Friday in Basel

Me and Francois had a long snooze before breakfast at the hotel! Me in my red and green Gucci dress, and Gucci bag!Breakfast was really good! Loads of choices We ate WAY TO MUCH as always! The horses are having a well deserved day off! And just walking! we relaxed a bit at the room, Francois was watching tv in bed and I staid in bed to but had some work to do for Pro Horse International, commercial have to be made! Here are the first pull ups! They show the 3 models of PRO Horse international JEM riding breeches! JEM L, JEM, and JEM ONE SEEM!

We went to town to have lunch with famous musician Ronnie Cuber and his manager! Ronnie was my birthday present to Francois last year! I stalked Ronnie and contacted him in every possible way until he answered, then I paid him to fly from New York City to here for he sole reason to play for Francois on his birthday! This is from Francois birthday last year! He had now idea that Ronnie was coming and was very surprised and happy Back to present day! We went to town to have lunch with them! My outfit, had changed in to a skirt and a pullover from courreges, burberry scarf and gloves, Chanel boots and bag

We had a really good lunch at a little Italian place! I had my favorite spaghetti with pasta

Before the concert me and ❤️Francois went to the gym and to the pool! Then concert time! Wearing a Versace dress and bracelet to match! We are actually at the concert now as I am finishing the blog!Francois enjoying the concert! Guys are playing really good! Gonna finish up and give my full attention to the music now! Have a great Friday evening!



Hi Guys! I am now making a short post about Duc’S bits!

Cause he has a few! 

In dressage and flatwork I prefer to ride all horses in a loose ringed snaffle! 


Because it has 0 elevation effect, and you can truly work the horse in a correct way, no cheating, to achieve the most ideal shape, with activity behind and straight horse, for each individual! 

If you ride with draw reins you can easily pull the horse head down so his head is in the position you want, but it does not mean that he is working corectly with the back 

If you ride with a Pessoa bit, the bit has a elevation effect that goes on the horses neck and you can also pull the head down. So when you ride with a Pessoa bit and you look down at your horse and see that his head is where you wish, then pay attention to the activity in the back and the hindlegs 

A little bit of the same principe applies to the use of a Pelham! All these bits are super to use for jumping, but if you can it’s ideal to ride dressage and school on a normal snaffle! It’s 1000 different pelhams, and I would say it is a very popular bit! Fun fact: I have only been able to compete and ride one horse ever on a Pelham! His name was Kungen! After him me and the horses I have been riding have not been able to get a good connection with each other on a Pelham!

So back to Duc and his bits! 

Him and Picsou share two bridels for dressage, both with loose ring snaffle! I am able to school and work him easy on the flat with this bit at home 

For jumping at home Duc and me have the most fun and best communication with this bit and bridel! The little gag, and with protective latex around!

For shows first day, the thong dispenser (uses for the horse in order to keep the thong still) can also help some horses concentrate better! Here you can see Casall Ask and Rolf Göran Bengtsson with the thong dispenser on 

As you can see on theis picture there is no rein in the thonge dispencer! So first day at the show I ride with this bridel and this bit togerther with the thonge dispenser. 

Pay also attention to the nose bands! These nose bands are quite sharp! I don’t tighten them, but they are a boundary so he can open the mouth to a surten point but not vide open! It’s a rope noseband and a low noseband

Next day if he was strong on that combination of the bit, nosebands and thonge dispenser I use this one! (Sorry about the carrot bites that is stuck in the bit) 

Duc has more respect for this bit so then I put a more gentle nose band on. Gentle or gentle, the Mexican noseband is the only noseband you can lock the gaw with, but I don’t tighten it that was so no worries! 

I also have this one as a back up, bit I did not use it in years so I almost dont remember how he was to ride on it! But I think me and Janne had the rein in the “snaffle” in the warm up and in the gag but the loop when I went in  the ring , to make it a little bit stronger there! 

All Duc’s bits for jumpig 


Thursday, Jumping and hotel with my 👑King❤️

Late update! But me and ❤️Francois has been having quality time

Me and ❤️Francois woke up early! Jumping on the schedule today and since the outdoor is full of snow we had to jump inside! It’s so much snow and the horses here does not have studs so all horses at the stables have to move in one of the indoors or the round pen at some point of the day. So we had to start early to have the change to jump!

We build a course and started with Duc!

He had to jump a cavaletti 3.3m vertical, 3.5m cavaletti! Since Duc is on his way to get in better shape this help him to jump up from the ground with some space to the vertical and land bouncy! Then I jumped the vertical the other way and 3 strides down to this oxer, and also the gymnastic lineNext was Alf’i! He was so good today! Very bouncy in the canter, quite relaxed and jumped very well! I started directly by jumping the cavaletti vertical cavaletti 3 strides to the oxer, that I made as a vertical as first! Went very good! Course jumping jumps are so easy for Alf’i! He does not enjoy the gymnastic line, but it makes him stronger so he must do it anyway! My 👑King❤️Francois❤️ instructed me when the jumping. And also gave the horses carrots after training Next was Ice Tea, some one told me he was schooled in the old system, slow in the turn and 1 2 3 full speed forward attack the jump! And he feels like that. I want him to gallop the turn and wait for the jump! So 3 strides line is his Yo JO LETS GO! So when I made the plan of today’s exercises with the vertical with the pole in front and behind on a 3 strides line to a oxer I really had training Ice Tea in mind! I will do it without the Cavaletti soon! Ice Tea did really good today Please look at my Christmas Sweater with lights on! It seriously has lights!

Good boy Ice Tea Next was Calla! She did everything easy, even though it’s not a big space for her in the indoor! She was soft and great in both sides so a star for Niki for riding her super yesterday! When The Giraffe was finishes eating carrots we build out the jumps! I even had a Instagram live stream when I was brushing Picsou

😂Then riding Picsou! He feels okey and are very fresh! Good signs

After the stables me and ❤️Francois went to this hotel in Basel! Tomorrow we are attending a concert! Us ready to go to dinner! I am wearing my new Gucci outfit, shirt and skirt, also Gucci bag, bag I have had for ca 2-3 years! Still awesome We had a lovely dinner on a place they belong to the hotel but was like 800 m from it! So the hotel offered us a free BENTLY car service Car was painted in crazy colors!

We eat at a Italian restaurant with a Michelin star

Best tomato soup I have ever tasted Us at the restaurant


Wednesday and 🎂NIKI’S🎂BIRTHDAY🎁💖⭐

Hahahhaaa! Woke up early, had already tricked Niki that I was coming to ride at 08.30, but left home before 7 and started to live stream it on Instagram!! Wanted to surprise her by taking her to Starbucks for some birthday cake!

She joined the live stream and was like where is she going? She’s not gonna ride now…?🤔

So she was partly dressed when I came since she knew I was live! We went in the car and headed for Starbucks! Where she got presents and all the cake she could possibly eat! 🎂

After that we went to make some banners/advertisement/roll up for the pants! They will look like this when they are ready: So each style has one pull up each! JEM L, JEM, and JEM ONE SEEM

Then time for some riding! It has come so much snow here that the horses can’t go outside! it’s going to be cleaned so the horses can go out!

But for now they are inside and we have to ride inside also! Started with taking Ice Tea and Duc together! Ice Tea needs a lot of galloping to be able to maintain his very good physical condition, and Duc is building up his condition! So while I ride Duc, Niki is exercising Ice Tea! When I’m finished with Duc we change, and Niki takes Duc to the stable! With Duc I work a lot with his balance and his strength in the canter! That me and him are “sitting” on his hindlegs, and that he is soft in his mouth! Then me and Ice Tea! Hers my outfit! My new Saint Lauren crystal pullover! JEM ONE SEEM black/pink riding pants, Hermes belt, KEP ITALIA and UggsIce Tea needs to learn to take big powerful strides in balance, shorten up is easy now! But really galloping from behind carry himself and being light in the hand is the big winter job! Haha, am I writing about it everyday? Was good to ride inside so I could look in the mirror! Because then I can see if he really is straight at the same time! Puh😅Next one was Alf’i! He had a bit harder training today, really had to activate his canter and make sure he was pushing from behind! And that, me being “on” him makes him a bit stressed, so then i ride him some rounds without any pressure and then more activity again!

This is me so funny, while me and Niki are changing horses So next for me was Picsou! Such a cute picture of Niki and Pic Slowly starting up Picsou again! Mostly walk but some Trott! He wants to Trott all the time! This is when I stop and he see Niki with the carrot bag 😂Horses snuggled in with cooling rugs and ice on the legs after training! Jill, such a sweet horse Since its Niki’s birthday and she loves to ride Calla, the Giraffe Jumper, she rode her today! I went home and picked up ❤️Francois because we had to go to Ikea to buy some stuff for my big sale this Sunday! As you see on the picture I took the Saint Lauren sweater also for this! Cavalli skirt, Chanel boots!

We went also by the car dealer ship! The two together!

Then Ikea! We of course also had the Swedish meat balls!Got all the stuff we needed! If you are suisse! Or live near by, come to bex, on Sunday! It’s a Christmas show and a big sale of new and used equipment!

MY 👑KING❤️Now I am going out for a run in the area where we live!

Wanted to share this picture my friend Shirley in Danmark send me from from when she’s putting out Classica La Silla and Doctor Classic FE LOADS OF HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NIKI! YOU ARE A SUPER GIRL💖



We staid in bed way to long this morning, and after I had some office work to do, so I was not in the stables for after 12.

Started with taking some Pictures of Ice Tea and me in the JEM L pants! Posting 100 of them! Haha, I think they turned out well! Was doing a red and green Gucci theme, belt, shoes , socks, scarf I seriously LOVE these pants! Amazing for normal and riding! 120 euro, until the web shop is ready you can order them directly from me! Just email me:


Today it was dressage and flat work for Ice! I think I told you before that he had problems doing 3 strides little forward without running on the canter poles? Where Duc and Alf easy did 3-4-5, Ice Tea did easy 4-5-6, but problems on 3. So I had shorten the distance one meter, and started to practice! First many times 4, then 3, it went good! Big focus on keeping him with me, rideable and soft with 3 big equal power steps in between! 

Next was Alf’i! He had the same job and did it easy! For him and me it was more if a challenge to keep him around the inside leg in the turn, enough so he is soft, but straight enough so I have control of the outside! When I did it perfect I had a easy stride to the first pole! Perfection is in the details! Then Duc time! Same work here, or the poles went easy, good, was waiting, was straight! But to keep the same energized canter the whole way around the arena was more difficult! It is a fine line between me engaging him, and him just taking speed!   Then Calla! Look at her, not so optimistic about riding today😂😂but when the saddle and me came on, she was happy again! So much energy today with her! She really wanted to work, and was pushing so much with the hind it was difficult to sit down in Trott! 

After riding it was time for my cardio mouintain! It was dark when I was up, had to use the flash light on my phone the last way up! Warm and nice in the train down 

In the evening it was the normal, gym! 

Just had to post this pic form our JEM and JEM ONE SEEM photo shoot! It’s such a fun photo and I LOVE those pants? What model/ color is your favorite? 


Monday and dinner in Lausanne

Started the day with a run in the neighborhood at home! Then the stables! First up today was the Giraffe! She had some much needed stretching from yesterday’s hard core training! She was a bit stiff in the beginning, but after 15 min she was her super self againNext one was Alf’i, he was totally calm today, alsmost slow in the reaction for the leg! Not spooky at all, normal him after a day where he could empty his energy a little! He was also a bit stiff in the beginning and then good!

Then Ice Tea! He was so stiff I thought he was lame at first 😂 but after a good 10 min he was himself again! I asked Daniel out vet to come and check him just in case when he anyway was in the stables to give Picsou shock waves!

much blister and could not sit in the saddle more after I was half finished with Ice! So I asked Niki to take him for a relaxing trail ride! While Niki was out with Ice I walked with Duc, I really could not sit one more min in the saddle today! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
went to Lausanne for meetings and some shopping <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
s for my blisters, so hopefully with these underwear I can ride normal tomorrow. 😂😂😂I have only beautiful underwear with lace and now I have blisters, on the inside of my tigh. Probably did not have to share that with you guys, at least you'll get a good laugh  the gorgeous red jacket I am wearing is from Horse Pilot! They have a lot of amazing riding gear!

You can buy it here:




these are the 3 winners! Please send me a pm with your address, and size! You can choose between black with black silicone and navy with navy silicone!


Model: JEM. Basic model, same fabric as Cavalleria Toscana but just a little thicker! Button form Germany, and non peel of supergrip silicone!

Comes in colors: navy, black, white and Bordeaux!

For this give away it’s only black or navy

Comes in sizes: XS S M L

Sells for Price 160 euro, in case anyone want to order


Sunday and interval training and CHI GENÈVE

Woke up really early this Sunday morning! needed to do some high speed training with the horses, and that’s best done when it is not so many people walking where we gallop! Also, I am sleeping at the CHI GENÈVE official hotel Starling, so had to go early to make it to ride and see the show!

Started with Alf’i! He really loved going full speed! And is so relaxed after! Before I start the full speed interval  training, I walk a long time, Trott and gallop slow! When I do full speed interval I don’t canter as long time as I do when I do long interval! With Alf’i I also did this, 300 m full speed, 500 m slow, 300 full speed! A happy Alf on his way back! I walk beside him and give him treats 😋he’s so cute! To be as effective as possible Niki went out with Ice Tea so I meet her on my way back, so we could get all of them galloped before people start to walk on the trail!

I quickly put in Alf and took Duc! Duc was already ready, Niki has saddled both him and Ice after I had went out with Alf!

As I told you, Duc is not in as good shape as the others so I took a different route, on the other side of the river so I would not meet Ice Tea and Niki that was doing long time and hard like Alf and me! I did not want to meet them because I don’t want Ice Tea and Duc to start to race against each other. This can easy happen when we are going full speed! Duc got totally wet from sweat fast and I was back again before Niki and Ice! I put his noseband like this so he could easy eat carrots on his way home! We don’t have warm water in the hose at the stables so when it’s winter and the horses are sweat I use a bucket with warm water to spunch them off with! The bucket is marked in a good way so nobody puts soap in it! Since soap that does not get flushed good off the horse can give a bad rash! I have a own bucket and spunch for soap waterThen time for sweat rugs! And this is the combination I use for drying them in the winter! Important that they stay warm while drying! First fleece blanket with high neck over a thick woolrug <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
s in place a rug with cross bands under the belly! And Duc also got ice on his feet as usual after training <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
d tacked up Calla for me! And I headed out with Cali! She became very tired also, cause she did not do any high puls work for a while, and I have been in Spain so she has just been exercise ridden!

When I got back I have some terrible blisters in a very uncomfortable spot so I took care of Picsou while Niki Took Jill! Picsou got a good brush down and a hair cut! 😍LOVE HIM💖 he also got his white hoof moisturizer! When I got him my black smith told me he had in the past had a lot of problems with cracks in his hoofs, so this one keeps them from coming back! And the people who took care of him before he came to me did a great job to get the cracks away from the hoofs!

Scrubbed the feet and hoofs with magic brush and baby soap first! Then fast in the car and went back to Geneva to have hotel breakfast together with ❤️Francois! JUST MADE IT- Before breakfast closed at 11!I’m wearing a Roland Mouret outfit, skirt and top! You can find it here! A top cost between 500-900 euro and a skirt is from 500-1500 euro! A good alternative if you want luxury designer clothes but not spring for a Chanel/Dior/Gucci

https://www.rolandmouret.comAfter eating all that it was time for me and Francois to go to the gym! I was so full I did not do any high pulse training today Had a rest and a quick shower and then we headed for he show to watch the Rolex Grand Prix! Really difficult course today! Here is the results!!Here me and Francois was sitting! We really had a good time! Since ❤️Francois has been in the world of Showjumping for so many years he knows everybody and everybody knows him! So we had a good time talking to riders and owners! Now we are home and going to have some left over lasagne for dinner and I’m gonna use the app to draw the Instagram JEM give away soon!


Saturday and CHI GENÈVE

Woke up at 05.00 with a lot of pain in the foot I was kicked in. Francois got me a pillow and I manage to go back to sleep one hour more

Hotel breakfast with Francois! He went in his joggers and a long sleeved t-shirt from Ralph Lauren! Me, Gucci dress, my custom made Christian Louboutin shoes, Chanel bag and earrings!

Afterwords it was the stables! YEAH, I drove from the show in Geneva to go to ride! Started with dressage on The Giraffe! And here’s my outfit! JEM navy pants, Kingsland sweater, Hermes belt, Parlanti Passion riding boots and Kep Italia riding helmet! Calla was good today also! So good that I said to Niki to get on and feel when she came out with Alf to me! <
Me and Alf’i left Niki and Calla in the big paddock heading out for a looong trailride After being at the show it’s so good for the horses to go out! Alf’i was a little spooky but listen well, and was really happy about being outside galloping!

I went in the forest with Duc also! I really need to work a lot on his stamina this winter! He needs more muscle and more lung capacity! He was all sweat from 1/3 of the job Alf’i did. And I also felt it at the show, when Duc feels himself he is really fighting for me and does special efforts to be clear! I love him so much and since he needed a little time off after the summer shows I was not able to get him on his best shape! On our way home I opened the birdle like this so he more easily could eat the carrots 😍 On out way back I took this picture of the awesome trotting horses that lives here also! They have even won in Paris! They have some special rugs, almost like a trench coat in the material..  wonder if they are better than the rugs we use? They never get wet no matter how much it rains  Btw a hot and I am meaning warm fashion tips is to put a little scarf inside your pullover like this:It looks cute and keeps you extra warm around your troth!

Daddy, daddy cool! If you are reading this, I am checking the post if the 🎅🏻SantaClaus from Narvik have send me some Norwegian Christmas favorites😉😇When I got back to Geneva the first jumping class was already finished, and the next one was not before tonight so I asked ❤️Francois what he wanted to do?

So we went shopping in Geneva! I am almost finished with my Christmas presents, ❤️Francois started today!

The weather was really on top! Not to cold but still so you could feel it a little in your cheeks! Francois went straight for Cartier! We meet with our sales agent S, and sat down, the Cartier staff came at the same time and offered us some pastries! And warm towels for our hands! I off course also got a Coke Zero I tried a lot of things so ❤️Francois could see what size I needed and also what suited me! What he did choose for my 🎅🏻🎄🎁Christmas present I don’t know, because I had to go for a walk in the store while he made his selection! While I was looking around m they took this picture of me😂 I’m wearing my Versace coat, I actually think that red looks good with the 🎄Afterwords we were invited to dine for free in the Cartier Christmas Tea room! The world NR 1 in pastries was there, Christophe Michalak! I mean, LOOK! After that we went a quick stop to Bongenie! It’s a amazing! Like a mall, shop, with all the brands in one house! We picked up some pieces! Don’t think I have to wait for Christmas to get them! Francois was really happy with today’s shopping! To make a great collection for your taste and style,- of ready to wear from the big fashion houses takes time, so to find 3 pieces like this at once is not always easy! before the TOP 10 final we went to dinner! I put on my Saturday night outfit! This black Armani dress is one of the first pieces ❤️Francois bought for me the 🎀 on the shoes Details on the dress Dinner The to the Palexbo and watch the top 10 final! Really exciting and inspiring to see Kevin Staut Peder Fredricson


Quick update from CHI GENÈVE

The show is absolutely beautiful !

We are invited so we sit together with the ridersThe first class we saw was a 150 class two phases against the clock! Bucci won with a great round on Heartbreaker v. Achterhoe!

We went to look around a little before the 155 GP qualifier started! And we eat a little at the show! Francois had some Chinese food, I just had French fries, and a cheese cake!

Personal favorite: Hermes Ryan! Francois actually owned the grandfather of Ryan

Peder Fredricson was also clear with Carat Desire!

The winner was Kent Farrington! Incredible jump off!

Here’s my outfit for the show:

JEM black riding breeches, Chanel boots, Dior blazer, belt and bag!

1000K likes for Black JEM ridingbreeches! Tell me what do you think of them?