Monday and jumping 

Today jumping was on the schedual! The plan of today’s training was for me and the horses to keep our stamina and concentration trough a long course!

Here are me and Calla and my outfit she was really interested in my jacket 

Calla was jumping good and very relaxed! Did not jump any big jumps with her since she’s most likely sold 

Next one was Alf’i! He was really amazing! Not so much more to say about it! Had his “old bit” and bridel on! It felt better now since I have been riding with the rubber one for a while! So now when I had changed back he was easier to regulate back and forward again! So I am gonna do this for a while, dressage and forest on the rubber! Jumping with this oneAfter I had jumped with Alf I worked him 25 min in Trott and canter to get him to relax completely after the jumping! More difficult to get him to relax on a straight line! So need to train that  

Last one to jump was Ice Tea! Before we started he had some cuddles with “his” dog😂😂😂😂😂😂 I had to warm up a long time before he could relax and listen to me! When we started jumping he was amazing! Best training i ever had with him I think 

❤️Francois❤️ watching closely 

Francois was really happy about me and the horses today 

And carrots Niki took care of Jill, Picsou and Duc! 

Me and Francois went to get groceries! LOVE to get groceries together with my love! He is so helpful and always has good suggestions what to get! Sometimes I always end up getting the same week after week! Does that also happen to you? 

We went to the gym in the evening and had dinner at home❤️


Sunday and back in 🇨🇭 again 

Woke up early at the hotel and went to the airport Had to wait a while before I got a flight home!

So Francois was super sad that I did not come back last night, not as sad as I was, had to spend the night a lone in the hotel! So when I got a flight home this morning I went straight home and huged him! 

Then the stables! Me and Nike started to build a course! Gonna jump it tomorrow! Just flat work today! 

Today I rode the Giraffe first! And here is my outfit! JEM L pants, Hermes belt and shirt, kep ITALIA helmet She was very relaxed and calm! Or, I ties the reins up and let her run loose a little on the big paddock before I started to ride! So she could blow off some steam, since she was not ridden yesterday! So when I got on she was very calm and relaxed! I worked a lot of side movements and deep shape side movements, straight horse, and also some changing the rythm! We also did part of the course for tomorrow 

Next horse was Alf’i! With Alf I had laid out 3 poles when 14 meters in between, rode 4 strides and did shorter 5 strides to the next pole, and 3 strides first then 4 strides to the third pole, then 3 strides and 5 strides to the 3 pole! This is what Alf and me need to train on, to wash get back after riding forward 

Last horse for me today was Ice Tea! He was VERY VERY fresh! Almost electric! Jumped the line with him a couple of times, and after he was so excited after getting a couple of jumps so I had to work him 30 min after to get him to calm down

Now I am home writing from the sofa together with ❤️Francois❤️ good quiet evening for us! 


Saturday and trip to Germany 

Got up at 04.30, jumped in my clothes and took the car to Geneva airport! 

Horse trying was on the shedual 

My outfit! Finally got to test my JEM L pants at the airport, as “jeans”, felt pretty and happy😃checked out the shops, look at the cute pink scarfAnd these sandals! Wow! I already have white and pink, but these are great! Would be careful using them in the sand of the beach though this horse 😍🐴😍

Had a quick change of planes in Zurich before I reached my destination! 

The first horses I saw i did not like so I did not even try them! 

I tried these 3, 

Here is one 6 years old, very cute and rideable! Not sure he is really my type, but had a incredible canter and was very smooth and easy to ride 

Next one was this chestnut 6 years old, me and him had a bit of a struggle to find each other in the beginning. He was also a bit irretaded  with the rider that showed him to me. But jumped great! So also when I figured out a little what to do, it went really well. And I must say I liked him a lot 

The last horse I tried was this 10 year old stallion! And we really hit it off straight from start! He fit me really good! But I said I was not gonna get a stallion again. So this need to be thought trough a lot! Also he is not a strong blood horse like the once I have, he’s more of a lazy guy, that you have to ride forward! But I can do that also 

Had this cake and a Starbucks before I took the plane to come to in Frankfurt when I got on the plane on our way to Frankfurt the plane had to wait a long time before take off. So we missed the connecting flight to Geneva.

I have to stay here tonight and I really wanted to go home to ❤️Francois❤️ to spend the weekend together, everyday together is the best 😍


ICE ❄️ TEA 🍹

Hello, my name is Ice Tea! And I am the best horse in our string of horses! That may come as a news flash to some of you that thinks Picsou, Duc or Alf is the best, but then you have been given the wrong information! 

You can see how happy and proud my girl and my owner are to hold me

And to ride me! I am very handsome! I would say a very light footed horse! I love me! And so does almost everyone else! 

My favorite things in life? 

WINNIGNGRAND PRIX SHOWJUMPING!! I haven’t done it jet, but I am sure I’m gonna LOVE it! 

Other than that it would be jumping big jumps in full speed, and in general doing stuff in full speed! 

And eating of course! I like eating! 

How I first met my rider Eva? She came to Belgium to try me and I instantly liked her lightweight body and the feeling to take full speed with her and run to some big jumps! It was great! I had been having a big man rider for a while, and he was really hindering me in blowing out my full potientioal! 

I have the right color CHESTNUT to be one of the best Showjumpinghorses in the world! Look at this: 

Itot (the right color)Ninja La SillaFit For FunFor Pleasureshould I go on? 

So I have the color of being the BEST! All I need now is the speed of one of these horses! I don’t have the good color for speed, so I need to work on it a lot! I am highly motivated for this type of speed work and I know when I have got it I will be UNBETALBLE as a showjumper! 

When I arrived at my new home with my new girl rider Evai could already see that I got MUCH MORE  special treatment than the other horses in the stables! 

One of the things that really indicate that I am the most precious horse is this: I am closed inside my box during the day, while the rest of the stables goes in and out of their own box like they want. I do this at night! When all the normal horses are closed in! Of course I get to go to one big paddock to be loose and have my own time during the day, and also get to be ridden to practice my potential and hand walked to eat grass! Me inside, the normal horses outside!

Me outside while the other horses are looked inside 

I just had one problem with this, one of the other horses behaves like he is the owner of my little rider girl Eva. His name is Duc, he said this to me that I though was very rude 

You are closed inside your box during the day cause your a big idiot and the humans don’t want you to fight with me and Picsou, because WE are Eva’s best horses! Not you! Get that in your head! You are so big and wide, you would have been a excellent horse for pulling a carriage

I found his words very hurtful but never the less the top rider came to train me everyday so I was convinced it was no truth to it! 

One day I heard talk about interval training! This was like music to my ears, since I already am the perfect Jumper I just needed to work on my speed and stamina!!

I was waiting excited in my box when the groom came to pick me up! She tacked me on together with Picsou! When Eva came it was to my big disappointment that I saw her mont Picsou and the groom got on me! Me!! ICE TEA! I should have the best rider!!!! Not Picsou!

It was only one thing for me to do, to show Eva that I am faster and stronger than Picsou! 

I played cool as we were walking and trotting, letting Pic stay in the lead! But when we started to gallop I run past him and went faster and faster! Eva was shouting something, I think it was to cheer me on! 

I gues Picsou got tired quickly cause she started to circle him around on a smaller circle in the middle of the filled while I keep full speed around the whole filed! 

My rider shouted to Eva that she could not stop me, so she was going to let me run until I got so tired that I wanted to stop myself! 

After a good half a hour my groom was more tired tan me, and apparently Eva to, from keeping Picsou on the small circle! 

Eva and my groom said that they would go against the forest so I would naturally stop there. 

As I headed in a direction straight forward I saw Picsou starting to chase me from behind. And my groom steard me strigh in to some very very thick forest! But I had seen the speed horses do that, so if they thought that was going to stop me they were wrong!! I run straight trough it! 

Picsou on the other hand stoped and I guess he turned back home! 

Duc later told me that Picsou though I was a idiot to run trough there, and that he is to fine to do stuff like that and don’t want to danger himself of getting lame. But it’s not true, I am sure Picsou did not follow because he was afraid and tired. So Eva had to take him home and I take the car to be able to catch up with me and find us! 



Thursday and sightseeing 

Started the morning with Cross fit! I told my trainer that to stand in the plank with my arms straight made my wrist hurt, and I have had chronic tendon inflammation in both before, so I asked to plank on the elbow instead, and that was fine! I also said no jumping so my knees will remain well. But then the lesson was soooo boooring, and not hard. I’m thinking I can train myself better.. we only did a couple of movements with a elastic band. And the plank.. I know so many great belly excersises that I see on Instagram. And we did non.. would it be to rude to ask a refund of my money and quit? Got this creepy note on my car when I got out from the cross fit

Stables time! As I arrived I meet these two out walking! I had Alf first! He was a bit tense today so I had to work on getting him loose! Rode a lot on big circles forward to and over bend him to the inside! Got a lot better! Good boy Alf

Next was Ice Tea! He was a bit tired for the ride yesterday, he had 15 min walk and after some light and loosening up Trott and Galopp

AAAaaand we are back to goofy pics again! 😂😂😂🙋🐴😂😂😂 

Calla was really tired today! We were out a long time, so I only walked her in the forest today! She had her neck long and down and was a very good and quiet girl! 

The riding was done,- Geneviev and Lorinda came to pick me up and i showed them around Geneva! Espadrilles on since we did loads of walking

Had a WONDERFUL LUNCH at Patara! A Thai restaurant Francois takes me to as often we have time! He had to work today and could not join girls day

When we all got home, Geneviev and her mother made dinner and  me and  ❤️Francois went to the Gym Lorinda and Geneviev made a really good salad and pasta with pesto! Thank you 


Wednesday and visitors 👯🙋💁

Geneviev and her mommy Lucinda came to visit us, and arrived late last night!

This morning me and Geneviev started with doing my cardio mouintain! I have to say Geneviev keeped up with me pretty good!

Me 😂taking pictures of some cows😍🐮🐮🐮🐮

We had some well deserved starbuscks after 😅

Then riding! I started with riding some flat work on Ice Tea! I had laid out some poles, one with 24.5 m in between where I rode, 9.8.7.and 6 strides in between. And one pole 14 to a cavaletti and 14m to a pole. Here I rode 3 forward, 5 very slow, 5+5, 4+5, 5+3 yeah basically all combinations! Ice was great!💖

My outfit, Armani tshirt, Hermes belt, JEM

L riding pants, Kep ITALIA and Parlanti Passion 

Next one was Alf’i! He had the same work. He was actually a little more difficult then Ice Tea to get back! When I wanted to collect him after some strides forward he went out of the “bow”, took his head to much up and back down. This is something I really need to work on! 

Later me + Alf, Geneviev +Calla, and Niki + Ice Tea went out and did some interval training in the woods! On this picture Lucinda is riding Ice Tea a little bit before we went out! 

The gallop gang

Horses was great in the forest and we had so much fun together! Took good care of them after riding and all of them got ice on the legs! Hard day for them today! They also got some Hay Brix that was soked in water to really get hydrated again! 

Me and Geneviev after riding Lucinda looking great with my pink Gucci glasseswe had not planed to go to town directly after riding! But it’s Lucindas birthday so she wanted to go, and of course we tagged along! We did not bring any extra clothes, but luckily had our jogging shoes from the walk in the car! My pants transforms easy to normal “jeans” anyway! Only thing was that they are a bit dirty on top, and clean where my boots have been.. 😂😂😂looks like they are in two different colors! Split under the knee! 

JEM L gives you a amazing but! Check it out! Geneviev is a photo model, I’m a normal girl! She’s wearing normal riding pants and me JEM L, thoughts? Montreux is beautiful 🇨🇭

Went home, meet up with my 👑KING❤️Francois, had a much needed shower and went out to celebrate Lucindas Birthday! Lucinda and Geneviev

Me and ❤️Francois totally matching each other 😍We had a really good dinner with 3 courses and laught a lot and had a great time! Highlights from my food:


Tuesday with my 👑KING❤️

So Francois had loads of things to do, and I tagged along! I though it was just gonna be one thing so I was wearing my riding pants, luckily it was THE JEM L! So at least it looked like I was wearing normal Jeans with my Chanel espadrilles I did loads of waiting outside since the pants was smelly and I was not dressed like this 

So when Francois finally was finished we went to eat outside so I would not stink out the restaurant😂

Then we went take LOADS of groceries! It’s the best to get groceries together with my man❤️ not only because I adore his company, but also cause he grew up in the right time, so he always carrys the grocery and stuff!

So it was stable time! Started with Ice Tea! New trend, we are booth looking good, as yesterday! Can’t believe it 

Ice Tea was a lot better today! Much more relaxed and waiting more! I worked a lot on circles and also that I could work both left and right side while riding on the right and left 

Next was Calla! She was also really good today! Perfect from start to finish! Much more straight in the body and pushing good with both hindleg! And yes, soft as butter in the mouth😍 Good girl Giraffe 

Duc, he took some time to roll in the big pad! Afterwords he meet this one! Duc said since Ice Tea has a dog, he wanted one of these little “things”, so he would get LOADS of kisses every day 


Last horse for me to ride was Alf’i! Since he did not work today he was a bit tense, and loads of things going around the paddock was a bit confusing for him! After a while I could get him to relax and actually work with him! Even though he has a day like this I try my best to work what was planed anyway! And most important: NEVER EVER EVER GET ANGRY WITH THE HORSE! If you have a problem, just get more concentrated 


Monday and errands 

Started the day with crossfit againdoes anybody have any experience with a PT? I told mine I have to be careful with my knees, and that I have constant headache after the attack of “that person” and that again gives shoulder and back pain.

I have told him that I want to train my abs and my butt. And that I can’t do squats because I must not flex my knees so much. And in general don’t do anything that can be hurtful for the knees as they get enough with my running and ridnig. But all we do is the plank in different wariations, sadly that makes my headache worse,  and jumping a lot, that’s bad for the knees. I go from there without any muscle pain in my belly or ars/ass..(?) I asked him about it and he said I have to be stronger in my pole position before I could do something els (meaning the plank) are your PT at cross fit also like this? 

After that we went to Geneva! 1000 of errands to run today so my Chanel loafers on! I normally ALWAYS wear high heels, but when I have to walk sooooo much, this is the top choice the glitter Gucci Sun glasses 😉

Beautiful day in Geneva

Also got two new eyeliners today! One blue! Gonna try it tomorrow! Then stables! Alf and Calla that jumped yesterday had a calm ride in the forest! Both good! 

Duc had dressage and so had Ice Tea! 

And look!!! Me and Ice Tea looking good on a picture together! Like both smiling 😍😂 we always look so goofy on pics together! Maybe this will be a new trend😉Check out the color matching When you try to take a Selfi with your horse and he looks away 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

One thing I like with the stables that perhaps some people don’t like, is that they don’t swipe the stable floor in the evening I think it’s good because when you swipe the floor a lot of dust start to fly up. And after the evening feed the next thing that will happen is the morning feeding and mucking out, and it makes a mess so you swipe the floor so it looks beautiful for the rest of the day! So I think it is no reason to swipe the floor in the evening since almost nobody is in the stable at the evening after feeding. So swipe in the evening just create more dust in the air for the horses! And more work for the workers that might be tired in the evening.

Your thought? 


And the swiping of the floor at night in the stables 

In the evening me and Francois went to the gym, and had a really good dinner at home! He said I make he BEST lamb cutlets he EVER TASTED 😍 I’m a proud cook! 


Sunday and first time jumping at home in a long time 

Pancakes for breakfast today also! Like always in the weekend! Then I went down to the stables!

Me and Niki started with building some jumps 

Alf’i first today! Made a easy course, after a lot of show riding it’s good for them to do something really easy! Also good for me, so it’s no 5 forward, 3 short. But just cantering around without effort! Alf’i was really good! Super also in the warm up, I could pick up the dressage where I left it yesterday and move up a little also 😍Alf’i, he was happy with his apples! Although he eats them 100 times slower then the rest of the gang! If I tell you Duc is the best carrot eater, this one is the worst😂

Next one was the Giraffe! She was also really relaxed today! I only did really small jumps and schooling her! She is most likely sold so I don’t do to much with her! Anyway she was a very good girl! Worked on keeping her straight! It gets easier and easier every day! So a steps in the right direction

Then it was Duc! We had a nice long ride in the forest! Btw, do you see the matching 🎀on our way back we went by the arena to grab a snack Last one for me to ride was Ice Tea! Dressage in the big paddock! He had plans about showing the other horses how fast he could run around with me on his back.. I had other plans..🙋 after a while I got him to calm down and be a good calm boy and focus on working correct! Ice Tea, Jill and Niki

Had a relaxing afternoon at home! After we were finished looking the Grand Prix in Lausanne!  Followed by the gym with ❤️Francois 😍

And dinner at Majestic in Montreux

Wearing my new Gucci dress🙋🎀food was amazing 


Saturday and dinner in Lausanne with my love❤️

Started the day with sleeping in together with my love ❤️Francois❤️

Then I made my protein pancakes and made a Vlogg YouTube video about it! So you can see how easy and fast it is! I just have to like edit it a little so it fast forward over the boring parts and I put it on YouTube with the recipe 😋😋The finished result ready for me and Francois to eat😋

Then the stables! I rode dressage on Ice Tea first! Here you see my outfit and per usual beautiful poses of me and Ice😂😂😂 outfit, trying out my own white riding pants, Gucci sweat shirt, parlanti passion boots, Chanel belt.

So dressage with Ice Tea, he was good, okey he wanted to run and hang on the bit, but after 1 million transitions he was a good boy 

Next was Duc! He had a clam work out with mostly Trott and walk! Duc was a good boy as always, but found today’s training a little boring. So to give him something to think about I changed the speed a lot, also his shape. Low, and up! 

Then Alf’i! I am working har with Alf to go straight and take equal contact on both reins. Sometimes he is stronger on the left, sometimes in the right! Specially to be able to ride him in a deep shape on a straight line! Hi prio for us to make the jumping better! Here is me and Alf! Do you see the difference between Alf’i and Duc? 

Alfter working Alf’i 45 min in the riding house me and Niki who took Calla went for a ride in he forest! The weather is completely off, and sun one min, rain next no matter what, the horses really enjoyed it, and so did we! Alf is in like a ultimate physical shape when it comes to training, he did not even brake a sweat! Although we galloped a lot! 

So when I had done my with the horses I went for my cardio mouintain! I would on one hand say it was easy today cause it is not so hot, but I was sweating a lot down in the Wally, and cold up in the mouintain! I had shorts on, cause it is hard training and I usually sweat a lotluclkiy I had tied a jacket around my waist! So when I got up and it was cold I could stay warm 

In the afternoon me and ❤️Francois had invited Niki to come and eat with us! Quesadillas today also! Was really good 

Then me and Francois headed out to Lausanne to watch the class in the evening 😃