Sunday GP Time, and boat day Monday

Got up at 05.30 and jogged to the stables to morning ride Picsou! And then back to the hotel and have a quick breakfast07.30, before I took the car back to the show!

Duc 135 class started at 08.30! We had a super clear round and got 8.place!

The GP started at 10.30 and me and Picsou was nr 24! It was a quite technical course and we did our best efforts both of us! We made it clear a long way! Had a foot on the white line after the water, and the two last down.

I have only jumped Picsou two classes in San Remo, one class on the national show, and one class this show before the GP! So my brain was telling me you and Picsou need more rounds! You are not in sync yet. But my intuition told me, trust him and don’t over use him!

So I watched loads of films on how I rode him before! And tried to get that feeling and do the same!

Also, I jumped him in the class on Thursday, had light flat work on Friday, JUST HAND WALKING ON SATURDAY – to be motivated, he can be a bit bored if he have to train in the ring every day! Morning riding Sunday and then GP! So minimal training before, just tried to stick to the old system that used to work!

So! – It went quite well! After 16 efforts around the course to the two last once perhaps he was a little tired, perhaps I did not rode optimal! Anyway! We did our best! It was a lot of faults in the class and you were placed with 5 point. We ended up in the middle of the results

The CSI* GP started at 13.00 and I rode Teddy! We were clear on jumps, and had a good solid round with one time fault!

I have to say I was happy with the round! Must be our best round ever together

In the evening we went out for dinner! Helle did not come, she was tired from getting up before the rooster every morning

Monday! Chill day for me! Slept to 09.30 and had a BIG breakfast! Then some pool chill before I picked up Helle who also had a sleepy morning today! One of our friends had feed the horses so she could get a later morning! She had mucked out, walked thehorses and had them in paddock when I picked her up! We feed luck together and then we went on a BOAT TRIP

We were joking and singing so much the other people must have though we were a little 😂😂😂


Friday and Saturday

Day started with 135, me and Duc!

When I walked the course it was a line from a vertical to a oxer vertical combination, I walked it like I would ride 7, and I was pretty much set on 7 strides. Just asked the coursebuilder and he said if you have the good control make 8! And I have on Duc! So I thought a steady 8. I watched the man before me and he did 8 totally normal on a quite big horse, so I thought okey, I land, keep the rhythm and the balance up a little. And so I did. But I came to close, should have landed, collected and then kept the rhythm. So sometimes you should trust your intuition. My inner voice knows me and the horse, I ignored it, and I had a pole! So trust your intuition!

I have to say that I’m happy with Duc anyway! He was great! He is such a sweet horse!

Next was Teddy in 125, we was clear in the first round and one down in the jumpoff! I am really happy with the round! Must be best round for us so far! Even if we have been clear before! Today I felt that I rode him well and that he jumped super! We had a very good communication, and that’s so important for me! That me and him work together, almost to me one! Before it was always him and the me. Not a us.

Then some dressage with Alf’i! I find that he is 100% more relaxed in the ring when he has done a work out before his class! He was first very relaxed, and then it was price giving for a class and they played high music and it made him a little anxious. I said calm, and we could finish up in a good way

I also rode Dressage on Picsou today! Because he does not have a class today! So it’s chill for him! But I wanted to ride him anyway and give him a light work out! He felt really good! Everyone was eating lunch so we had the big warm up to ourself and could ride down the middle line and focus on being straight and equally active with both hindlegs! Happy with him, and he was happy to get his bridle open and eating carrots

My friend Thelma are next to us in the stables! And she got a ribbon today with her horse Pickles! So I decided to highjack her photo and pretend that me and Pickles won it! Haha so funny! And I am really happy for her! Totally awesome!

Before the big class is send out some support! It’s much more fun if you are happy for each other and wish each other the best

so I jumped the ranking class 145 with Alf’i and she with Suleika! It was the second time for me and Alf 145! And it went very good! I had two down, he was perfect! Very good and I am happy! T and S had one down and a great great round!

Saturday! Got up really early and jogged to the stables and morning rode Alf’i! important for me to get him low and make him looong! Relaxed! He was super!

Jogged back had breakfast and went to the stables again! First class was with Alf’i, the mini GP! Top round, all fences staid up, but Alf’i stumbled right before the last fence so I pulled away in the last moment! Took a circle and came again and he jumped it clear! I was a bit disappointed cause we were clear, but safety for the both of us first. All I can do is to think positive

Went walking with Picsou, feed the horses, and had some lunch by the pool! Hermès bikini

Back to the stables and time for me and Duc to jump 135! Got 11 place! Happy! He was also wearing his new gold Veredus saddle pad and hat

Dressage on Teddy after! Focused a lot on the quality of the gallop! Making sure that the balance is on point at the same time as he is pushing with the hindlegs

Went out to eat with Thelma in my ridingpants,

So sleepy now l! Going to shower


Wednesday and Thursday

On Wednesday I sleep a little longer and was not in the stables before 10.30, Duc was sleeping when I arrived

Started with Alf’i! Must say he was very good! Relaxed from start to end! Happy with the training! Putting a lot of focus on making him looong! Nose out and forward !

Outfit: JEM ridingbreeches in Black, Gucci t-shirt and belt, Kep helmet and Parlanti passion boot!

Took Teddy after! He was also too today! The quality of the canter is getting better and better! He also made 90% good canter changes today!

I helped out Helle on the vet check! I took Picsou and Duc, both were good!! We had to wait a while, but the cue was quiet, horses behaving good!I rode Duc in the evening! He had a hard work out today! Loads of gallop both forward and collected! It’s important to sometimes keep working even if it’s going good! So keep working on the good feeling just to get stronger in the body!

I also walked Picsou for 40 min, I did not ride him today! He can get a little feed up if he needs to go in the paddock everyday! So to have a day just walking makes him super motivated for tomorrow

went for a evening run and then bed!

Thursday! Teddy was first out with a clear round in 120Just after Teddy I had to run to walk the course for Picsou and Alf while Helle quickly made Picsou ready!

Picsou and me had a clear round and got a ribbon in the GP qualifier Alf’i and me jumped the same class! Rest round with one unlucky pole

I got my new Kep helmet from Selleria Sandri

Had some pool time in the afternoon! Check out this dress, it was not able to stay up on its own. So I simply platted a band like this and sew it on! I think it looks cool, so here’s a idea if you have a similar problem with a dress or a top and want a cool and different solution onHaha! This bikini is a child’s bikini, I have cut the pants to fit like this myself cause I really like the colors


Tuesday and trip to Ancona

Manage to only eat 3 croissants today, and headed to the stables!

Helle and me made some pictures of the JEM and JEM L riding breeches before the ridingboots got on!

I’m freaking out how gorgeous she looks in the JEM L! She is wearing size M! It’s outfit goals ! Love the Ralph Lauren t with these breeches

Here’s me wearing size XS from last week. As you can see size XS is lower on the waist. We have totally different body but I think we both look good in them! She looks 100% great! They cost 125 euro and we have for the moment free world wide shipping


But today I was wearing JEM in Navy! They cost 165 euro, you can find it on the same link! I’m wearing my LV summer trunk sneakers, belt and bag

I rode Alf’i first today! We did 3 poles on the ground and rode 4+4, 3+3, 5+5, 4+5 , 5+3 and 3+4 also 4+3 strides! He wa super

Next was Duc! We did the same training, but it’s more of a effort for him and me to do the 5 strides! That said, he makes the effort and does it on the first try!

Picsou on the other hand was more in to 3 + 3 all the time! So we had to train a long time! I have to activate his canter but make sure he stays light in front and that he keeps the suspension just right!

I compare it with marking it warm in your bourse with a fire place. If you make a huge fire and have the door completely closed it gets to hot. But if you open the door completely all the warm air goes out, so you have to have the perfect balance, between the fire that you make (your leg and the horse activity with his hindlegs) and the suspension you create by putting the door in perfect position/holding it together with your hand!

Last to ride was Teddy! And he made it easy, very easy 5, had to work more on staying in balance on the 3, when he wanted to run more! But all in all very happy with him

after riding we went site seen in Ancona

And had a great dinner at a American place

Me talking to Instagram, I feel I have been really good on my blog activity now! And I would like to know how you feel about it!

I used to read Tyra’s blog every evening, while I waited for ❤️Francois to come to bed. When she did not blog one day I genuinely missed it. So I was happy when a new post come! I know you have left me nice comment about being happy with my blog! But it would be a lot more fun for me if you would share it on Facebook. Talk about it and make comment and maybe even a discussion here


Tuesday, riding and beach chill

Had a way to big breakfast at the hotel, we are talking 5 croissants, and I don’t talking about small ones without chocolate!

Get a lot of questions about me sharing my meal plan and fitness program! And I will! But I will also write about how different body types with different jobs!

But I need time to do it good and some cool pictures or maybe a vlog? Is a vlog better? When you follow me around to training and what I eat and meal prep?

Tell me what you want!

So today, after eating WAAAAY to much.. I to the stables, Helle was clipping Picsou so I helped out with saddling until she was finished! Picsou has suddenly decided to pop out his fur! I told him he needs to be careful, a lot of Italians likes fur coats and jackets. And with a fur like that he can easily be kidnapped to the mink farm!

Picsou got instantly nervous, and so did Helle. The thought of Helle had to battle against 20 Italians who wanted to kidnap her darling Picsou was unbearable, she looked at Picsou and they said at the same time, WE GO TO CLIP NOW! Picsou stood still like never before and asked her to be faster all the time! So it went rather quick!

Now you might think, what about Duc? He always fluffs our his fur so fast🤔 but he is safe, he has brought the fluffy unicorn to distract the mink- nappers, so they see the fluffy unicorn first, when they attempt to take him Duc has the time to escape!

So I rode Teddy’lino first! Look at us marching! Wow Wow Wow BLACK PINK GAME IS STRONG

So I’m wearing JEM ONE SEEM black pink , Chanel belt and top, and some glitter converse shoes! Teddy is wearing Veredus color edition!

Yes and I also put Duc in the paddock before I went out with Ted!

Even though I had staid one hour on the breakfast I was apparently the first one to come and ride so the big arena was closed! Not problems, me and Teddy worked on some poles in the warm up! We also worked a lot on being a good boy to change the canter! Better and better every day

Next one was Picsou, we rode in the big arena and galloped a lot! When I gallop in a big rhythm he wants to make himself long and pull me out of the saddle! This is of course not very convenient in a showjumping course, specially not when you are competing. So I sat firm and worked him, he had some extra tricks he tried with his head and doing something with that bit. But I worked him smoothly and suddenly we became one, I said fast, he flew and was soft in the mouth, I put myself up and he came back, a little leg on and he staid active in a short canter! Happy ! Even went up to the poles and tested my new found control on regulating the strides between them! Went perfectly!

Then Duc! He lives next to Picsou and apparently wanted to try Picsou methods on me.. but I just said Duc come on, be like always! The more you are like this the longer you have to ride in the heat, so he softened up and became as usual! Okey, I Always have to keep in mind having him on the hindlegs , active and light in the mouth!

Last one to ride was Alf’i! At this point I was alone with him in the arena, so I let him gallop as fast as he wanted with me on loose reins! So happy! When I got him he was afraid to do that, cause it was always something to spook for, but now he was so cool, running like a thoroughbred! It’s important to make the horses happy! And to have fun is also good!

Haha! Here’s teddy having fun in the paddock today, we try to put them there for a while everyday! Life quality is important.

-and with that in mind , our horses was a bit desperate today! We was out of carrots and apples! So before the lunch feed I had to rush to the store and by loads! Haha! Then they were happy again!

In the afternoon we went to the beach! Gelato first! Wearing a super cheep dress you can find in these Instagram adds! My Gucci Sylve bag and Hermès slides

I’m wearing my custom made Janne Ibiza Bikinis! You can dm her on Instagram and she makes one exactly how you want it! Even though it does not exists on her web shop! You can take screen shots from Instagram and say that you want this on the top, this on the bottom, this bands in this colors! Everything! She’s awesome!


Her Instagram


and with Teddy also

Helle got a new bikini and I wanted to show it to you! She looks so beautiful! And white is just great when you are brown! WOWalso I really admire this beach dress in denim! She wears it perfect I think! GOALS🙌


Sunday jumping and Monday STING concert in 🇮🇹

Sunday we had booked the big arena and Super MARIO the in house coursebuilder had build a real course for me!

3 combination, given distance to the big water and the black wall after! THANK YOU MARIO!!

Started with Alf’i! He was so super! 28+m up to the water and he flew easy and light up on 6 strides! He jumped amazing the whole training

Alf’i was rewarded after jumping, they always are. But today he got his bridle off in the arena and could really enjoy the carrots

After Alf’i I took Picsou! We tried a new bit today, the bit I always have used was a little to weak for him, and we were basically fighting with each other last show. I was hanging after him and he was running with me! I would like to ride him good and give him good balance and distances, so something new had to be tried! I always first try with dressage and schooling but now we needed a bit also! Normally I ride him in a rubber gag with two reins, straight with room for the tongue! Now I tried a “Pessoa” with the same mouth pice but in steel! walking with Picsou before training! Both me and Picsou liked the bit and it went good today! Very good

Look how Picsou enjoys some cuddles after jumping! I’m wearing JEM L riding breeches and Louis Vuitton top and belt! Kep ITALIA helmet and Parlanti Passion boots

Next was Duc, he had no start at the last show here, so he was happy to do some jumping in the arena!

Me and Duc knows each other so well, so it goes the fastest jumping with him! I just short off tell him the course, we make a plan together and swish it’s done!

Look how he listens to the plan

Good boy and carrots next was Teddy’lino, and we don’t have the same bond as me and Duc, so here some training needs to be done! But I have to say, that we are closer now after today’s training. He jumped the wall and the water nice also! He is a power horse with a LOT OF SCOPE! Good style also, just the Jockey that need to learn to ride him good

After riding it was pool time! Check out my bathing pants! Full of emoji

In the evening we went to town! Was wearing my Versace dress, Hermès shoes and Chanel bag Helle looked Smoking!!!

So Monday! Had a long sleep and went to help out Helle!

Picsou, Alf’i and Duc has a day off! They deserved it and we are good, Teddy and me still have some stuff to find out! So a short work out for him!

Outfit: JEM ridingbreeches in Black, Chanel top and belt! Kep and Parlanti

We walked the horses a lot and had them in paddock feed them loads of musli, hay and carrots and went to the pool

Pool outfit thank you for the gifts Mamma💖

And LV bikinihaha! Sweden’s next top model Helle looking hot hot hot! She also tricked me today! Haha, on Sunday she filmed me pushing s golf car that was in my parking spot out of the way, with only a shirt and bikini pants, and she put it on her story! Today as I was chillin on the sun bed she said to me: look those two guys are trying to take a selfie, go over there and offer to take a nice picture of them! And so I did, hahaha, apparently they were not even trying to take a photo so they got really confused when I came and started to try to take a photo of them. They did not speak so much English either. First they thought that I wanted a picture with them 😂😂😂 Helle was laughing so hard while she was watching this

In the evening it was the Sting and Shaggy concert! Here’s a 360 view of my outfit! Not a expensive dress, but spiced it up with Louis Vuitton monongram! Did not know what to expect from the concert, if it would be people smoking or a lot of beer that people would spill, so wanted to take a not to expensive dress! Got a very expensive skirt damaged by Bertram Allan’s daddy, he was smoking and I caught a flame. He did not mean it off course. But after that I am more careful!

STING WAS AMAZING! In the crowd it was some women very enthusiastic digging his music and showing it. Then some Italian guards came and handled them ruffle. Sting stopped playing and said: THESE ARE WOMEN, YOU DONT HANDLE THEM LIKE THAT! I will not start to play again before you leave the women alone!

WOW! Way to go!!!

Off course him and Shaggy played GREAT! And it was a amazing experience

Also I got a concert t-shirt!

Thank you for all the kind and supporting messages I got about my post on being talked bad about! I got a comment asking why I did not confront that girl.

I did not confront her because if I go in to a confrontation I must have some kind of goal to get out of it.

What could I do, I worked with this person, she knows I worked longer hours than the other did, she knows I never complained about having to much work or horses to ride, she knows I have my all to be better and come closer to reach my goal.

And if she still knowing all this chooses to see only what I show on Instagram and let herself and other talk bad about me, what can I do. I can’t scream at someone to change their opinion. And if this is what she wants to think it’s her right.

But it’s very hurtful for me, because I thought the people that knew me before,- always would remember who I am! Even though I live in a Palace with the love of my life and are so lucky to have these great horses and have so cool cars and clothes!

I am happy that a lot of people are happy for me and follows me because they think it’s fun and most of all a inspiration to work hard and reach your dreams


I thought we were friends?

Thank you to one of my followers on Instagram that send me this!

On Thursday the 2 of August one of my followers in Norway was on a sal on Marton horse shop!

She was filming a little from the shop to her insta story when she overheard two girls talking!

One girl said, I know Eva, we worked together and she is really blond. I just wrote her a message and she started sponsoring me with pants right away. So blond. And stupid.

So this girl, that I am sponsoring, and have worked with, and that I thought was my friend. Let’s look at the facts

She has jumped at the highest at shows 140.

She does not have many followers on Instagram.

So why did I sponsor her?

Well, I have always believed in her!

She wrote to me that she had lost a lot of wight and stuff, but that did not matter to me, I always thought she looked beautiful

I always admire her strength and her will power! The way she is with the horses is really good to, she’s so relaxed in every situation! She can get a horse with saddle cramps that would buck off any top rider to relax and be a “normal” horse!

Even though she is badmouthing me, i still admire her for her qualities

She has a child and she seems to be a wonderful mother also!

When we worked together I always had her back, and she mine!

So this follower hears and got the conversation on her instastory and send it to me on DM so I could hear it. She took it down after as a curtesy to me.

Anyway, I of c told ❤️Francois, and he said I should never ever give pants to anyone unless they jump minimum 150 or have over 50K on instagram.

But that’s not me, I love to give! I have to say no to a lot of people, but when people I know of friends ask me I always try to do something.

But maybe I’m blond. I am sad about this because I thought we genuinely was friends.

So what to do know, have a say no to everyone unless you are a super instagram hit or a GP winner?

Make it like the normal people that perhaps don’t have so much money and could really use a break, and a good deal on pants never get because I have to think about how the people I am kind with laugh behind my back?

Where is this going?

Please comment


Such a long sum up again

So Sunday last week! Had a great day at the show and 140 with Alf’i and Picsou and me and Teddy did our debut in 125!

On Monday me and Helle walked all the horses, and I rode Picsou and Duc! I took advantage of the big paddock/arena and did a lot of changing the rhythm from a very big gallop to a collected one! Both horses was very good!

After that! Me and Helle went to the beach! Had ice cream first though we got two sun beds, did some swimming love this little ice cream bikini! Haha!

Also eat there, on the beach! A really good piadina with french fries

When we was going to clean the sand of our feet the sand cleaner was off.. but we had a different idea and this is it went for take one more ice cream when this wonderful girl came up to me! She follows me in Instagram. I feel blessed to be able to know you and to have you guys in my life!

Back to the stables and walk the horses!

On Tuesday we got up early and I rode all the horses! Worked them in dressage! Or Alf’i, haha, I let him run full speed with me on Lose reins around the arena! Felt he needed it!

Duc had dressage, a lot of side movements, and really loosen him up for yesterday’s training with loads of gallop!

Teddy and me, worked a lot on the quality of the right canter! Getting better every day! And yeah, I’m wearing Pro Horse International JEM L ridingbreeches and a Gucci t-shirt + belt, Kep helmet and Parlanti Passion boots

Picsou and me! He was not sure if he wanted to ride today? But when he remember that the carrots lives inside the arena he went in and make a good effort on today’s trainingin the car and on my way home to my kind ❤️François

On Wednesday we did not do a lot! I was in the stables taking care of Jill, Ice Tea and Quin! In the evening we went out since is was the National day of Switzerland

Thursday! Shopping in Geneva! I was wearing my new Roberto Cavalier dress and Dior shoes

Got some new stuff, a Versace dress and cardigan, a new Louis Vuitton bag, and a sweater/jacket, also this Dolce Gabbana bikini Friday early morning i headed back to Italy! Staid by the pool when I arrived and rode in the evening!

Picsou was first! JEM ridingbreeches in Black, Versace top and Chanel belt we practiced to ride different strides between some poles, on 23 m I rode 9 8 7 6 and 5 Picsou was top! But 9 was hard for him!

Next was Alf’i! I thought he would be bananas after two days off! But he was actually top behaved! We had the same training as with Picsou! He was also super! Had to focus on keeping his neck out when I collect him

Then Duc, same training! He was super to! Did not do so much with them because Helle rode him hard yesterday! last was Teddy! And he was fresh! After teddy I went back to the hotel, and had a long and good night sleep!


Update from Italy

Hi guys! So if you have been watching my insta story you know we are in Italy!

We arrived Wednesday afternoon and started to show on Friday!

Picsou, Teddy, Alf’i and Duc is here! Duc is not showing cause he did 3 classes every week at the last show, and we know each other in side out, so we are saving him for next show! He is here for some dressage thorough! Ice Tea was suppose to go, but had a nail in the wrong part of his hoof on Monday, so he had to cancel his trip in the last moment!

Alf’i rides in the morning if his class is in the afternoon! Not because he is stiff, more because he needs to move and relax!

Friday all horses was clear! And today I had one down with Alf’i in the small GP! Very happy with the round anyway!

Duc and me posing with Pro Horse International JEM ridingbreeches in white

Teddy’lino posing in his black pink Veredus set!

What was a lot of fun was that some of my followers came to me and said hello! We took pictures together and I wanted them to tag themselves in the photo so I could visit their profile and give them some likes on Instagram!

But their tags did not work? WHYYYYY!!!!

Anyway! Here I am, very sweaty.. together with some very sweet girls! One of them told me that Ice Tea and Teddy was here favorite horse of mine! They asked me also who was my favorite! One girl said she likes Duc best! What is not to like about him! Haha, he can ride without bridle, he always does his best at shows, he can be clipped everywhere without drugs, he is perfect to ride in the forest and always happy and friendly and want cuddles!

But I have to say that all our horses are super sweet and cuddly!

Alf’i jumping great and we are doing very well together

Teddy to!

Picsou after a good round teddy has a bow in his tail cause he does not like other horses galloping up in it.. having a moment with Helle that is DOINF A AMAZING JOBFEEDING HELLE WITH ICE CREAMand myself

Snap chatting, and been jumping today in this shirt! Apparently all white shirts are okey!


Sunday and jumping

Jumping for Alf’i and Teddy today!

A lot of people ask me how many times a week I jump, and it depends on the training schedule of the horse! This week only Teddy and Alf jumped! The other horse no jumping!

I had build a easy course today, wanted to train some higher jumps with Alf’i and just make it easy! He was top as always

❤️Francois was there to train me and he was very happy to! He’s happy, I’m happy!next was dressage on Picsou! Worked him deep and forward in the beginning, and did some collected canter after! Finished up with really deep and in a middle to slow speed making sure he was carrying himself correctly on the hindlegs!

Then jumping with Teddy! He was a very good boy as always! He always tries his best and is a very sweet horse! Me and him are still working on finding each other, but every time we jump it gets betterthis is what I was wearing today! JEM ridingbreeches in Black, Louis Vuitton top and belt, Parlanti Passion boots and Kep Italia helmet

I went for a walk with Jill and took her in to the big paddock for some carrots after! She’s a very very sweet horse

Me and ❤️Francois had a cozy dinner at home in the evening! Actually we planed to go out but in the last moment I remembered we had some fish that needed to be eaten today! so we staid home and watched a film together after!