring! 

Next one was Ice Tea! He was loaded!!! I mean it! From the minute he sat his hoof in the warm up, he was like: WOW!!! IM HEAR! SO MANY GOOD MEMORIES WITH RUNNING FAST WITH EVA😍

I was more like please relax, please be calm? No? Okey 1 million transitions are coming your way Ice’i❄️❄️! So after those he got not more calm, but atleast he started to wait! I did some Trott jumping in the warm up, yeah, that’s my new thing with Ice Tea! Thank you Sylve! So the warm up jumping went good! Buuuuut, when we came in the ring, he got a rocket in his ass, fire in the tale and just went for it! We had to take the snaffle rein off and ride only in the gag! Then it went okey! I would say in the end it went good! Only thing is, he can be to sensitive with the gag rein, but to strong with the both reins.. so what to compete with tomorrow? 

Next one was Duc! Catch frase from modern family, Gloria about Mannie! He’s my perfect little angel boy! So of course he did not need any training jumping! Just flat work for the perfect little angel boy😍Duc

Duc was really good today also, fresh but not strong, soft in both sides! Worked a lot on galloping in a forward powerful gallop and being able to collect him easy! We also meet some friends and walked around together 😃Duc😍 and his eskadron climatex bandages!

My BFF Hannah Åkerblom is here and I have given her a pair of JEM L pants! Here we are posing together!Hannah in the pants Later me and Niki eat and watched a movie in the truck! Before we went we made sure the guys had loads of hay and water 

Around 16.30 Niki went with the chestnuts to the vet check

While Niki was on the vet check I went for a run on the beach At one place ther is a bridge, and loads of people was feeding Ducks! So cutewas almost dark when I was done!For dinner today we had Mc Donald’s in the truck, haha No, not today also! We went to my favorite restaurant Hollywood! Look how good Niki looks in her JEM L pants and Calvin Klein tshirt!!I decided to just go Gucci for the rest of the day! 



Tuesday and arriving in Spain

The travels went well! Niki was super brave and drove the Yaris by herself!

I had help of a driver, Aurelio! He was not so grumpy as he looks at the picture! 😂 he was actually very very nice! 

On the trip I took care of the horses and helped with the driving! 

Me and Aurelio had a good trip! He was laughing so much when he saw himself in the snap chat filters!we were joking all the time, and when he asked me where Niki came from, I told him she is Spanish! Because she has dark brown thick hair! And he said NOoooO, not Spanish! I said why, because she does not speak Spanish? He said : speak okey, not Spanish because Spanish women are not so fast, Spanish women are slow, not stressed and more aggressive!😂

We arrived the same time as Niki! And all of us was well! I took Duc Aurelio took Alf’i And Niki took Ice’i happy that Ice Tea arrived without any harm! -and the bandages I put on staid well up! 

We all helped with packing out! Me and my new truck driver dress, and the old Chanel espadrilles! Still uses them for “dirty jobs” 

The rest of the day went by with packing out and getting everyting in its place 

Niki walked the horses! We went to drop of Aurelio at the airport and got groceries! 

Mc Donald’s for me and Niki in the truck this evening 


Monday, errands, and DRIVING to SPAIN

Started my morning with some Packing with Niki, and ironing on  unicorn patches on saddlepads and shirts 😍😂😂😂

At little after 8 my cardio, had something to fix in Lausanne also with the ATA carnet, but they did not open before 9, sooo

My cardio went super! Look how fantastic! People cleaning leaves from the trail! 

Then the errands, had to wait a loooong time, but got it done! Then some stuff had to be bought for the trip and then back to the stables where Alf’i was waiting for me to go for a ride! 

Daniel came and gave Picsou the first shock waves, Janne and Francois took care of that, and me and Niki bandaged the horses and packed the rest of the stuff! This time Niki has almost packed all alone and she also rode Ice Tea today in the forest!

Look what we do on the hind legs of Ice Tea, just to be sure! Normal cotton wool,Roll it up! Bandage it on, I use between 3-4 on one hindleg and 3-4 vet wrap over 

Alf’i got normal bandages on! For long trips I think this is best! Bandages stays in the good position better than back on track in case the horse kicks or something! Remember  don’t bandage  to tight! 

Niki putting Ice Tea in the truck 

And ❤️Francois was there to see us well off! Always hard to go, I love him so much ❤️

More updates tomorrow 


Sunday, packing and jumping 

Started the day with the normal protein pancakes breakfast together with ❤️Francois and Janne! Then I packed my clothes because we are doing some shows in Spain now! 

Took my clothes with me to the stables and put them in the truck, started to pack some of the horse stuff with Niki and Janne also!

Then we build a curse and it was all set for jumping! 

Started with Alf! My purpose of the training today was to be able to have a big ground canter but still haveing the horse together on his hindlegs on hr jumps! So it started with a vertical on the middle, big gallop to a gate, then the gymnastic line, long way big gallop to a Oxer, then around the turn to a triple bar and 4 strides to a vertical! 

Alf was really good and we have a good feeling before the show! Jumped him on the new bit, and are excited to try it at the show also

Next was Ice Tea, still loaded! He had even been on a ride with Niki this morning! But he had energy! The challenge was to be able to ride forward without making him hot and long! Went good! I had Mede jump NR 1 to a Trott jump and trotted him over it every time in the course if he got hot! 

Next was going to be Duc, but he had lost a front shoe so he had hand walking with Janne instead! 

So only the Giraffe left! She is just so rideable! Can ride her like this to the  jumps!she was top, but we did not get much done before lightning and thunder came. So short training for her today!

Other than that me and ❤️Francois just staid home, since I am away next week we wanted some alone time! Like dancing, looking in each other’s eyes, romantic stuff! ❤️LOVE HIM❤️ me with navy JEM pants, Gucci bag and shirt