What is more fun? To see a person sit around and talk about stuff? Tag a long for shopping? Or see some videos like I have made where you see me ride and also do other crazy stuff!

This Vlog I made together with Skin! It was so funny, to go to Geneva and Royalp with my Kep helmet! But it’s also a deeper theme in the video, how you can learn to see strides, count strides and be confident to jump high


Incase the video link does not work, click here: LEARN TO SEE THE DISTANCE

If you practice enough and count the 1,2,3 strides between the 3 jumps your subconsciousness will after a while learn how 3 strides looks like, and you will be able to see/ recognize 3 strides before single fences, and like that you learn to see the distance

One of my own favorite YouTube Vlogs learning video must be this one! Cause I think I have a very good system when it comes to remember the course and think how to ride at shows! Also how to warm up in a good way!


We also had a lot of fun when we made it!

And then it’s these kind of YouTube videos, where it’s just like hanging out with a person, and in this case me!


You don’t really learn anything in the video, you just follow me around!

SO PLEASE! Tell me !! What do you prefer to see? Casual days with me? Or videos where I actually give tips and stuff how to do or train something specific?

I would also be very happy if you can share my videos/YouTube channel/ and my blog on your social media!



Hi guys! I made this Vlog a loooong time ago! Haha! Just forgot to publish it!

Anyway, to teach the horses in a nice way how to jump the water is something very important for me!

And here you can see my method!

I did not always do it like this, but when I came to Danmark and became the second rider on Alfarvad, Lone Kroman that rode the Olympic Games and everything else, won the danish championship maybe 10 times showed me how to teach the horses to jump the water like this

Before I meet Lone I had only seen some more aggressive ways to learn the horse, some even just gallop after another horse and hope your horse jumps also. That was fine if the horse jumped, but if I’d didn’t jump more aggressive methods of force was used.

I asked Lone if by teaching the horses to jump the water like this would not make the horses just jump in to the water.

She said a careful horse will always jump over, and a uncareful horse will at one point start to jump in Anyway. By teaching them like this they will be confident and you will not have to chase them over the water which will result in faults on the jumps that comes after the water!

Thank you Lone for teaching me this very horse friendly way!



Packing for the show

Helle clipped Duc while I did my morning cardio! So he was all nice and leek when I arrived!

I started to ride Ice Tea! We had dressage today! My outfit! This really pretty JEM ridingbreeches and the crazy Gucci jacket, and a Gucci sweatshirt! as always Parlanti boots and KEP helmet.

Ice tea and me had dressage! But we also jumped some small jumps like this! No reins! He is such a good and sweet boy! He was perfect to ride today, so it did not take a long time, and that was good since we also had to pack for the show!

Next horse was Teddy! He’s fur looked great so no clipping for him today! Or I did clip his mane and his front hair a little! Haha! Dressage for him also! 90% right canter today. Since the right canter is so much weaker that the left I some days focus almost all the time on making the right canter better and stronger

Last one to ride was Duc! Even though both of us loves to ride without a bridle we had to use one today and work a bit serious! My plan is that me and him are gonna do the GP next show! I’m not saying that people who ride without bridle are not riding serious, but for me to work him correct I am still on that level that I need the help of a bridle

The rest of the day went by to pack the tack for the show and get groceries to eat at the show!

Me and ❤️Francois watched a film in the evening! And it was really cozy!

Went early to bed since we was gonna drive in the morning!

I’m in a phase that I want to eat this everyday ! In Norway it’s called Sjokoladebolle they have it at the grocery store where we shop so I eat one as I’m getting my grocery and pay it afterwords in the registry! Haha! I have to say though, that I bake the best once myself! I will surely do some for Christmas! Already looking forward to it. I think I even will use some Norwegian milk chocolate! And perhaps some vanilla sugar! Mmmmm


More jumping

Started my day with the cardio mountain before I headed to the stables!

Me and Helle the SEXY GROOM build some exercises! The normal gymnastic line with just verticals this time.

Another line with a vertical and 3 strides to a Vertical one stride combination.

And another line with a cavaletti, two strides to a oxer, and 4 strides to a vertical!

Teddy was first out! Or first me and Helle did some crazy instastory that I was chased by a gipsy! Similar to this scene in Borat


So after joking around WAY to long I jumped with Teddy’lino! He was awesome! He’s coming better and better every time! His front leg and push off was already better today than two days a go!

Next was the Ice Machine! Ice Tea was also good and very rideable! I don’t have much to say really!! He was top!

I also rode a lot with Duc without bridle today, dressage, I jumped and I rode in the forest! Sweetest horse ever!


Geneva! And jumping

A whole day in Geneva with the SEXY GROOM!

I had some errands to do and then we decided to do a whole day with shopping, hang out, and dinner!

It was really nice and warm when we went there! This is what I was wearing! and Helle thisbut the weather changes and luckily we had other clothes in the car!

We had a fun day! Eat at a fancy restaurant before we went home, haha so we had to change in to evening wear! My choice for the evening: DOLCE GABBANA



Me and Helle build a little course and I jumped with the two guys! No gymnastics today!

First out was Teddy! Needs to train combinations! So had a 3 combination with a oxer in and two verticals out! It went good, but still need to work on it more! Felt the Gallop is getting better and better and it was easier to get good to the jumps on the right

Ice Tea also did some jumping! He behaved super, listen well and was very easy to ride today!

When we had finished building out the jumps in was dark outside! So me and Duc did some dressage inside! Finished up with riding a little without bridle! someone send me this picture of me and Duc in Arezzo I think! I don’t remember who send it, but it was on Instagram inbox! Thank you so much!



This morning before starting to ride me and the SEXY GROOM did a lot of fun stuff! We are a little obsessed with the film BORAT! Helle LAUGHING OUT LAUD while I sing the national anthem of Kazakhstan!

And we filmed some for Parlanti also got a new fly bonnet for the horses from Customized by Merle! THANK YOU! I unboxed it together with Duc!

Afterwords I did some dressage with Duc and a couple of small jumps

I did dressage with Teddy! Working on the right canter! Really need to keep him straight on the left and be observant and prevent him from putting his hindlegs inside the right track! Here’s me and Teddy and my outfit! JEM ONE SEEM in Navy/blue, Fendi t-shirt, Chanel belt, Kep ITALIA Helmet and Parlanti Passion boots!

Next horse was Ice Tea! Dressage for him also! Would like to go out in the forest for some gallop, but it hasn’t rained a drop in many weeks and the ground is to dry and hard! Ice Tea got to do A LOT of gallop in the ring instead with focus on active hindlegs and light in front

Went for my cardio mountain and watched tv with ❤️Francois in the evening!


In a hurry

I was sure that I was going to remove a birthmark today at 15.30, so I got up at 06.00 and did my cardio mountain at 07.00 and took the train down at 09. On my way to the stables my ❤️King phoned me and told me that my appointment is at 11.30, not at 15.30!

OKEY. So I had no choice than to speed up! Only had time to ride Teddy!

Check out how beautiful the JEM breeches are in Bordeaux

Me and Teddy went for a forest ride! It hasn’t been raining for a while so it’s quite hard on the ground, since it’s so dry!

So not to much Trott and canter. But it was perfect for him today, cause he felt a little tired! even thought we could not train hard it’s good for him to go out! And it’s not necessary to train hard everyday!

Rushes and just made it to my appointment! It went good! Done

Rewarded myself with some Starbucks after!

Btw, check out the shoes I’m wearing today. Dior made some converse inspired shoes, and I said I would never buy them because I felt like converse shoe sole was like the sole of a rubber boot. But I always admired girls who wear converse in a cool way, when they have them so tight on then foot!

Then I got my glitter converse in Cattolica and I liked the sole! And after a while I got these two as presents. Maybe I got one of them first but did not use them cause I thought I didn’t like them.

Helle had the Q and A thing on her Instagram, and she got this one concerning my cake baking and eating

Haha! What I actually ate for breakfast! Not that much right! I OFC eat a banana and a protein pudding also! Breakfast is the most important meal for me!

Now the 3 of us was watching World Championship in Showjumping in the FEI TV

A little clip from instastory, haha! Talking a lot to Instagram!


Busy day

Got up early and did my cardio mountain! Took the train down and went to get some groceries for some cake baking for me and the Sexy Groom! Francois is cutting carbs so he said he would not eat any cake if I baked one!

The cardio M, today was one of those days where I wishes I had time to take a 2 hours nap on my way up and still make it to the train. Sweating and breathing on high level today. You got to push yourself if you want to get better. So i defiantly got better today 🙌

After that both me and the Sexy Groom had a doctor appointment, so we got that done, and yes we also did some waiting at the doctors, but it was not that bad! It went quite fast today

Then we had to go to the Ferrari garage and pick up the Super America! Haha, first time I ever could take a picture of these two together! The red- Ferrari GTO, blue is the Super America. He Maranello was down in the garage, but would have love to have the 3 together I photo


Dressage today for Ice and Teddy! Started with Teddy! Rode him looooooong and low with his nose. He did it really well! Wanted him to stretch out from the gymnastics yesterday.

Then Ice Tea! Needed to keep him a little bit more up! He’s in a phase where he wants to put a little to much weight on front, so could ride him low, and then lift him up again!

Duc is older (15) so when I can, after jumping two days in a row I just hand walk him! and that’s what we did! And had a live stream at the same time!

Quin, Picsou, Alf and Jill was ether hand walked or on the treadmill!

In the evening I baked this cheesecake! It takes 4 hours in total so I got to bed WAY to late, and ❤️Francois had to go to the gym alone!


More gymnastics and strength training

I said it before and I say it agin! Sometimes it’s good to jump with your horse two days in a row!

Because that’s what you do at shows! When we are in a intensive period with a lot of shows I don’t jump home at all, but now when it has been a more quiet period I do some more training at home!

So today we trained the classic gymnastic line, plus a series with verticals and up and down! The horses was great! Check out the frontless of Duc! Wow

Next was Ice Tea! Here’s my outfit! JEM in black, Chanel top and belt, my new Parlanti Passion boots in Buffalo leather, and of course Kep ITALIA helmet!

Ice Tea was also super! He got to do some Trott poles as well! Top boy

Helle went out a while with Teddy after training! It’s good for the horses to go in the forest as much as possible

Daniel our vet came and did a shock wave treatment on Picsou! I went to my cardio mountain!

And yes, I almost forgot, we did a lot of commercial for the VEREDUS GRAND SLAM BOOTS! They were created when Scott Brash won the WHOLE ROLEX GRAND SLAM! The boots are amazing! With carbon gel and Vento (Vento for the airflow)

Close up on my new Parlanti Passion boots with buffalo leather



Today I jumped with Teddy, Ice Tea and Duc!

I had build some exercises to train the strength of the horses! Not exactly the gymnastic line, but still gymnastics! You probably seen the exercise on instagram!

Teddy and me are still holding the biggest focus on improving the canter, but at the same time I wanted to try a couple of bigger jumps on him! He was a good boy! It will be very exciting to see how he progresses during the winter! Right now he “hits the ground” more in the ring than at home!

❤️Francois was there to coach! And he was happy with Teddy’lino! So all good

Next was Ice Tea! A while since he have jumped now, so we did not do to much! He was happy and excited! And jumped well

Last one to jump was Duc! Did also do some bigger jumps on him! He was fresh and loves it! Even bucking after some jumps! He feels easy to jump big jumps on now! It feels like he has found his scope again!

What else! Me and ❤️Francois went to the gym in the evening!

And yesterday I went to Starbucks with Helle

Did my cardio, had the horses alone and went to Mc Donald’s in the evening! Cause ❤️Francois is on a diet and he did not want to go out and watch me eat