Started the day in the stables!

First was Duc! He posed on the outfit photo with me and also with Niki! I am wearing JEM black riding pants, equiline pullover, uggs, Louis Vuitton belt, and Kep Italia helmet! pants beautiful with the small pockets in the back

Niki is wearing Bordeaux JEM pants So I started with Duc, and Niki rode Ice Tea around in the mean time! Ice Tea and Alf’i is in such a good shape, so they need a lot of exercises!

Duc had a hard day today, really focused on the quality of his canter! Important, he can easy canter in 4 “steps” instead of 3 “steps”! What I mean with that is this; when you ride left canter the canter start with the horse: RIGHT HINDLEG, So in one moment of the canter your body and the horse body has all his weight and balance on the outside hindleg, that is right hindlegs in left canter, then he moved over to at the same time share the weight and balance between left hindlegs and right front leg, the movement finish by putting all his weight on the inside front leg that is left front leg. So that is 3 different movements. So when I collect him I have to be on him so he does not canter in 4 movements. He got really sweat

So when Duc was finished, Niki had been like, cantering Ice Tea around at the same time, well. – Duc was soaked and i was riding around in “the Duc cloud” of fog 😂, Ice Tea was not even warm!

Niki took Duc to the stables and I continue to ride Ice Tea. I am working on this gallop also, to be able to carry himself in big powerful strides at the same time as he wait for me! Simone has just had a lesson so this little exercise was there! Me and Ice Tea jumped it a couple of times Next one was Alf’i! I rode him HAARD yesterday, so today was more of a relaxing day for him! I had the draw reins on, because I wanted him to relax fast and he does that with them on. I don’t usually ride with draw reins, but you guys know that if he was spooky and I want to give him a calm day, it would not be possible. Because then I would have to ride until he was so tired that he did not care to spook, and the whole point of yesterday and today would have been waisted! So with the drawreins on, he relaxed straight away!

Quin had forest ridingand teddy had walking because if the wound after the Haynet

After the stables I went for my cardi walk, took a little different route than normal and ended up on this road! I actually have done this way before. So I half knew my way! And that’s good, since you have to cross to rivers! this road does not work well when it comes a lot of snow!

Me and ❤️Francois when to get groceries and then I made lasagne again! Now I have found the PERFECT mix of everything! ❤️Francois LOVED IT! And so did I


Thursday, Fifty shades Freed

Straight away to the stables this morning! And started with Picsou! The normal, walking him 20 and trotting after!

Niki came out with Alf’i and we switched when I was done with Picsou!

My outfit! JEM L (125 euro) , KEP ITALIA helmet! This black with brown leather visor is my favorite for the moment, Gucci pull over, scarf and belt, ugg boots

Alf’i was really SUPER today! Totally relaxed and I could ride him in a low shape in walk, Trott and gallop and also changing the rhythm in Trott and gallop

Next horse was Ice Tea!

We had flatwork and ride a course of poles! So we galloped over poles that I pretended to be jumps, and rode them them like jumps! I variated the strides between the poles and the speed also!

Next was Duc!he had the same work as Ice Tea! He was very nice and easy to ride!

Niki walked with Teddy and Quin, cause I had to go to the doctor again.

When i was finished at the doctor, i went back to the stables and picked up Niki! We went first to get some new head colors

All horses got new head colors and I am very excited to give them to the horses!

Kept driving to Geneva! This is what I was wearing! Hermes bag, Christian Louboutin custom made shoes, made specially for my feet! Very comfy! Burberry scarf, fake fureChanel cardigan, missioni skirt and top! Trying on some crazy Gucci glasses!Got two very special items! and headed to the cinema to see fifty shades Freed


Wednesday and snow boots

Cold today, and loads of snow! My uggs snow ridingboots have come back out and also my thick Monclear jacket! Outside our house this morning Had to go to the jeweler in Vevey, cause the lock of my gucci bit bracelet keeps opening up and I don’t want to loose it! So a security lock must be put on!

Since I already was in Vevey I made a pit stop at Starbucks! Even brought some Frappochino for Niki! Haha, she and Alf’i was out walking when I came to the stables she and Alf’i was out on a little walk Niki tacked up Alf’i, and I brushed and cuddled Picsou

I mean he is so cute! I always think he has the personality of a fox! Because in Norway we say a fox is smart and he has his way of getting his way! You know getting what he wants! And just like that Picsou is!

So I rode Alf’i first today! It was not frozen but very very very wet outside so I rode first in the forest a little and then inside. I don’t like to ride inside so much, but what’s best for the horse is best ! My outfit! JEM navy pants, LV belt, uggs, Cavalleria Toscana sweater and Kep ITALIA helmet! Alf was really fresh today, and getting around the arena was a challenge at first! But he was good when he relaxed. A great tip is to never get angry with the horse if he is to fresh or un concentrated! Just keep your focus on how you want him to work so you work on the right things and don’t get hung up on fighting with the horse!

Next was Duc! I work a lot on the quality of the canter! Riding up against the mirror making sure he was straight, feeling him pushing with the hindlegs in my fingertips, that goes to a soft mouth! He was perfect today!

Then Ice Tea, forest first and then working on long big powerful strides in balance! Both in Trott and canter! He was a bit stiff in the right side today, so I did a lot of side movements to get him loose! Important to remember that if the horse is strong and stiff on one rein, the problem does not come from the mouth, so pulling more won’t help, you must make him soft from the body!

Quin had a walk in the forest today, and Teddy got his foot stuck in the Haynet so he has only hand walking the whole week!

after the stables I went to get some groceries, for me and Francois! And then cardio! Everyday is leg day for me! I did a little different routine today, I am tired so I run (mostly) half the way up and then I run on the places where it was flat on my way down! It was getting dark so I saw this beautiful Christmas tree And a star near the castle Really tired when I got home, we had some warm soup and then I was ready for some gym time! The evening will be spend watching a film and taking a warm bath together


Tuesday, gym and dinner out

Day started with breakfast with my ❤️Love ❤️Francois! Followed by a run in our neighborhood!

Then the stables! Started with some dressage with Duc! He got ridden twice today! Once by me and later by Alex! With me he had some dressage to be lose and smooth in his body from jumping yesterday! I also rode him a little without bridle

I actually stopped him with having a carrot in my left hand and taking it out to the side so he saw it and stopped to eat it!

Next one was Alf’i! Since I did not have time to jump with him yesterday he jumped today! Course jumping like the other ones had yesterday! Check out this picture! The same vertical two different times

My outfit! I actually colored some JEM pants in white, with poly dye from Dharma. So now they are PINK!

Next horse was Picsou! While we were walking we had a live session with Instagram! People asked me why I take the bridel of after riding, it’s because it’s easier for the horse to eat carrots without a bit in the mouth!

After Picsou Alex had come back from school and we took Quin and Duc for a forest ride! Hahaha, so gooofyi thought Quin was afraid of the 4 legged shark, but turns out that on the way home I discovered that he was a bit worried about walking on the concrete next to the river! He will get used to it though

Last horse to ride was Ice Tea! We had a really good dressage training! Where I variated the rhythm and the shape I had him in! he worked very good! When he starts to get tired he becomes a bit heavy. So then I have to ask him again to be light! He does his best and is a very good boy!

Home and gym with ❤️Francoiswe went straight to eat after the gym in our gym clothes! No worries with that


Monday, jumping and Geneva 🙋‍♀️

Me and ❤️Francois went together to the stables today! Jumping was the plan!started with Quin! And here’s my outfit:

JEM ridingbreeches in Navy, Burberry pullover, Louis Vuitton scarf, Hermès belt, Kep Italia helmet and Parlanti Passion boots

Me and Quin are still getting to know each other, jumped a course with jumps from 125 to 145. He was really great! His owner from he was 3 to 7 told me he did not like the martingal when he was a young horse and refused to walk with it, so I’m testing if he is having the most fun without the martingal next one was suppose to be 🐻Teddy! But he had roled a bad way in the box and had gotten a wound. So no riding for a couple of days for Ted🐻

Took Ice Tea instead! And he was a very good boy today! He waited for me 90% of the time! And we had a course with 3 strides to a double, normally when he sees that he gets a rocket in his ass! But today he was top ❤️Francois was really happy with him and gave him loads of carrots then Duc! He was relaxed and working really good already from the warm up! Practiced some turns with him and he did it perfect! Also the whole course without being to hot! I’m very happy with him I had a doctors appointment in Geneva so after Duc I had tot go! had a quick stop at IKEA to get some Swedish specialties! Niki was back to work so she took care of the horses and showed them to vet Daniel Weiss that came to check them today! That’s why I did not ride Picsou! He had a planed vet check today! Important to follow up! All was good, but poor Teddy needs one week of walk because of the wound

After doctor on my way home

When I got back from Geneva I went to ride Alf’i! I just did it myself, since I had no time to ride him before the doctor! Worked him without pressure low low low!

No shark today! He was good!


Sunday 🐴🦄🐻 riding and cinema💑

My Sunday started early, and I like to sleep in with ❤️Francois when we don’t have any special plans in the weekend.

But Niki was sick today also, so I had to get going!

Started with Jill! She was happy, and I was happy to be with her! Very positive horse

Next was Duc! Me and him went for some interval training in the forest! We both got full of mud but had fun! and yes, wanted to tips you guys that you can buy “work man gloves” to use for riding at home! They are super and cost about 3 euro Next was Quin! We are testing new bits to find out what me and him would like the best when we jump! I did not jump anything, but while trying a bit I get at least a feeling of if it will work or not. Today’s bitme and Quin rode dressage first in the big paddock and I think he really likes the bit! We do a lot of things to get to know each other, changing the rhythm, moving him sideways, specially from the left leg. And so on after dressage we went for a forest ride! He was a bit suspicious but very nice! Back to the big pad to get treats Next horse was Teddy! And her is my outfit: JEM ONE SEEM ridingbreeches, Fendi pullover, Hermès belt, Parlanti a Passion boots, Kep ITALIA helmet, Chanel scarf ! The # of JEM One seem is : #JEMONESEEM🐴 (no space to the 🐴)


We went first for a forest ride! He was very kind and brave and went everywhere u wanted without any protests! after that we had some dressage followed by jumping this vertical one time! I have to get used to him and he need to be used to me! I would like that he can canter shorter faster strides! Will come

After Teddy it was Picsou! Walking as normal, had a Instagram live session. And some trotting and gallop! He is such a amazing horse! Love to be with him and ride him and take care of him! Next was Alf’i! Had the draw reins on today, since I expected he would Probably smell the 4 legged shark today! And he did ! But only in the beginning, afterwords I could take them off and he was the perfect pony!

Me and ❤️Francois had ticket for the cinema at 18.50 I thought! So I asked Alex to ride Ice Tea cause I did not have more time. And rushed home to pick up ❤️Francois at the gym so we both could go home and shower, for a romantic date! I picked him up, and when we got home I saw that the film started 20.50. Sooooooo very gooooood of me! Hahaha!

I went to the gym for one hour. before I got ready and went towards Lausanne! Wearing my New Dior bag from Valentine’s Day, Chanel boots dinner

And a movie

Haha! Saw this one on instagram! 4 legged shark is appearing everywhere 😂


Saturday and a long evening

Day started with this: followed by a hard gym session that really made me sweat! it was pissing rain, so no chance to ride outside! And on Saturdays it’s ridingschool from 09.00 to 17.00, so rising after 17.00.

Niki was sick today so I had the horses alone! So boring to be sick! Hope she feels better soon💖

My outfit! JEM ridingbreeches in Bordeaux, Esprit pullover, Louis Vuitton belt

Was down from the alps where we live earlier to get some supply’s for the horsessome paddock protectors to teddy, buckets, milk fat for their mouth, special shampoo for grey horses ++

Walked with the horses when I came to the stables, outside in the rain!

When it was 17.00 I started with Duc! He was super today! Really! Did not ride him so long because of the time frame!

Next was Alf’i! He was also very relaxed today, and easy to ride! Galloped many times up the middle line to feel that I had him straight and that he still was able to relax with his head deep and low!

next Ice Tea! Loads of gallop today! This is a picture from tonight when I have just changed rugs on him from drying rugs to his “normal” rug

teddy next: super today! Relaxed and good! Galloped over some poles that had 20.5 m in between, did 5-6-7 strides! He did everything easy!

Then Quin! Testing different bridels and bits on him now! He was good on this but I dont know if it’s “theperfect”we did the same as me and Teddy did! The canterpoles! He is just SO SUPER!

Picsou and I just walked today, and I had Jill loose in the round pen! That’s all I guess! Bed now


Friday and all day in the stables

Was home so late last night cause of a traffic jam that took over one hour to get to our house!

Niki had the day off so me and ❤️Francois went to the stables to do the 7 horses alone!

He started with Jill and I started with Teddy! Teddy was first a little bit wild and after some longing very well behaved! So happy with him! Did not get any pictures of him because the paddock was very wet and he was a bit everywhere, so for not loosing him or the phone it had to stay in the pocket.

Next was Picsou! He got to use my new eskadron boots I got for Christmas ❤️Francois took a chill in the car

Picsou was super today’s! Feels fresh

Next was Quin! He was PERFECT! Did some light dressage and a walk in the forest look how pretty! He has got the old bridle if Kanouk! next was Alf’i, he saw the shark everywhere today, and it was raining at that point! Hahah! What can I do, just got to be positive and love him!

Then Duc, galloped a lot with him and the same with Ice Tea! Also gave Ice a hair cut

Quin in the paddock

Went for a walk and had Teddy a little loose in the round pen in the evening


Thursday and welcoming the two new guys 🐻and🦄

Had planed some more skiing today, but it was raining. Staid longer in bed and had a late breakfast

Relaxing at the room and some spa time! Why is it called spa? It’s a heated pool?

One more question, my head gets LARGE when I try to take selfies.. I see loads of girls taking the perfect selfies! Give me some tips please

My 👑KING❤️

Has some cakes at the hotel before we headed direction the stables!

Had to take groceries before going to the stables! Butterfly in my stomach to say hello to the new horses!

They were happy! Of course I would have loved to ride them today, but because of the long transport we only walked with them!

Quin is a older horse that has done Nations Cup, and even one Global Tour! The last year he only jumped 130/140, and will be a great friend for me!

Teddy i don’t know that much about, but I’m looking forward to learn to know him! He is a very brave horse that has done good at shows!

Wanted to ride Ice Tea and Duc! ❤️Francois was helping out with horse walking! I started to ride Ice! Worked a lot on changing the rhythm in Gallop! When I was finished riding him and wanted to take Duc, ❤️Francois told me that he has already walked him and that “we are going home now”. So I was like, okey MR Boss 😍

Tomorrow riding all off them 😃😃😃



And of course a little EXTRA LOVE for everybody!

So me and ❤️Francois woke up and gave each other the cards and presents! And snuggled a lot!

Here is some of what he got!

I got the Valentino dress 😍 TO EMPHASIS HOW KIND AND THOUGHTFUL FRANCOIS I! i have wanted the Valentino dress for a long time, at one point ❤️Francois and we was in Geneva and I tried it again for the second time, he said to me we take the dress! But it was expensive like F… so I rather took he glitter Chanel boots, Gucci shirt and skirt, and half of the big Lady Dior. So I rathe took all that and left the dress. I really did not think I would get the dress cause these high couture things sells out quick since it’s not a lot of pieces made! But he did it! Got it for me behind my back and now I have it

it has this collar, you can use it or remove it

Dior bag

Dior cardigan

After breakfast we went to ski! TOP CONDITIONS

Telecabine view 🇨🇭SWISS 🇨🇭 ALPS

Afterski cakes and cozy time

Went about 40 min to the gym before we hit the spa! Today Hermes bikini

It’s two outdoor pools, one more like a exercise pool, ❤️Francois did many laps there back and forward!

We went to our room, relaxed and got ready for dinner!


Cozy time by the fireplace in the bar, with live music in the background

Now I’m going to read my Valentine’s Day card from ❤️Francois to me one more time for today! Cause the text was so beautiful!

And yeah, two new horses on the way to us