Jumping with Duc, Ice Tea and Teddy

This was the last whole day Ice Tea was home here with me!

So I took the opportunity to let him wear his show fly bonnet and show saddle pad

I think he looks beautiful! Check out the little unicorn on his ear!

I did some dressage and some small jumps with him!

Incredible to think about the progress we have made together since I got him! Made a YouTube film about it! You can see it on this link.


It was time for a lot of cuddles and carrots

Next was Duc! Had made a little gymnastic and also a little course!

He jumped amazing, and can I say #frontleggoals but he was not easy to ride today at all! He wanted to go in “roll kur” by himself, so I need to pay much more attention to keep his nose out when in ride him! I usually ride him super deep with nose down and forward, or totally head up. But I have let him go in another form when we have been riding in the forest lately! So this must AWAY NOW! Only head up in the forest from now on to at least one month!Teddy has a little photo shoot with JS HORSE MADES saddle pad and bonnet! I’m wearing Pro Horse international JEM breeches in Black! With a Armani top and. Louis Vuitton belt! Parlanti passion boots and Kep Italia helmet

I did not jump so much with Teddy today! We did the gymnastics a couple of time and this vertical! He will jump some more tomorrow

Groomed Alf’i outside today! You can tie your horse up here and bring your grooming kit! Normally the horses are here when they get new shoes, but if there is no blacksmiths here we can use the space

In the evening I went to the gym with my 👑KING❤️



Another great morning with my darling in Gstaad!

Sleepy long and had a big breakfast! Feidi dress and stockings, Jimmy Choi shoes and Hermès Birkin bag finishes my Valentines chocolates in bed! Sooo good!

Afterwords we headed to the slopes! Great day and great weather skiing was really good had 4 pieces of cake at the hotel before we went in to Gstaad city center to look around headed home and went to our favorite Mexican place in Villars to eat some tacos! Wearing a Chanel dress, shoes and necklace of course the IT bagwe had creme brulet for dessert! I seriously ate so much today that I felt sick when we got home! So the 50 sit ups on the Pro Horse challenge was a struggle! But I made it! Haha

Btw, saw this guy on instagram! Love him and wanted to share! Cute cute cute



Got up early and went for a run at home before we packer our bags and headed direction Gstaad😍

❤️Francois didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day before he meet me, so it’s safe to say that he has embraced the Valentines-day tradition!

Of course I am excited about the presents and very excited about the big Hermès bag! But I am most excited about having a couple of days just me and ❤️Francois relaxing together!

When we got to the hotel ❤️Francois took my skies and we went to the ski slopes!

❤️Francois did not ski today but tagged along with me anyway! The BEST MAN EVER!!!

Skiing was PERFECT TODAY we also had some afterski at the hotel

Before dinner we was just relaxing together in our room! And yeah, I went to the gym and did the pro horse challenge! 50 sit ups everyday this week


Zurich and late in the stables

So cozy to wake up at the hotel with my darling❤️

We went for a late Sunday breakfast followed by spa

After that we had lunch at the hotel and headed direction home!

On the way ❤️Francois wanted to make a stop at Pius Schwizer stables to see a friend Armin, the long time owner and partner of Pius. So we did! It was nice

Arrived quite late in the stables! They had a show for the students and parents in the indoor so I had to wait until after 20.00 to ride!

I took care of the other horses, hers Jill

And shaved/clipped Duc! he got a bran new bucas rug!

Afterwords I rode! Here Ice Tea! Dressage for him! He was a good boy! Did a lot of transitions low shape, then a lot of collected canter, and finished off with some stretching

A little bit extra pictures of him today! One of the last days before he goes to his new owner! Here he is waiting for carrots after training

Love the look on him in this picture! He’s like, when’s the carrot coming 😉😍


Jazzno in Zurich

Slept long, and had a good hotel breakfast with ❤️Francois

We went back to bed a couple of hours after breakfast! And then we went to Zurich town/ Bahnhoffstrasse💎

we checked out the shops and my Hermes Kelly bag got to visit Hermes OFC some Chanel found two dresses at one of my favorite shops, Bongenie Grieder! It’s a shop that has all the good brands! ❤️Francois was happy with the dresses one of my best friends Thelma did such a brave thing today! Her normal GP horse had a small colic the day before, so she had to take a horse that she only jumped 3 130 classes on before straight out in the 145GP, and she only had one down!!!! Gave her a huge shoutout on my story! Such a inspiration!! This is when I talked how impressed I was, and the other one is when she reposted, the talking did not work so it was just me with the mouth open😂

After shopping we went back to the hotel to relax a little before dinner! And I tried for the first time in my life a Dunkin Donut, the Oreo one with whites chocolate! Very good I must say, and I’m not even a donut personyes and also theses cupcakes covers cranberry’s on Starbucks! Very good! I recommend them! Healthier than a donut also For tonight a very special dinner at a Japanese restaurant was planed! We eat our first ever Kobe Steak! It’s a cow that has been drinking beer and massage in vine! Or was it the other way around?

We had some sushi for starter and then the Kobe!

OMG SOO GOOD! But pricy! This little plate is 250 CHF! this is my dessert!

It was a very cute golden-doodle there! In Switzerland dogs are allowed everywhere!

After dinner I had bought tickets to a Jazz concert to surprise ❤️Francois👑 as a early birthday presents to see James Browns old band Fred Wesley and the JB’s

That pretty much sums up a awesome day with my ❤️love


Zurich for a surprise

YES! I had planed a birthday surprise, even though it’s not his birthday today, I had planed for ❤️Francois a trip to Zurich with me, a top hotel and Jazz concert 😍 as part of his birthday present

Went running at home in the morning and then the stables.

Grooming Picsou, Alf’i, Quin and Jill then a good interval session with Duc! Both me and him think it’s super to do every other day dressage and forest rides! He gets even more motivated of that!!have to post this one! Saw it on Thelma’s story! Instead of a dog someone brought their Ginnypig to the show in San Giovanni

Forest ride for Ice Tea also! Teddy had the day off!

❤️Francois came to pick me up and we went together to Zurich! Haha, he was so happy when I told him the surprise!

After we had checked in it was Starbucks time for me! Cause this hotel has his own Starbucks restaurant alsohas the Christmas-tree brownie while waiting for my expression Frappochino

We had a nice dinner at the hotel


Local horse shop

When I was little we did not have a horse shop in the town (Narvik) I was living in, in the North of Norway. So we had to drive one hour to get to one!

It was so exciting! Like a little family trip, me, my mom and dad and two of my friends!

Now if I shop tack or riding clothes I mostly do it at shows, if it is something that I need! And if there is something else when I’m home I often shop it online. It’s so easy! But that makes it more difficult for the local shops like my friend Gabbi’s shop Equi Chabalais to have good sales. And that’s sad, because like today I really needed show shine, so I could just drive over to her and buy it straight away. If I order it online it takes a while! And also, if you want to buy ridingclothes it’s sometimes necessary to them on. Or most online shop let you return something that does not fit, and you can also do it with Pro Horse, but still, it’s nice to try! So I think we should try to shop a little local also! So that the shops close to us have the economy to stay open

Regarding my day! Cardio! Was so warm! Felt like summer was back! Took the bus! in the stables I scrubbed Picsou’s feet with baby shampoo and a magic brushthen treadmill

Was so warm he could go without the rug!

Wanted to let Teddy stretch out in a big powerful canter in the woods today! But he felt a bit tired and heavy from yesterday so we ended up with having a calm forest ride instead! important to listen to the way your horse fell and be willing to change your plan according to the daily shape of the horse! L

On our way home, me and Teddy’s, it started to rain a lot! So Ice Tea and Duc had dressage inside. Both good! I did some poles today also with Ice Tea! Duc only normal dressage, a lot of collected canter DUC😍LOVE HIM

When I finish in the evening in the stables, I mean if I’m not finished in the afternoon but in the evening I put Ice Tea’s hay outside so he can eat it there in the fresh air.


Date night

Day started with 7k run in the neighborhood where we live! So nice to shower and change at home after my cardio!

❤️Francois had gone to town in the morning so when I was done at home we meet at the grocery store so we could take groceries together! And since ❤️Francois is so perfect he took the groceries home so I could go to the horses WHAT A BLESSING TO BE YOURS, YOU ARE PERFECT ❤️FRANCOIS! What a gentleman

Well in the stables I started with some intervals outside with Duc! Now when the ground is good I prefer to take them out as much as possible before the ground gets frozen! I’m wearing JEM L😍

On our way home the vet called and said he would come to take out the 20 stitches Duc got when another horse attacked him. He was such a good boy and did not have to get any drugs at all to get them out! He stood still and let the doctor do his job

Me and Teddy did some hard dressage and flat work over some small poles and jumps outside! Really got him to work good today and felt that this training really gave something! Felt when he got tired before he could do longer and stronger today!

Ice Tea went out also! He did the same job and was really really good today! Haha! It was dark before I was finished with him! But I did the small jumps first and then I did the dressage after, so then it was not so bad that it was a bit dark! I tried to take a selfie with him.. haha, this was the best one

Carrot eaters ❤️Francois picked me up and took me on a date to this wonderful restaurant that has a Michelin star! Such a wonderful evening with my 👑KING❤️one of the horses had shown small signs of belly pain, so we went back to the stables to check on them after dinner! luckily all was good 💖🙏


Looong cardio

Hahaha, so I started the day with the cardio mountain! Came in time for the train down but now train came.. after a while I thought that I should run/walk as fast as I could to the main station and try to catch the next train from there! And I did!

But no train there ether! The train is canceled the whole, soooo I run to the buss! Brrr, got cold on the top

Well down and to the stables!

after taking care of the normal guys I took Teddy for a forest ride! Gallop a lot in right canter to make it stronger! Good for him to go on a lot of different ground and build up his body! Actually that’s good for the health of any horse young or old!

And im thinking about changing all my girths to this one! It’s a special system from Dy’on that realize the martingale if the horse gets stuck! and since I’m taking about Dy’on and I love Mexican noseband, I have this one and I love it! I also love the one from Equipe and the old one Teddy has, but this one is so good to! Very good leather although I don’t use it so often anymore I like this one to! Or actually Alf’i is using it but have a big “teddy sheep thing” over! And he had it really loose so I don’t use it to close his mouth I love this browband! But I prefer the once that are sold in Norway with the bigger clinchers ! But this is beautiful and if you can’t get the Norwegian version this one is really elegant!

My favorite spure straps are from Dy’on and this one we always use at shows to create a more happy environment for the horses! All of them have it! Except Picsou, he has one from Lamicell with Scrooge Mc duck painted onthe Dy’on is very good quality!

The lamicell is to, but the other brands I have not the best experience with. They brake very fast