To Italy

My morning was quite hectic! Did my cardio running in the neighborhood where me and ❤️Francois live!

Went to the stables, followed by some errands for Pro Horse regarding the new collection!

I picked Adham up in Montreux and we headed to Italy!

We arrived at 20.30 so quite late! Adham tried a really nice Diamant De Semlilly in the indoor before we went with Natale and Stefano to eat at a really nice restaurant!

I learned that every little town has their own pasta, and the pasta from Brescia was DELICIOUS!! Incredible!

Slept over at a really nice hotel not far from the stables!


Jumping day

Day started early with picking up my new friend Adham at the airport in Geneva! He was looking for some new horses and had his eye on Ice Tea. Although Ice Tea most likely was sold he was going to try him in case he was not.

Adham got along good with Ice Tea! Ice Tea was as always a very very good boy!

Afterwords I jumped with Duc! And Duc was really on fire today! He has not really jumped since the show in Milano, and was showing off today! He is just so super!has just two gymnastic exercises and a oxer and a vertical on the diagonal, a combination and a line over 3 strides vertical! Look at him

Next was Teddy! He has improved so much with these gymnastics! He’s front leg is perfection here and also he was hitting the ground more in the push off we also tried some bigger jumps on him! He did it well but would like more power in the push off on the individual fences! what is funny with Teddy is that he jumps better in the ring at shows! It’s actually incredible! He get a couple of new extra gears that he normally does not have! anyway I’m very happy with him!!

❤️Francois and Adham

Me getting the ice for the horses and talking to Instagram

We went to holy cow and got some burgers, and afterwords I did my cardio mountain! saw some horses on my way up! So sweet, a mare and her foalon top! Such a pretty view, liked this so much! The cow on the green hill! Wanted to share it with you!


The love for the horse

Do you remember when you first saw the horses?

I do! It was love at first sight! I even got happy if I saw horse poop on the street! Horses on tv, horses in the field, people riding on horses!

I am a true animal lover! And I was happy to see all animal and birds also

Happiness was to be allowed to brush a horse! To give them a snack! Even to help mucking out and make the stall for a HORSE nice! It was so much fun!

And to be allowed to ride a horse! Or just sit on him a couple of rounds in walk on the ring riding, where your parents pay for a round was heaven! OH HOW I LOVED IT! And I’m so grateful that my parents let me do it! And that they paid that 10 Norwegian kroner to let me ride a couple of rounds on a horse!

And now, to many of us have forgotten all about that. Stressing trough the day with the horses, not enjoying to brush them, but doing it quick so you or your rider can ride them.

At the moment I don’t have a groom, and I have to say I really enjoy the time I spend with taking care of the horses every day!

I enjoy using a long time to brush them! And appreciate how blessed I am having 7 HORSES that I can brush and take care of as much as I want! 7 INCREDIBLE horses that are there for me everyday! 7 horses that are waiting for me, that are happy to see me, that want me to spend time with them! WOW! This was my dream for as long as I can remember!

Even if some of them are injured, they are there for me, and I can be there for them! When I was little and my pony Jolly Jumper was lame one year, I did not put him aside or assumed other interest! I still had the same fun coming to the stables, handwalking him! Brushing him, mucking out his box, preparing his food! Cleaning the tack just for fun!

And now just because Picsou is injured should not mean he should get less attention, i mean, he does not know! When I have a groom I also tend to focus on other things and the groom spend more time with the injured horses than me. And I guess thats okey! Because the horse still gets the time! But I can see how happy Picsou is that its me and him!

Look at him! I was cleaning his leather halter while he was wearing it! He stood totally still, even when I was drying it with the towel, and so happy just to interact with me!

Alf’i got a shower yesterday and a hair cut today! I like the hair cut straight off but not everyone agrees with me😂😂😍

Alf’i also got the braids! He’s happy

If was quiet quiet in the stables today even though it was a Saturday! Her is Quin! I think he looks good in this body even though he has not been ridden since May this year

I rode Teddy first, forest today also dressage for Duc! Who is doing well with his nose! Last days of antibiotics for him today Forest riding for Ice Tea too

In the evening ❤️Francois took me out on a date! Look at him 😍 I am so blessed ❤️Francoiswe both have come to like sushi very much


Duc is doing well

Since he had stitches in his ones yesterday he was surprised with a bag of cut up carrots today! it’s like when I was little, if I was sick I got to decide what was for dinner that day!

Day went by as always! Here’s Picsou on the treadmill! I find his coat really shiny and like a darker chestnut color now! Beautiful he gets a white hoof cream on his hoofs because he has a crack in one! This one is more moisturizing than the black one

Alf’i got a very very needed wash! With a big bucket of shampoo! I took the braids out and tomorrow I will cut his mane and make new once! I make them to make the mane stay at one side! And in cases like Ice Tea, Quin and Teddy also so they mane gets thinner. If you have the plaits in long enough hair falls off! And I don’t like to pull the hair off on the horses so this is the best solution for me

Ice Tea has had his mane plaited down almost since I got him! And now his mane is perfect

Teddy and me went for a forest ride! Galloped a lot and let him stretch out! He is very easy to stop! Haha, must be the easiest of them all! The other horses gets like! HEY YOU LETS GO! And they run so fast that they pretend not to hear my HooooHoooHOOOO

Duc got just a long hand walk today! The vet said I could ride him! But felt sorry for him, so I took him for a hand walk instead! and of course he gets water from a water bucket now! No chance he needs to use his poor nose to push on the water cup!

Got this beautiful drawing of me and Teddy’lino on Instagram


Exercise and riding

That’s basically how the days goes by! But that’s just awesome! Because that’s things I love!

So started the day with my cardio mountain! Grateful that it’s still so warm that I can walk more than half way up like this! With just a sport top, have a long sleeve to take the train down meet this cute tiger cat view is beautiful and they have put up some kind of little house here..? Not sure what is says, but it looks happy anyway!

Then stables time! Normal, grooming my horses! having them on the treadmill or/and hand walking

Me and Picsou! He’s to wild to hand walk! Just to get safe to the treadmill and back is a victory for me😅

This day actually Duc got bitten by another horse in his nose! It was not one of our horses! But he has to sew around 20 stitches.. he did some dressage before that and was really good at training! me and teddy went in the forest and I let him gallop a lot! But here’s a picture from yesterday when I rode in the indoor! Am I the only one who like to ride with my jeans jacket?

Dressage with Ice Tea! he was super! Easy to bend both ways and listen really good back and forward! Very happy with him!


Exercising, meal plan and discipline

I have got about a thousand or more questions about my diet and exercise plan!

But what I do most likely is not the right plan for you, because I am me, and you are you! My body is build up more or less of one type of fiber and yours can be totally different!

My strength it that I LOVE to exercise! So I GLADLY do it, with great eager! Pushing myself is a joy! Except for the treadmill, please don’t Keep me on it for more than 30 min! Running outside, no problem! And it’s funny, a couple of years ago it was the opposite, running outside was something I disliked, but could gladly stay over a hour on the treadmill!

I always do some form of cardio in the morning! If it is running in the neighborhood where me and ❤️Francois live, or if it’s my favorite mountain cardio where I walk/run up a mountain and take the train down! Even if it’s cold or I don’t feel like it I minimum do at least 20 min cardio in the morning! Even those days where we have to go from home early. I force myself and use my discipline to just do it! It’s for me

When it comes to my diet I don’t exactly eat clean! I usually start the day with a banana and a protein pudding, and 0.5 liter water and a cup of tea! Then I do my cardio, after that I am most likely to stop at a gas station to buy a snickers and a croissant. So croissant 500KCAL , snickers 250z already there the 700kcal I burned during my cardio get filled up by shit I probably should not consume.

When I arrive at the stables I change my clothes and eat part of my salad, containing a apple, tomato, spinach, avocado and paprika together with ether salmon or chicken. Many times it contains a lot of taco sauce and cream fresh! Then I ride a couple of horses, and eat more of my salad. I probably also eat a pear, or watermelon or something else I like during my time in the stables!

I also sometimes have scrambled 6 eggs and put it in a container box together with some strawberry jam and some cut up apple pieces. That I also eat sometimes instead of the salad!

When I come home it’s dinner! It’s often sweet potato, cooked spinach, or Broccoli, fish or meat! We don’t eat a lot of pasta or potatoes at home!

But we do how ever go out to eat a lot, then I usually eat 3 courses, starter, main and dessert!

And we also have to count in the Mc Donald’s and Starbucks I frequently go to! I mean, I’m gold card at Starbucks

Not to forget that I also go to the gym in the evening! So I can easy eat all this!

But if you want to stay slim or loose with this is a diet I would recommend:

When it comes to exercising it’s most IMPORTANT TO HAVE DISCIPLINE!


make a weakly plan, even if you start working at 06.00, make a plan that you run or power walk 20 min before you get dressed for work! Have a small round you do in your neighborhood that takes about that time, and make it a habit that you MUST do it Monday to Friday! Even if it rains or snows – You need to get around that round!! It does not take a long time and if you get vet or cold you are quick home anyway!

Next after work, make one day running or power walking, up hill is even better, check out YouTube or Instagram and find out what muscles you want to train and use t to learn how to do it! So after work min one hour exercising!

If you have the possibility to go to a gym that’s super! Choose one day to have off from training, maybe Saturday or Sunday! And one of the days instead of getting up in the morning for your 20 min round you do a 2 hour workout, 30 to 50 min cardio and the rest of the time to do different exercises to build muscles!

AND STICK TO IT! It’s only 2 hours of your day, and it’s to improve yourself! So do it for your own good!

here is a meal plan I made for Francois. And it’s good for anyone who want to eat clean, loose weight and be healthy

if you are in school or have a office job, snack on a lot of cut up cucumbers, they have almost no calories and will fill you up so you stay away from the sweets! Drink a lot of water! On Wednesday’s and Saturday’s you can eat what you want (within reasons) so if you craving for a Ben n Jerry’s on Monday, write it down on your phone and buy it on Wednesday! By doing that it will calm your craving and you’ll make it to Wednesday without sugar!


Day in Luzern

Had a long sleep in the very good hotel bed with ❤️Francois before we went for breakfast

Went back to the room and had a little nap before we went to the spa! beautiful horses decorating the hallway at the hotel

Got dressed and went to explore the town! I’m wearing my fav dress from Alaïa, Burberry cashmir coat and Burberry scarf!❤️Francois wears one of his Zilli jackets, and a new Lacoste hoodie he got for his birthday!little bit rainy in Luzern! But we got to visit the town in daylight and see all the beautiful buildings and nature check out the red soles! Was a two year waiting list to get custom made Christian Lounoutin shoes and took another year with a lot of fittings in Paris to make them perfect! Love them and so comfy to walk in since they are made perfect for my foot!

We had lunch and headed home!

I got some samples from Pro Horse new collection, checked it out and then went a quicky to the stables to take care of the horses and ride a little



Was up to 02.00 last night baking cakes and making a home made birthday card!

This morning I woke up ❤️Francois at 06.15, with cake, presents and birthday song!

It was perfect! It was dark in the room and I came singing in with light on the cake! He blew it out and made a wish!

We had cake and presents in bed before we slept some hours more!

He had already got one present from me in for-hand! A hotel weekend in Zurich and a concert!

And today I also surprised him with a trip to Luzern, a amazing hotel

When we had packed out we went to visit the beautiful town

In the evening we had a really good dinner at one of the 4 restaurants inside the hotel

I am so grateful to be yours and I LOVE YOU ❤️FRANCOIS WITH ALL MY HEART



Haha! Thursday and Friday I dressed up as the Christmas tree to get some extra attention for Pro Horse!

Since I don’t have a groom for the moment a very nice girl called Caro from the stables helped me with filming!

We started the day with going to the gym! Haha! The people at the gym was like Sapin de Noelle

Then we went to the stables! Even thought I was the Christmas tree and we had a lot of fun the normal stables work had to be done! Like grooming the horses, waking and having them on the treadmill ! The horses was a bit skeptical to the Christmas tree costume, but I had brought some carrots so they quickly came to be friends with the Christmas tree

I rode with the Christmas tree costume! Haha! I was a bit worried that Duc would throw me off, because he has a thing, he is almost 100% calm but in some situations he gets nervous! Like the treadmill, he can’t stand it, and he did not like the unicorn riding on him because of the tail!

But he did accept the Christmas tree! And he jumped great with itloads of apples and carrots after! Really LOVE this picture of me/Christmas tree and him! He is so happy!

Teddy also got to do some jumps with the tree! I was not so worried about him, because he was so interested in the tree! And I rode him very hard yesterday so I knew he was a little tired! I had build a gymnastic on the right because he need to be stronger in the right side! He jumped good!

Normal putting ice on the horses and taking care of them, before we went to the post to send the first Black Friday sale packet

We also went to Lausanne! Was in need of some Starbucks but I also wanted to buy a Alf t-shirt! Lausanne wa really dressed up for Christmas and many people thought I was suppose to be there for some early Christmas spirit we got some Starbucks! Sooo good after that we went back to the stables and finished up the horses!

If you want to buy Pro Horse international ridingbreeches on Black Friday sale here’s the link!


If you are in doubt what size you need check this link PRO HORSE JEM SIZE GUIDE

And yes! I also got to do some Black Friday shop at the private sales myself! Private sales are for good customers from different shops, then your sales assistant takes care of you and give you discount even though it’s no signs of sale in the shop!


Tryouts for Ice Tea

One of the biggest stables in Europe, haha, that also actually belongs to a friend of me and ❤️Francois had send one of their jockeys to come and try Ice Tea today!

I picked up a very nice and smiling girl called Britu at the airport in Geneva! She had never had a Starbucks Frappochino in her life, so first things first! Needed to get her one before we drove to the stables

When we got there Ice Tea was in the paddock, took him in and tacked him on! Then we started! They were truly a perfect match! She rode him great and he jumped super

Before I was going to take her to eat and to the airport I did some jumps with Teddy! He has already made progress since last time! Specially on this exercise! Even though it was as high as last time he remembered his shoulders at the first try did also a little course then me and Britu went to Holy Cow and got some burger menus! I had smockey cheese and bacon with barbecue sauce, extra avocado and Ananas my outfit today! JEM in Bordeaux and Gucci

Took Britu to the airport and got stuck in traffic on the way homelistened to some music and audio books, so the time went by fast and we was driving normal speed again!

Look at Teddy and his little friends after training