Christmas time!

Day started early for me and ❤️Francois!

Meetings in Geneva!

After the meetings we went to the 5* Mandarin Oriental and had a 7 course dinner for lunch at their Indian restaurant Rasoi! SO GOOD

Did some shopping also, and I ate a lot of cakes at Cartier! And continued at Patek Philippe 😂Me and ❤️Francois went a quick trip to the stables on our way home! It’s holiday for all of us! Only been riding Duc a little and having the others on the treadmill! Teddy is still hanging out with Quin in Belgium and they come back in January


Only 4 horses at home

So with Teddy and Quin at Equitom it was just me, ❤️Francois, Picsou, Duc, Alf and Jill at home!

I did the normal! My mountain cardio in the morning very blessed with the warm winter weather!

Went to Starbucks! Espresso frappochino

Riding with Duc in the amazing weather

Grooming the rest of the guys, walking them and having them on the treadmill



Got up early! And this is me at the Radisson blue close to the clinic!

Ready to go to the grocery store in my Victoria Backham dress! Needed to get some Belgium stuff tot ❤️ Francois

I got regular updates from the clinic and that the operation was very delicate to set in a screw in the broken bone, but it had been a 100% success!

has that Quin had woken up from his narcoses very well!

We decided to do a CT scan on Teddy since he was there on holiday!

It was done the day after and it went well also!

Teddy enjoys some riding and cuddles with the staff at Equitom

I got home quite late! But had a nice trip! Happy to be home with ❤️Francois


Trip to Equitom with Quin and Teddy

Got up early and headed down to the stables to make the two horses ready for the transport to Belgium!

Quin has a fractured foot. I started to ride him in the end of February 2018. I tried him when he was showing in Spain and I was a bit skeptical since he was jumping a lot to the left.

I would aim for the middle of the jump and he would land on the left side.. but far left.

The owner agreed that I could ride him for two years. So when he came home to us in Switzerland we did a vet check on him because I suspected he had some health issues.

He was a bit lame all over and we treated 8 joints, gave rest and started to work slowly again!

Quin was still jumping a bit to the left but my vet said he was okey to go!

He suited me perfect and we were placed in the Grand Prix of SanRemo! And since he was doing so well with me ❤️Francois wanted to do a CT scan i Belgium to find out why he was jumping still to the left!

We got sad news after the scan. He had a fracture in his left hind leg so critical that if we continued to work the foot could brake totally off.

He has been going with this for 1 to 1.5 years they could see on the pictures .

This was in the beginning of June. All the medical attention he needed to recover 100% would cost about 30 000 euro. And we had to find a solution with the owner.

And that took a long time! The vet gave us 3 choices, put him down, STRICT BOX REST, or operation.

So Quin had to stay in the box from June to December when we finally manage to find a arrangement with the owner and Quin is our horse now!

So we could proceed to do the processes needed for the healing to start!

He a appointment to be operated in Belgium at Equitom. But could not travel on the big truck since the ramp is so steep and it could be dangerous for him and the foot to go up and down.

So trailer. He seems a bit nervous to go alone on the trailer so we decided to bring Teddy also! Teddy and Quin are best friends and “live together” so with together with Ted,- Quin was calm and we cold go. Broth boys got brix in water before we left and also matching aequipment rugs

We arrived safe at the clinic I let the horses stay a little without the rugs to air the fur after the transport

Haha! My poor Dior sneakers! They got a real good scrub when in got to the hotel


Cardio and dressage

Day started with my cardio mountain! Was quite fast today I have to say! I like to feel that I’m making some progress

Afterwords I meet Molly in the stables and we took care of the horses together! When that was done I rode dressage on Duc! A lot of focus on being long wide nose out in a quite collected canter! He was top! My outfit: JEM in navy, Gucci belt and pullover, Parlanti passion boots and Kep ITALIA helmet

With Teddy I worked the most in right canter! He was not so concentrated today, and that made it important for me to be extra focused on the right things

Quin enjoys so much cuddle time men and Molly went to have sushi in the evening


Jumping with Duc and Teddy

Molly was here to see if we could be a good team and if she wanted to move to suisse, so it was a good day to jump with Duc and Ted!

We build a course and afterwords I started to jump with Duc first! Or first I had Picsou on the treadmill and showed Molly how I liked the Horses to be groomed and saddled! Yes I’m like a little girl😂

Today’s training contained some up and down, a vertical two strides over double and 3 strides to a vertical , another line with 3 up and down , a Ofer and 2 strides to a vertical! Duc was jumping very elastic and very round with a super technic! Wish I would have sat him a bit more up so he got more air in the last line though ❤️Francois was watching and he was happy when us! So then I’m happy also

Teddy had to work to get everything good! And that’s okey! Because it’s good to have a challenge and feel that you can work trough it and become better! He jumped really fantastic today and got a lot of carrots after!

Molly groomed Jill, Picsou, Alf and Quin!

When we was finished with the horse we had a quick shower and headed to Geneva for some private events!

We started with Carrier Then Chanel

Versace! OMG the cupcakes

Then Gucci

What I was wearing today! I had Chanel boots, dress, cardigan, bag, cape, chanel earrings and Chanel bag

Me together with the REAL GUCCI gang 🙌

Successful shopping day

Happy ladies

We was suppose to go and eat something, but we eat so much in all the shops, so when we was finished we were totally full just went home!



When we got back from a intense training and show week Duc and Teddy enjoyed some days off!

I got started on my cardio mountain again.

The cows and donkey had come back from their summer holidays

Took care of the other horses as normal

In the middle of the week I started to ride Teddy and Duc a little dressage! Light, easy and loose

Me and ❤️Francois went to the event in the evening at Dior Geneva

And we went to eat the Lebanese restaurant at the President Wilson! They had decorated very nice for Christmas

Wearing this dress all the time now! But I’m just so happy and grateful for it!



The day started like every other show morning with my morning routine! Feeding musli, mucking, filling water, giving hay and walking the horses!

I noticed already this morning that Teddy seemed tired! A lot for him this week!

Around 09.15 his class started, he was tired and a couple of poles fell down! But he did his best as always!

The Grand Prix started at 14.00 so o had time to pack the stuff we did not need for the moment! I feed the horses at 12 and cleaned the cribs, the horses has two water buckets each so I took down one, and made sure the water bucket that was left was totally full! Cleaned the 2 I took down and packed in in the truck!

Made brix for the trip home! One that they could eat straight away when they got on the truck and one more for the trip!

I had good time before the class started to groom Duc well and make the plaits!

We also had a super warm up where everything went according to my plan!

In the ring he was amazing!and we made it to the jump off! AND GOT 4. PLACE IN THE GRAND PRIX


Duc chilling in his box with ice after the Grand Prix

When Duc was finished with the ice and the two horses had eaten hay, and yes some strong man had helped me get the tackbox in I loaded the horses and sat course home

Almost forgot! Some of My awesome followers came to meet me! And some also took pictures and films of me and posted on Instagram

The trip went fine and both me, Duc and Teddy was very happy to see the other horses at home

And ❤️FRANCOIS had bought me flowers since me and Duc had been sooo good!


Second day at the show

Morning feeding and walking as always

He’s so cute with this teddy head-collar!

When the horses and I had finished breakfast Teddy’s 6 year old class started!

We had a nice round with one down

Carrots for Teddy after being such a good boy!

Washing, ice on his legs and the normal routine!

Then I went out for a hour of mostly walking and also some grass eating for Duc! He has a day off from the show and from riding today

Went to buy a lick it for Teddy! I was so happy to give it to him! And he was of course very happy to get it!

The rest of the day has gone by to hand walk the horses 3 times, feeding, mucking out, filling water! started to make the truck ready to go home tomorrow also! So the things I could do today for packing and preparing the trip I have done!

In the evening me and Rudolf went to look at the big class im Vermezzo

I was wearing my beautiful new Alaïa wdress! Really proud and happy about it!


First day at the show and only clear rounds 🐴⭐️💖🙏

Day started early for me! I have musli to my horses, and I also feed the neighbors horses to! Then I took Duc for a walk, mucked out his box, filled water and gave him hay and repeated the same system with Teddy!

Went to eat breakfast in the truck before the first class started! 6 year old with Teddy!

He was super and we had a very good clear round!

I just had time to wash Teddy and put Ice on him before I had to make Duc ready for the GP qualifier! Had to put a fly mask on him while I was making the plaits because he hates flys and gets hysterical if only one is irritating him

Ready to go! Back with his own bridle and bit🙏walked him a long time before I walked the course and started to warm up! He’s so pretty

Double clear round for Duc and me in the GP qualifier! JIPPIII

Time for washing hay, carrots and ice on all 4 legs

Hand waking!

In the evening me and my German friend Rudolf went to Milano to look around and do some shopping!

Here at Dior! Very beautiful boutique

At Versace I bought a coat and a top!

My outfit! Louis Vuitton sweater, Dior sneakers,

Before we headed back to the stables we ate at a very good Italian restaurant

almost forgot to show you my new sneakers that I bough at the mall together with Claudia

Love them