Friday and expert doctor

I don’t have so much to write about today! Other than I went to the Gym in the morning, then to the stables! A pleasant surprise that I could ride outside!

So me and Niki Started with Duc and Ice Tea!

Du is super for the moment! Listens and very soft to ride! Did a lot of changing the rhythm and he stayed active and was on his hindlegs all the time!

I took Ice Tea after Duc, and he was perfect warmed up by Niki!

With him I really worked! When he gets tired he wants me to hold his head so he can concentrate about running.. so 1 million transitions and leg on to keep him activewe both got sweat!

I had just gotten on Alf’i and started to Trott when I got a phone call reminding me that I had a doctor appointment for the court at 14.00 in Lausanne! I thought it was at 15.00, and when I got the call it was 13.08, so I had to run! I dropped off Alf’i with Niki, that had already saddle Calla, so I asked her to rider her today and Alf’i got just a very very quiet day today!

I went quick to Lausanne! It is some expert that “that person” has asked the judge to look at me, because apparently if I understood right “that person” does not think it hurt me, and that what “that person” did had no impact on my life. I thought I was going to this experts to get help, but it was just a examination, not to help me. So I had misunderstood. But they said after the case is closed I can come back to get help, so I guess that’s positive!

Afterwords I event to get groceries for the weekend, like snacks and stuff! Also a surprise dinner for ❤️Francois, something he really likes!

Then I went to ride Picsou! He was very very fresh today!

Home, ❤️Francois went to the gym and I made dinner for him so it was ready when he got home! He was very happy and surprised over what I had made for him!

Here’s some Pictures from my instagram story today


Can you look better? I don’t think so!

Look at this WONDERFUL pictures made by a happy customer that have two models of PRO HORSE INTERNATIONAL riding breeches!

She has JEM L and JEM in Bordeaux, Navy and white!

Thank you SO MUCH for buying my pants and thank you for the wonderful pictures!

To everybody who has JEM pants, remember to wash them on 30 degrees, and Nooooo NO fabric softener!! It can be washed on 40 if very dirty but no It destroys the fabrics ability to stretch and keep its original shape!

📸Maxence Naas

🙋🏻 Lorène Schadé

🐴 Zarina II

🐶 Junior/Lilly

You can email me to buy the pants!



Thursday and ☃️

Started my day with doing some paperwork together with ❤️Francois!

Then we both went out for one hour long run for me and walk for him in the snow!

I was soaked in sweat and snow when I came back! But it was really good!

After that I had some errands to run before I went to the stables!

Up with us it was snowing and in Bex it was pissing rain! So riding inside it was! Normally I don’t mind being out in the rain, I prefer good weather but I really like to ride outside! it have been raining non stop two days in a row so the paddock was just to wet!

Poor Niki was not feeling well today, tooth pain again and fever! Feel better soon girl💖 I had brought her a special Lindt chocolate from my trip yesterday, so that brighten up her day a little at least

I started with Alf’i! He was actually really relaxed and super today! Worked a lot on the right turns! Look how cute he is, looks a little worried Looks happy my outfit, JEM L ridingpants, Parlanti Passion boots, Kep Italia helmet, Gucci scarf , Miller jacket with PRO HORSE logoNext was Ice Tea! A lot of putting him in the correct balance! He wanted to balance to much on the bit today!

So then I have to make a transition and lift him up Next was Picsou! Walk 30 min, Trott 13 min and walk again

Then Duc, he was great today! Don’t think he ever was this soft in the left side before! Happy!!

Then Calla. She was wild 😂 really need to get out and gallop a little! But okey, she was good after half a hour!

Been to the gym with ❤️Francois I did the 10 min jogging and the interval training on the treadmill! Then I did 20 min cross trainer and my normal exercises to strengthen my core!

Now in the evening we have had a really good dinner, and now we have loads of work to do with Pro Horse!

So sorry that I did not write loads about what I did with the horses today


Wednesday and horse trying

Woke up early and went to the airport!

My outfit: JEM L pants, that I made for this reason! So cool to just go to the airport with them as “normal pants” and then just change in to your riding boots and WOW the pants are ridingpants!

So JEM L pants, red and green Gucci belt, socks, bag, pullover, shoes and scarf Okey, maybe the pullover is more green and pink 😉🤨🤩

Matching it with my red Monclear jacket

I had to take two planes to get to the horses I tried! Here’s some pictures of them

After trying horses all morning I had some Mc D at the airport

It has been a lot of wind in Switzerland so the plane I was suppose to take was over one hour late!

While I was waiting for the plane I sewed some Swarovski crystals that I had ordered on eBay on my flag hats! How do you guys think it looks? To big? Or perfect? One of them is not finished yet though!

Anyway, I missed my first connection, and when I landed in Zürich I had 15 min for my next plane that I was rebooked on was taking off, not 15 min to boarding but 15 min go take off! So by the time I had got out of the plane it was already time for take off for my flight to Geneva. Luckily the plane waited for me!

When I got home me and ❤️Francois walked to the restaurant, or I run two rounds! Even though it was snowing☃️it was nice to get out after all the waiting!


Tuesday and new saddle from Meyer💎

Had a looooong lazy morning at home with ❤️Francois! No stress, long breakfast! Then I packed loads of JEM pants and went to the post with them! Everybody that has paid, your pants are on the way! then I went to the gym! It’s really raining today so no cardio mountain! I am actually more motivated to do cardio outside then on the treadmill! But today I did!

Started with running 10 min, had elevation on 1.5, that’s important because it’s to easy to run since it’s no friction if you have it on elevation 0, then doing 10 intervals 20 seconds on in speed 15 and 10 seconds off (on the side). It’s good cause your pulse gets high and it does not have time to go down in 10 seconds!

After that I did 20 min on the bike, then 15 min cross trainer, and 15 min walk up hill elevation 12 and speed 5.2. My polar A360 told me I burned 700 kcal! home, shower, eat, stables! My outfit JEM ONE SEEM Navy/blue, Fendi pullover and Gucci scarf! today I tried my new MEYER Saddle! Leather feels great, I have not oiled it jet, and it’s soft from the start! Good sign!

Rode outside with Alf’i! The saddle fitted him perfect, was afraid that it was moving a little in the begging, but when I tighten the girt it became perfect! Francois Meyer himself came by the stables just to check and see me ride in it! And we both agreed it was really good!

Alf and me worked on making his turns on the right better! So in Trott I moved him sideways from my right leg while bending him to the right in the turns! In gallop I made sure his neck was bend to the right but the body was straight and staid on the line I wanted, if he started to go to much inside the line I moved him back with help of my inside leg

Then Calla! Had her a bit loose on the outdoor before I rode her! She needed to blow of some steam! When I got on she was good! Soft as always! Had to work on keeping her straight, mostly on the right side!

Next was Ice Tea, we rode inside cause by then it was raining a lot! Training on changing the rhythm today! Need to work more on it so he says in the bow when I rode forward and comes back easy and stays on the hindlegs when I collect!

Walking Picsou 40 min Rember to always check the water off the horses, that the water cup is functioning and if they have a bucket, clean it and fill it up! Picsou likes to dip his food in water! home and to the gym the second time for me!


Monday, home❤️

Me, ❤️Francois and Janne got up early, she needed to go to the airport and we needed to drop off the truck to she garage can take it to the truck inspection!

After that me and ❤️Francois went to the stables and I rode Alf’i first!Love this picture when Picsou is shaking his head😂😂😂 look how Niki looks at him! Or I longed him first, he was fresh like…. When he had blown off some steam he was great to ride! Did not train on anything special today, only got him to relax! Nike walked with Picsou while I was riding Alf’i! Then I got on and trotted him around! So much fun! Love Picsou! Niki longed Ice Tea, Duc and Calla! And took care of Jill! ❤️Francois was meeting a friend in Lausanne and I had to go home and wait for UPS so deliver some packets here! So he went alone to Lausanne and I went home, jumped in bed with a film and some Ben n Jerry’s! And then I had a power nap until UPS ringed the door bell!

Woke up and went for my cardio mountain has been a lot of storms here so many trees had fallen down The cardio took longer than before Christmas, still cough a lot, but I’m feeling better every day!

In the evening me and ❤️Francois had a great dinner and then went to the gym! I get a lot of messages about my fitness routine, I will do a post about it when Niki has time to go with me and take pics of the exercises!

Also washed the car today! Don’t forget to do it, all the salt on the roads is so bad for the car and can make it rusty


Sunday, packing and going home from CSI BASEL

Had breakfast with ❤️Francois and then we had some teamwork! He put all the bags in the car and checked out of the hotel while I took the shuttle to the show and opened our stand!

It was like every other day, all though it was a 145 5* Star competition in the morning, it was nobody there! People started to come at 11.00 and the girls car shortly after!

My outfit today! JEM pants in black, pink Gucci shirt, Gucci socks and Chanel boots awkward moment caught in a picture 😂Janne and Niki! Janne is wearing JEM ONE SEEM in Navy/blue and Niki is wearing JEM L

Francois came to charge his phone and had out with us

Me and Janne walked around with a pice of paper telling that we had riding pants for sale to attract more people! If it was embarrassing? – maybe a little but it worked! Soon the stand was full of people! We were in the end of the “stadium” so many people did not walk all the way there! But we manage to get some people to walk there Francois and his friends Axel and Jos Verloy also came to hang out in the stand and I got to meet a lot of my followers, so that was awesome went down to the stables with a pants delivery for Edwina and her groom Reenaand got a new jacket from my sponsor Parlanti

When the Grand Prix class almost every one was sitting down to watch, so did we the Grand Prix was very exciting! Martin Fuchs and Clooney won after a really fast jump off against Werner Muff and Daimler

Then we packer up and went home! Or I helped with the first part of the packing and then I went to look for the horse trailer that someone had moved a kilometer from the show! First I run around all the St Jacobs Halle before someone told me approximately where it was


Saturday and a new sales record for us in CSI BASEL

Today Francois came with me to eat breakfast at the hotel! The other days he has been sleeping but today he wanted to go twice to the gym so he got up early!

Then off to open my stand! My outfit, Ted Baker coat, Louis Vuitton scarf and Chanel glitter boots Under, JEM ridingbreeches in black, Dior belt and top I really think the black pants are as cool for normal use as for riding! I think they are my over all favorite pants ever!! It’s the same fabric as Cavalleria Toscana only a little thicker, and it’s just GREAT!I sold one pair of JEM L pants before the girls came at 11.45! Then I went back to the hotelhad a 30 min snooze before me and ❤️Francois went to the gym! ❤️Francois second time today! WHAT A INSPIRATIONAt 14.15 we took the shuttle back to the show! I wanted to surprise the girls with some Starbucks so I took the tramp down town! Janne wants super extra chocolate in her frappo, and Niki wants super extra caramel! Was a bit challenging to get the Starbucks people to put enough inside, so the girls would be super happy, but after some explaining it went good!

When I got back to the stand ❤️Francois was there and ready to hand out with meHe has already been spotted by two girls and they had taken pictures with him, so I was happy to give them a free pair of JEM riding pants they looked great in their navy JEM pants and was very happy I went to visit one of my sponsors, Parlanti! And I am getting a new jacket, I can decide between these two, making the decision tomorrow went down to the stables and the warm up to day hello to some friend and meet John and Michael on my way back. In the evening I watched the big class together with ❤️Francois Here is John Whitaker on the brown horse and Michael Whitaker on the grey horse jumping tonight’s big class that Harry Smolders won

Now it’s bed time for me and I hope a lot of you will come and visit us in the stand tomorrow


Friday at CSI BASEL

Hotel breakfast And off to open my stand! Nobody there this morning, so same as yesterday! Maybe it will be more people on Saturday, since then a lot of people have a day off from work and school! Hopefully

My outfit today: JEM ONE SEEM riding breeches, Saint Lauren Krystal pullover, Hermès belt and bracelets, Gucci socks and Chanel shoes

I got sold a pair of JEM L to this lovely lady, she is not a rider, her husband makes the sand/footing for the horses here and she just liked the design so much! Later the girls came! Janne and Niki, and here you can see what they are wearing! Niki has JEM L on, and Janne has JEM in Bordeaux

I went for a Starbucks run! Since all 3 of is really LOVE Starbucks! I take coffee Frappochino, Janne takes Java Chip and Niki takes Caramel

In the afternoon ❤️Francois came to visit the stand, and check out our marching outfits! He has black pants and pink shirt and so do I! <<<<<<<<<<
me to watch the two biggest classes together with Francois! I saw Rolf Göran Bengtsson ride Oak Groves Carlyle, a horse that I never saw before, and it jumped really well! I am as many people a fan of Rolf Göran! Really good rider! some people did our competition to find ❤️Francois and we had 3 people who did itafter the last class I posted on my instagram story that the competition was finished and we will continue tomorrow

Some of my followers also send me this picture of me and ❤️Francois sitting and watching! So cute! And if I’m not mistaking I am half turned around speaking with Axel Verloy 😂 In the evening ❤️Francois closed the stand, Janne and Niki went to party, while I went with John Whitaker to hang out a little in the hotel bar. He showed me a 5 year old by his stallion Argento, jumped AMAZING! So now me and ❤️Francois need to decide between Argento, Diamant De Semilly and Emerald for Classica La Silla this year!

Yeah, I have actually written all this while I have been on the cross trainer at the Gym! Now bed!


Thursday and first day with the stand

I woke up at 07.00 got dressed and headed down to the breakfast! As always I eat a lot After eating I took the shuttle to CSIO BASEL! My stand was there waiting for me I was there around 08.00, but it was nobody walking around there to look at stuff so I sat in the sofa and had a little power nap!

At 10.30 Janne and Niki came! And then I went to Manor that’s just across the street and bought some snacks, Coca Cola and stuff! I also bought some tape to put up the last poster on the wall!

Here’s my outfit of today! JEM Navy ridingbreeches, Gucci shirt, belt, shoes, socks, shoes , Gucci bracelet with bit and Gucci bracelet green and red to match the rest of the outfit ❤️Francois bracelet from MontreuxJazz festival, Rolex date just and Gucci bit braceletCartier love bracelets and one Cartier ring that ❤️Francois gave me for Christmas Janne is wearing JEM L! Beautiful on her And Niki is wearing JEM ONE SEEM black pink + the Nike tank top I gave her for her birthday🎂 After hanging out in the stand a lot and making a very funny Instagram story I went to town to get a extension cable and some Starbucks! Oh yeah! Roger Yves Boost came to the stand to say hello! And he was also on the insta story Check our my new logo jacket with the PRO HORSE INTERNATIONAL logo, it was commercial for the horse show everywhere Starbucks on its way back <<br<br<br<br<br<br<br<br<br<br<br<br<br<br
How about a Global Champions League Cannes Stars shirt?The new Meyer saddle is ready and I can take it home and try it on Alf’i! What’s special with the saddle is that the panels are really wide so the spine of the horse becomes totally free! Excited to try it!

❤️Francois also came and visited us at the stand! and I am having a competition! If you see Francois, take a picture with him, put it on your INSATGRAM story and tag me in it! We will have some winners both Friday and Saturday, the first people who do it gets a free pair of riding pants! Competition starts tomorrow Friday but it’s also on Saturday! Find Francois, take a picture with him, tag me and put it on your story and come to the stand and show us the picture! The winners get a free pair of pants!

In the afternoon I have been working on the stand, and also meet some lovely followers I have watched the 150 together with Francois! And I off course cheered a little extra for my friends John Whitaker and Luca Maria Moneta Now I am back at mine and Francois hotel, Niki and Janne are back at their hotel, and ❤️Francois was waiting at the stand so everybody leaves and goes home! Really sweet of him to wait there and let me go home to rest! He’s the PERFECT MAN❤️