Saturday and date night

But first, protein pancake breakfast at home!

If you are interested in the recipe I made a YouTube tutorial

And by the way! I had bought ❤️Francois some new clothes in France when I was there! And I had laid them out on the bed for him as a surprise! Was so excited for him to wake up and find them! He was very happy about it!

After eating I went to the stables! I have the horses on my own until next week Thursday, so it’s not only riding! It’s a lot of other things also! Like going to eat grass with them, filling water, cleaning tack! Cleaning up shit when they shit, you get it!

This is what I’m wearing today! Navy JEM ridingbreeches, Burberry t-shirt, Parlanti Passion boots, Gucci belt

I’m still not working Alf’i after his lunge inflammation, but he goes on the treadmill and I hand walk him! He has some fever on and off, and I don’t want to start to early!

Picsou and me had flat work today over poles! I put out two poles with 21 m in between and also a dog leg of two poles! To know what a dog leg is check this video out:

So I could stay on the same hand/way, and riding 5/6/7 strides on the 21 m and doing the dogleg with poles to train the correct change of canter, the bend, straightness and rhythm! Was a very good training for me and Picsou! Must be stronger to change the canter from left to right, but to change the rhythm and strides between he poles was easy for us! Good boy

Even though I have I tight schedule with all the horses alone! I make time for some cuddles! Quin really LOVES IT

Today was also a very warm day, and Duc was quite fresh in a little strange way! He wanted to run, but have all wight on the front, or if I could get him to wait and go slow, he still did not want to be active with the hind legs anna carry himself! So needles to say I had to sit down and really concentrate! Get the horse to wait, at the same time be active, and later on go forward active but wait at the same time!

He was really good in the end of the training !

In the evening me and ❤️Francois went out on a date and had a really good 3 course dinner! And this is what I was wearing!Francois was wearing one of his super cool Zilli jackets and the training clothes I surprised him with this morning LOVE HIM! He is the BEST

To all of you that took time to comment yesterday! This post is thanks to you! Otherwise I would probably not have done anything with the blog today! But you have me the motivation


Friday, mountain cardio and shopping

Had a Protein pudding for breakfast and headed to my cardio mountain! i freeze very easy but today I had WAAAY to much clothes on! So warm! was a bit tired in the end, but kept fighting all the way up!

I had to buy a little device to print stickers out for sending the pants when they are sold on the web site, but before that I treated myself to some Starbucks!

Smart as I am I had packed a lunch box and some clothes to use in the stables, as I always do, but this time I had forgotten a top.. luckily I had this Nike top in the truck cause I was really wet in that purple longe sleeved Kari Traa training top!

Horses was good, we all got good and sweat!

I forgot to tell you guys that Chambord new owner phoned me yesterday and he and her are doing SOOO GOOOD!!!! They just won a 110! He is very happy with her and she takes super good care of him!

Makes me happy to know

I’m not so motivated to blog for the moment! I put loads of effort in to it and I have s lot of readers but almost never any feedback! Like if you would leave a little more often comments it would motivate me a lot!

I have blogs that I read in the evening before going to bed, and if it’s not a new post I get a Little disappointed about it!

Is it anyone who reads my blog everyday, and miss it if I don’t post?

Here is two pictures from my fashion acc. I look so serious! Hahaha! Normally I’m always so smiley! Btw, reminds me to buy they green monster chocolate Next time I’m in Geneva! It’s made there and they only have it in the summer! ❤️François LOVES it.

mean while in Danmark they are working on braking in Delveaux. He’s a stallion and we are thinking of making frozen seemen of him!


Thursday and very warm

We were waiting for a big delivery of ridingbreeches so I staid home all morning!

Or I went for my jogging round 3 times. I tell you it was H A R D ! Cause my feet was very stiff in the muscle from the beginning. But I did it anyway! 11 000m!

Later I went to the stables! Loads of hand walking so the horses could eat green grass and putting them on the treadmill!

I rode out most of the horses today! The paddock is a little up and down, meaning we still are waiting for more sand! And strangely enough some days it feels good, but today it felt hard!

Could have something to do with how much water it got, if it was done by the tractor, and what temperature it is in the air? Just a thought!

It was really hot, like 27+ degrees! So non of the horses was fresh! It has gone directly from winter to really hot summer! Even Picsou behaved perfect! Not even a hint of rodeo!

I was sweating a lot! Since it’s still just April I have in mind what my mother and father thought me, that the air is still cold even though the sun feels warm!

So I went with a longe sleeved t-shirt! Haha, at least nobody can say I don’t listen to my mother 😍 but look my hair 😂 so sweat it’s glued to my head😂

No gym today! Ready for bed now!


Saddle cleaning! 

First! Allow me to present my 4saddles!

3 of them are BUTET SAMUR 😍 and one MEYER

This is how I clean it!

I use stubben saddle soap, and clean first!

Dry hard with a towel!

And apply this, Acene from Butet or some other “fa on straight away while the pores from the saddle are still open! (The pores on the saddle opens since it is skin when it gets water on it) so that’s why I put the Acene cream on before I move on to clean the rest of the saddle! So the Acene can get deep inside the leather and moisturize it!

I do the same prosess on the whole saddle

Clean, dry, cream


Sunday and jumping

Protein pancakes and headed to the stables together me and Francois!

Quin was the first horse! Me and Anneli had build a course with the gymnastic line and also a oxer with 3 strides to a vertical! I focused a lot in keeping Quin straight, he want to go a little to the left and also to put his handle on a track in the inside of the frontlegs when I ride on the left side. it is going better and better, and he jumped very good! check out our matching outfit! Black Pink! I’m wearing the JEM ONE SEEM ridingbreeches, Yves Saint Laurent pullover, Kep Italia Helmet and Parlanti Passion boots. 

Duc, he was good today, had a rain down on the vertical after the over cause both me and him did not take enough time. its important to stay focused, take time and breath, be relaxed with focus on jumping the jumps clear in the best possible way for your horse!

Duc was a little hot today, but other than that perfect! Or actually in one corner he was very irritated, could be because it was a lot of flies down there, he hates flies, and they are coming back now. He was almost kicking after them!

Francois was happy with us, and I am happy he was there to give me some great advises on how to jump the vertical after the oxer better!Ice Tea needed a long dressage warm up today , it was a lot warmer today than it has been the other days. He felt a bit lazy bit running in the beginning, at the same time as he was hanging in the hand. So hind legs had to be activated and neck and mouth had to be soft. By the time we started jumping he was super!

Picsou was the last horse for me to jump today! he is so happy to jump again, after he has taken the first jump he can’t stand still anymore!We still take it easy with him and are bulging him up slowly, even though we know he can fly high over big jumps, it his life and we want him to stay healthy and have a long healthy life. So one step at a time! Today he jumped a little more than two weeks ago! 

Look at this Happy face

Teddy was praising the treadmill, under the monitoring of Francois! He is not relaxed at all there yet, and walked so strange! But it is getting better and better! we only keep him on for like 10 to 20 min max!Nothing more to write than normal, gym, really good dinner at home!


Saturday, dinner out and some thoughts

Day started with a doctor appointment!

After that riding! Light dressage in the forest for Quin and Picsou followed by medium hard interval training for Duc! Did not want to do to much today since we are going to jump tomorrow!

I’m wearing my super cool JEM L ridingbreeches! Gucci sweatshirt and belt, Parlanti Passion boots and Kep ITALIA helmet!

Had dressage with Ice Tea! Just really low shape, made sure he did not hang on the bit! Totally funny picture if us, trying to give him a kiss!

I let him be loose a little in the big pad after riding! He loves it so much! I let him loose after riding cause then he was proper warmed up and that’s better! Also they are less wild, and then they hopefully does not run that fast! Love the picture! All 4 legged up!

Teddy has about 45 min in the forest! Behaved good as always! Perfect hack pony!

Build a course for tomorrow and went home!

We had dinner out! And dessert made by me at homepancake with fresh berries, whipped cream, banana ice cream and a little chocolate sauce!

Wanted to share some thoughts with you


  • You are not suppose to get good grades to make your parents happy, you are suppose to get good grades first of all to show you understand and worked for the knowledge, and to build a steady foundation for your future! So you can choose what ever you want!
  • Do your best and try to learn even if you don’t like the teacher, if you really don’t understand it’s not that you are stupid, maybe they are not explaining it to you in a way you are receptive to! Ask for another teacher or go in a smaller group! It’s no shape to get extra help!
  • It’s a shame to waist time in class to play with your phone and talk to friends, this time is for you, for your horizon to expand!

Of course it’s not the only way to succeed in life, you can also jump in to the job marked and do a extra ordinary job so you will be promoted time after time!

I also want to put emphasis on that IT IS OKEY TO CHOOSE WHAT EVER JOB THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY NO MATTER WHAT IT IS! If you love working at Coop, that’s great! And you are still as important to us and the world as ,- let’s say Donald Trump, even though your load of responsibility and pay check is totally different!

I will now take a example from my own life! When I started to work right after school, i at one point worked for a very rich family, I had education so I got a slightly better salary than some of the people who worked there together with me. BUT, I still lived in a little room, shared kitchen, bathroom, and living room with 5other people. So including me we lived 6 together!

While the family I worked for was buying horses for millions and could easy spend 15 000 euro on a hand bag when they went shopping a normal Tuesday.

I never thought that they should pay us more, or give us a bigger place to stay just because they could spend that kind of money on them self’s . They had employed young people, some without education and we got paid for the job we did! They also had a 5* groom who had a apartment in town, she got paid more than us! But she had :

  • Education
  • Long work experience
  • Worked there for many years and proved her loyalty
  • Was engaged enough in her job to take care and manage everything that was about the top competition horses she was responsible for!
  • She knew herself when she had to call the blacksmith, when the vet needed to look at a horse, always had the horses perfect clipped, her stables and boxes was in perfect order at all time, she could plan and drive the horses alone to shows, find a extra driver if needed and know where to put the horses out in “travel stables” so they could rest

This is a BIG responsibility and it’s not just given to anyone that just think, ah I can be a groom, it’s hard work so I should be paid a lot. It does not work like that. You get paid for the level you work at!

If someone want the experience of a 5* groom they hire that and pay for it, but if the position is for a more inexperienced groom don’t expect to be paid like a 5*

So we that was living 6 people together on two toilets and showers could many times dream about our own place like the 5* groom had. But if the family wanted to hire more people with her experience and qualification they would have done so. It’s not just because they are rich that they have to over pay us for the position and qualification we had. I was fresh out of school, my first job after, so I was proud of working there, even though the salary was like it was, and we lived together, I learned a lot so I could proceed to Get in to school again and then move up to a job with other advantages, like own place and more pay!

Let’s say you just started to work as a groom at Tops, the head groom gets a lot more paid than you, you think it’s unfair cause you actually does more heavy work than she, you have more boxes to muck out and get less paid. You then think, they are so rich, and the place is so beautiful, why don’t I get 3- 4000 euro a month? I do heavy things. BUT It does not work like that, just because they are rich they don’t have to give you money for free, a employer decides what position they are hiring for, and if you think you will like the job and the pay you apply. -if you then do really good and show that you are a trusted team member I am sure most places gives a race! But it does not happen after 6 months. IF YOU ARE SO LUCKY TO GET A JOB AT LETS SAY TOPS, be grateful for this golden ticket to show them how good you are and work your way up, the sky is the limit!

My advise is not to be jealous of the people who have more than you. Make a list of your goals and work towards them! Save for it, if your dream is to go to the US on holidays, tell all your friends and family, no Christmas or b-day presents, and ask for small amounts of cash to save up for your trip! You will see that it will go quicker than you think! And I am sure what ever you dream about becoming or having you will achieve! While at the same time be positive and kind to everybody on the way!


Friday, riding

Started the day with a 4k run at home

Stables! Quin first! took some pictures of us in the sun, matching our outfits! Im wearing my Navy JEM riding breeches from Pro Horse International! can’t wait for the web shop to open! Gucci pullover, Hermes belt, Dior Scarf and Parlanti passion boots!

Forest riding for Quin! Anneli tagged along so quintillion’s felt safe and happy! really lovely weather! galloped a lot! Worked him in dressage on the trail the last 10 min of active riding! he was super! I think its very important to ride as much as possible on different ground with your horse! To keep the mind happy, and the body healthy

Picsou was next! he has been so wild in the forest so today I really rode hi n the big pad before I went out! and he Behaved perfect! could gallop without him trying any tricks on me! So very happy with him today!

Ice Tea had forest riding today also! with him I I galloped a lot, but really a lot. Its like he goes trough 3 phases, phase one, really fresh, stone and want to run fast. 2, perfect, soft in the hand and pushing with the handlegs a lot because he still thinks about going full speed. 3. he is starting to be tired and wants to put the wight of his head in my arms. At this stage I’m also getting tired, but I keep going cause I want him to get in better shape an me also

Duc had dressage today, he had hard interval training yesterday!So I focused a lot on use making him deep and loose, to stretch out from yesterday! he was good as always! Even though I was bending hi a lot, I still need to focus on making him straight! so in the left canter I had to move the front part on to the track of the backpart to the left so he would be straight 

Picsou Gym


Thursday with ❤️Francois

Day started with doctor appointment! ❤️Francois came with me!

After that we went to the stables!

Started with Quin! My outfit: JEM ridingbreeches in Black, Hermès shirt and belt, Kep ITALIA helmet and Parlanti Passion boots

Rode a little dressage in the big pad, while ❤️Francois gave me very good tips how to ride him rounder and use his hind legs and back better!

Quin is scared of a peacock next to the stables so ❤️Francois took me and Quin on a walk afterwords! Quin loves ❤️Francois and follow him everywhere!

Next one was Picsou! Dressage in the paddock under the supervision of ❤️Francois! He was working TOP today! a lot of energy! And very soft in both sides! He listen really well to me today! And I listen to ❤️Francois we also went on a little forest ride! It was less rodeo today! Haha! Will try every day until he’s super calm and a good boy like before! He LOVES forest riding and can be a bit feed up if he needs to work to much in the paddock!

Next Ice Tea! Dressage! He was amazing today! Best ever I think! Soft in front, carrying himself! Hind legs working! No protest in the side movements! HAPPYLast to ride today for me was Duc! We went out and had some hard core interval training! And had a Instagram live session on our way back!!went homeJogging outside 30 min and 20 min on the treadmill at the gym! Me and ❤️Francois had dinner at home and just watched tv and snuggled in the evening!