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Say HELLO to the girl that I am

So this is my first ever blog post! I welcome you to read it and hope you will find it amusing 😉

I am a 32 year old woman who lives in Switzerland with my fiance Francois!

I am born in Norway, a little town called Narvik with my wonderful loving parents!

I guess I was a wild child because my parents let me try almost all the sports we have there 😂 I did handball, football, down hill skiing, cross country skiing, dancing, gymnastics, riding, and even violin and piano!

I really wanted to ride and when I was a little girl and people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up? I would answer rider and instructor or a prest (a priest because I liked to help people) must be pretty clear by now that I chose the riding proffesion!

Anyway, my pony was a grey New Forest called Jolly Jumper, I feel so blessed to be able to have my own, and I still feel that way today! Incredible lucky! To be able to have your own horse is a privilege!

Here is a picture of me and Jolly Jumper

When I was 15 I started to ride horses and got my first own horse Mason! He was a 7 year old Swedish warmblood by Magini, and he had already competed in Oslo Horse Show 130 6 year old class. It was at that time a horse like that costed 10 000 euro! It did not go so good when I tried him, I was 15 and about 162 cm high and weight 48 kg, he was 175 with A LOT OF BLOOD. And it was -10 when I tried him and for some reason they had not had so much time to ride him the days before I came. He bucked constantly and I fell of and strained my foot, i really did not like him that much, but I was to afraid that my parents would change their mind about me getting a second horse (still had the pony) so I took him! When he came home we had some issues, mainly him running away with me and me thinking that I had to find a way to be able to ride this big horse. At that time in the north of Norway you would only ride with a snaffle and it was nobody who longed the horses before riding, so I did not even know that could be a option😂 I found ways to become friends and after a while we competed successfully up to 130, although still with ups and downs! The pony got sold and I tell you guys I cried for a month. I was serious about my riding so I prepared myself and stated my case to my parents that I needed more horses to be able to ride enough so I could learn more! Note, I already got up on every trotter or island horse, yeah basically anything that was a little bit ridable every opperuity I got.

Anyway I understood that I needed two more horses, my parents only wanted to pay for one horse a month, they agree to help with buying the horses but I needed to pay stable, shoeing, and shows for the extra horses myself.

Fair enough deal, so in one week I went from only working at the ridinschool where my horse Mason lived, to get a job as a hotel receptionist, hotel cleaner, breakfast maker, account keeper, office cleaning lady, one more instructrion job at another riding club and a supportive contact for a little girl! All this + going to school!

I got two new horses, Greatest Parida and Greatest Thekla!

My friend and my parents ware always ready to lend a hand whether it was homework or help me out at one of my 1000 jobs! We managed, and to be honest, I have a LOT of energy, so I think all this made it easier for my parents😉 because when I would be home I would actually be still and want to watch tv with them or play a board games, instead of running around hyper in the house wanting to do something 24/7

My daddy build me a Horsetrucks and I must admit I was the proudest (still am) girl in the world! We would take the truck and the horses and drive around Europe in the summer for shows and training! Although many other girls had bigger, fancier trucks and some even laught at our truck, I did not care! So their parents bought one, that is super great for them and I was happy for them. But my dad made this one, and I painted it! What can be more awesome than that? 

We still have the truck at my parents house in Narvik 💖

This will be the start of my introduction to you!

More from my upbringing and how I ended up here will come!

Best wishes


17 thoughts on “Say HELLO to the girl that I am”

  1. I’ve love the essay without doubt you’re brave, determined and skilled. I expect you go really far in your career and that one day we take cofee together! A model to follow! Lov U

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  2. 💕 Leffe älskade din fina Lastbil… Speciellt när han fick stå bredvid Greatest Parida!!! Kommer bli kul att följa din blogg… Puss 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Eva du är en sann inspirationskälla för många. Du har bevisat att vill man nå sina mål så kämpar man. Man faller men kliver upp igen och slåss. Du är värd all din framgång och lycka. Du är en av få som verkligen förtjänar det liv du lever idag. Du har kämpat hårt, du kämpar fortfarande hårt och du har ett varmt och omtänksamt hjärta. Önskar dig all lycka och framgång och ser fram emot att följa din blogg. Stora lyckönskande kramar 🌟💖

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  4. What a nice blog Eva. I was already following you on instagram. You’re such a strong woman. I can find myself in your story, the part of the ex boyfriend…been there, done that 😉
    And I know it takes a lot of courage to go on with your life and stand up, walk out that door.
    Good job Eva! Keep going! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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