High puls training for horses! 

I want to make a post about the physical condition of the Showjumping horses! 

Compares to what level you are riding on, what ability your horse have and how much effort his body must make to be able to do the task you are asking from him.

If you have a horse with maximum scoop of 120, and you compete at 120 level, even tho those jumps don’t appear to be high since so many people are jumping huge jumps you must remember that for your horse it is max effort he must put in for eveyjump. 

If then the course is long and has difficult lines and combination it can be difficult for your horse to stay concentrated. With this I mean, imagine yourself running as fast as you can for 2000 meters, while still have to keep running someone is asking you difficult mathematic questions, can you answer without stopping and catching your breath? And answer quick? 

Probably not, because your brain does not get enough oxygen, so even if you normally would know the answer, in this situation it can be difficult.

So your horse have to jump on his maximum effort level, he at the same time must use his own intelligence or look at the Jump, understand the jump and balance his body, while listening to you, what you want him to do, what speed he should have, to be straight, the position of his head, how your balance is and when he should take off.

So if your horse it not trained well enough and are able to get enough oxygen out to his brain and the muscle fiber in his body, although the jumps are only 120 it will be impossible for him to do it clear.

You can also add the weather, the shows I compete on are from 20-36/37 degrees warm!! 20 in the beginning of the year in Spain, peer 30 in the Italian shows all summer! So 30 when you wake up in the morning and hotter in the day! 

Even if you and your horse don’t go to shows that are so warm, it is harder for your horse if he’s not in perfect shape, if he used to the temperature being 15 degrees, and on the competition day is suddenly big sun and 25 degrees! 

So to be able to succeed and reach your goal no matter what level you are riding on, it is extreamly important that you and your horse have the physical condition for it!

That is what I am training myself hard in warm weather, because I know come Sunday and Grand Prix day I will have to preform over a course with 17 jumps in a riding jacket. I have to stay concentrated and give the best possible signals to my horse! 

Same goes for my horse! If they have been competed for 2 days, 3 day come I still want them to be as fresh as the first day, so they can easy do their best! 

If you have to struggle eveytime you go in the ring it’s not fun for you or the horse! That’s why I train myself and the horse so hard at home that when we come to the show it’s easy for our physical condition, with easy I’m meaning that when we come over the finish line we can still breath and speak in a quite normal way!

The best training for the lunge capacity is interval training. You can do short intervals in high speed or longer once in a little lower speed! 

One interval for a horse should not be under one min! Because the minimum of time you jump in the ring at shows is one min. I do my short intervals in minimum 2 min high speed and also up a little hill. 

Mostly I train long interval, quite a lot of speed in 3-5 min. Let the horse rest and get down in puls and then repeat. Maybe I repeat 2 to maximum 4 times, the long intervals! 

What you also must remember with this training is that each horse is build up by different muscle fibers, so some horses has easier for one thing and more hard for other things. Like Alf, he can do the double of interval than Ice Tea and Duc, but when it comes to building big muscles Ice Tea does that better then Alf’i! 

The most important is that you and your horse are fit enough to do shows easy! So you can come out of the ring with joy and you both feel you could easy have done one more round! 


Wednesday, practicing “6 bar” when ICE❄️TEA🍹

Started the day with my cardio mountain! Nike tennis skirt! And went to the stables! Before I came Anneli has walked Picsou and Jill, and she also goes out to eat grass for 20-30 min with Ice, Duc, Alf and Calla eveyday! She does a GREAT JOB! And is the only person I have had that never made a mistake! She’s unreal 😍⭐💫💎💖

Me and Anneli started with fixing the jumps, cause I wanted to practice “6 bar” with Calla and Ice Tea! 

When that was done I started to ride Duc! Light dressage for him today sice he got so tired yesterday! He was super 

Next was Calla! She was also good! It was hard for her to be “together” and collected trough the line, but she did her best, and did not have any poles down! She just need time to get stronger in her body After her i went for interval with Alf’i! He is in such a shape! He almost can’t get tired!Alf really loves so gallop full speed! And he is the fastest! 

When I was back with Alf, Ice Tea was ready and I went to warm up! Anneli took care of Alf’i and came out to help me with the jumps after! She is also a good coach! She has good ideas, even Francois❤️ says so!

It took some try’s before Ice found out a little how it was! And he did really good! I remember this exercise with Chambord! He really understood the “game” 6 bar, and could do it very easy! Chambord is buoid very uphill , and that’s perfect for this competition! Although I’ve Tea needed some try’s to be perfect he made it! And actually on the highest jump he was clear straight away!  

When the stables was finished me and Anneli went to Starbucks, when we got back Anneli clipped Alf’i, and I walked with Duc and let him eat grass

Ice Vibe! Perfect for grass eating! 

When we got home it was the normal, gym😍🏃‍♀️🏃💑

And I made a REALLY good dinner for Francois tonight! 


Tuesday, Geneva and the stables 

Hi guys! Me and Francois went to Geneva today early morning! Another doctors appointment, happy that Francois always comes with me so we can spend the day together 😍❤️

My outfit, Chanel top, Hermes bag, Hermes sandals and Louiboutin shoes,- when I get tired in my feet I change to the sandals! Dior sunglasses 


Details on top 

Me wearing the same outfit but with the sandals 

We had a really good 3 course lunch and got to enjoy the good weather outside the food was amazing ! And so was the service! They even gave me this thing for my bag!!


Waiting when we was finished in Geneva, Francois drove me to the stables! I rode Ice first! Anneli had already made him ready when I came! 

Outfit: Armani tank top, Hermes bit belt, JEM L pants and Parlanti passion boots 

Ice Tea had trail riding today! That’s what he is not that sweaty, compared to interval training!

Rode Ice Tea a little in the big paddock after our trail ride, and Anneli came out with Alf for me! 
Simone was giving  a lesson to a student ! Look how amazing! 

Alf’i was really good today, loads of energy but relaxed 

Next one was Calla, she had forest riding also! It has come some haylige balls on her filed that she was very shocked over, but she got used to it and behaved perfect Eating on our way home😋🐴
Last one for today was Duc! He had interval training! Really good, got tired but was happy! Walking home together 


Monday and hostpital appointment 

Got up and went for my run/walk in the mouintain in the morning! Me on the train down to the car got some ice cream after and headed home to do my preparation for my hostpital exam! I am so grateful for having Francois that is a mature grown up gentle man and could help me with the preparation that was GROSE!!! Could not have done it without him!! 

Apart from that the exam was very embarrassing and uncomfortable I was a good girl to go trough with it, now we have to hope for good results! 

I was rewarded with BURRITO BROTHER after!! My outfit 

Versace dress and bracelet, Fendi bag, Chanel slippers  butriotis wirh my darling ❤️😍the exam made it in a way so it was not good for me to ride today.

So after eating we went to give some extra food we have bought for the horses , say hi to Anneli and after went home! That’s that for today! 

I’m putting some horse pictures from San Remo here so it’s a little horse here today at least! 


Sunday and sleeping in😴

Me and Francois❤️ woke up at 09.00 but I wanted to sleep 10 min longer and had to get Francois in my super sleep postition where I sleep with my head like on him so I could sleep just 10 more min! We woke up at 11😂 haha

Had the pancakes and went to the stables! Jumping on the schedual! First was Alf’i, and here’s my outfit: 

Chanel t-shirt, earrings and belt, Animo pants, parlanti passion riding boots and KEP ITALIA helmet

I am SOOOO PROUD of this t-shirt, since I am a fashion lover!!! Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel has not made a t-shirt in as long as I can remember, and I am so proud to own one short sleeve and one long sleeve!  

My exercise for the jumping today was jumping higher fences and a 3 combination with vertical vertical both ways! Warmed up by jumping 4 jumps on a circle, you guys will see the films on Instagram Alf was totally AMAZING!!

Next was Duc! He was also very good! Like always! He always does his bestcan I say it again? The front leg of Duc! Seriously horse goals 

Alfter training they get the bridel off and get Apples 

Then Ice Tea, we got a new idea to have no leg at all on him just before the jump to hope he will take more time to jump up, and it seemed to work! He was really good today! 

Last one jumping was Calla! It is really going good and she was relaxed and super! It was really hot by the time i started with her, so half way she felt a little empty on the jump, but she tried her best and was very positive 

Anneli walked Picsou and Jill, and helped with the jumping, saddling, washing horses, putting ice on, and so on! 

Me and Francois went to the pool when we’re finished with training! 

Bikini of the day: Teznis, pink Hermes sandals, Chanel sunglasses and earrings

My 👑KING❤️FRANCOIS I got cold after swimming (only 26 degrees) so Francois let me wear his shirt to get warm again 

Steak for dinner at home and I just had a 7 km run! Have a great Sunday night everyone 


Saturday pool and course building

My day started with some exercising And riding Alf’i on a calm trail ride with loads of slow relaxed gallop Calla had exactly the same! Except for her being excited to be out so I had to do my best to keep her calm! Here’s my outfit: Guess tank top, Hermes belt, cavalleria Toscana pants, Kep ITALIA parlanti passionCali the Giraffe Jumper ears forward bracelet goals  Duc had dressage today! Light work, since he was so tired after yesterday’s full speed hi intensity intervals! He was not stiff at all today, soft and listening to meDuc getting Apples after work and Anneli holding Ice Tea so we can change the horses quick Ice Tea also had dressage today! – he was totally excited and wanted to raze around as if we was on the filed! was suppose to be a light short workout, but took more time to calm him down and relax him. Getting him to work proper Anneli took Picsou and Jill! When all was done we went to the pool! 

Outfit from Celvin Klein Switzerland had a healthy lunch!pool fashion! Hermes sandals, and Calvin Klein 


Friday and weekend 

Me and Ice Tea went for interval training today, in the heat! And he was so excited!!😂😂 when he had done his laps he wanted to do more, so he did! That made him very tired! 

My outfit: Ralph Lauren pike shirt, Hermes belt and bracelet, cavalleria Toscana riding pants, parlanti passion boots, Kep ITALIA helmet! 

On our way out 

On the way back Ice Tea got some fresh gras 

Anneli taking care of Ice Tea while I am on my way to get Duc! 

Interval with Duc also! He was not as “hot” as Ice Tea and I was able to mange to do just the planed rounds! Check out what I do with the noseband so they more easy can eat grass on the way home 😋

On Alf’is program today it was flatwork and small jumps! He was perfect and really relaxed! 

After yesterday’s hard work Calla was really good today! She changed the gallop good even to the right, and relaxed and was in general good!  Maybe a little bit more trying to “hang in the hand” than usual! Did the small jumps with her also, and she listen very well! 

When the stables was done me and Anneli went to Starbucks and I got a STARBUCKS tank top that I had been craving for a long time 

Went also to get some groceries! Bought our own hay brix for the horses so they hopefully gain more witght, and also a fly rug for Alf’i

Went to the gym with FrancoisTomorro I have loads of plans so I’m leaving home early, and made the breakfast for tomorrow today 😋


Thursday need to go for fitting and I am craving for Starbucks

Was up early and started to ride! Started with some dressage with Calla!  

My outfit: Armani t-shirt, Chanel belt, Cavalleria Toscana ridingpants, Kep ITALIA helmet and Parlanti passion boots accessories 

Calla had been a bit tired so she have had two days of calm! So today her energy was totally restored!!

I had to Trott her a looong time before she relaxed! But when she did she was good! She was a bit sensitive and strong at the same time. Not easy to ride straight today! 
Next horse was Alf! We went for hard interval training! I said it before and I say it again, he is in crazy good condition!!! From the first part of the training he did not even brake a sweat!!! 

Next horse was Ice Tea! He had dressage today! We worked a lot on traditions and being able to collect him under more movment forward on a straight line, but still stay light in the hand! He was a good boy and got Apples after 😃

Anneli went to eat grass with Duc, Alf and Ice Tea! Duc had a extra long walk because he had interval training yesterday and needed a day off! Picsou and Jill had their normal program with walking! Daniel came to look at Picsou today, he had some equi therapy and are resting again! Aaaaaaah!!!! Most important is that he will be okey so I just have to waaaaait! 

Anyway, the 3 of us, Anneli me and Francois took her for some sightseeing in Lausanne! I had to go to the trailer and just get fitted the Chanel I bought last week ! We got Starbucks that I was crawling for the whole day, and I bought a eyeliner!  My outfit, Roberto Cavalli dress, Chanel slippers Chanel bag! Like at the Jazz last week! Really love this outfit, and my high heels always get stuck in the stones in Lausanne, so the slippers was a great choice! It is summer! 

Me waiting for my clothes at fitting 

Shopping of today 


Wednesday, exercising, riding and sale at CHANEL🎀

I guess I can start to say as normal I went for my cardio mouintain! Must have been raining a lot tonight cause the trail was suddenly like this! 

On the train down! Am I inspiring some out there to exercise more?

Check out the train, filled with animals😂

Went directly to the stables! My outfit! This pike shirt from Lacoste is so cool! Glitter😍💎 Hermes belt, cavalleria Toscana! KEP ITALIA, parlanti passion

Started with interval with Duc! And you can see he done it right! White in sweat! It is hot today, so I know it’s more hard on them! But they do compete in the heat! I go jogging in like 28-30 degrees heat, so something’s the horses also need to do it to be prepaird for the shows

Next was Ice Tea! He had the same job! And was really excited by it! Told me if he was ever going to be sold, as he love his life here, but if he was going to be sold he would like to come to a jockey who rode sreaple chase! He loves jumping and he loves speed😂 I told him that he was not the right breed for that sport, but then he gave me the whole lesson about black and white humans, everybody is the same and I should not discriminate him😂

Alf and me did dressage! He was really good and relaxed today dressage for Remi, stable friend and Ultra Chick by Quidam de Revel also Calla seemed tired, she has been working hard with me since Skin stoped riding her, so she is probably feeling some muscles that she did not use in a long time! I gave her one more calm day with hand walking! Here she is in the paddock checking out me taking the other horses to ride! 
Normal day for Picsou and Jill! Pic is waiting for the vet/equiterapaut! And Jill is doing what Jill is doing😉 

Ice Tea one extra time in the paddock 😍🏝🐴

We went to Geneva After to check out the sales! My outfit: 

Valentino dress, Dior bag, Christian Louboutin shoes! Shopping at Chanel 😍💖🎀

And some Starbucks 

Beautiful lake Geneva yeah, I admit it!! I’m REALLY PROUD of this car This is what we bought today! 

Chanel longe sleeved t-shirt, from the COCO CUBA CRUISE collection, Chanel top and scarf from the spring  summer collection  


Tuesday and grass eating for the guys and Cal

Started the day with a 6km run around the naigbourhood!  And then the stables! Since all of the horses jumped yesterday and quite a lot I just walked them today! 

Me today! JEM ONE SEEM PANTS, Hermes belt,  and flamingo top! And please notice the similar poses 😂😂😂

Me and Picsou getting the ice Vibe from the freezer to put on his legs for the walk! 

Me and Alf’i on a detour on our way to the freezer for the ice vibe eating grass with Alf’i 

Jill perfectly groomed Jill getting to be loose in the small paddock 

Eating grass with Duc 

Aaaaand my phone was out! Now I’m eating ice cream from the box in my bathrope together with Francois❤️

Btw here are some pics of my JEM LACE TOP from SanRemo