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Not accepted ?

What does that even mean? Those two words together does not even exist in my World.

So you guys probably wondering what I am speaking about, when I was doing my senior year I applyed to colleges. One was Starum in Norway and the other one that was my first choice Strömsholm in Sweden. Both schools was to become a riding teacher!

I soon got accepted to come to tryouts in Starum that are located in Norway, I was really good at the tryouts and they told me the last day that I was accepted! Boy was I happy! But I was still waiting and hoping for the Swedish school, that already had been the home of so many Swedish super star riders and instructors!

When I came back to the north and the town Narvik where I lived, there was a letter from Stömsholm waiting for me! I opened with excitement and in it it said , “Not accepted for tryouts”. And there was a list, I was to young and did not have the exams/subjects that was requierd for the education. Most people would probably just accept the Norwegian school I already got in to, but not me. I was not gonna let any office person who did not even know me deny me from trying out and giving my best for my dream! No way!

So what I did, I went to the tryouts anyway. My parents drow me two hours to the airport in Kiruna and I was going to take the plane to Stockholm, and two different trains to go to the school!

Here you can see how much north it is:

I had rented a room near the school and had everything perfectly planed! Since nobody knew I was coming I was relying on being fresh and focused. Supper and breakfast I had brought from home, and all I needed to do was to eat my supper when I got to the room go early to bed, and be ready to dasle the teachers!

At the airport I found out that my plane was 2 hours late. And that gave me some challenges. Because when I reached Stockholm the last train to my destination had already left. I was alone in the big central station, I started to talk to random people that also was waiting there and luckily I meet a girl, she was a student at a school in Uppsala and she told me I could spend the night on the floor in her doorm, and take a early train to Strömsholm in the morning. I was a little nervous about being kidnapped, but I went with her in good fate!  Could not really relax at the floor there, but was thinking to stay strong for my grandparents that always had helped out if we needed some money regarding my sport! I was not going to let down “Mor and Far”!

They always believed in me! The thought of my grandmothers hugs and her new baked bread with butter and Nugatti comford me, and suddenly it was morning!

I arrived in Strömsholm and quickly changed my clothes to riding clothes in a cafe bathroom!

When they ware counting the people before the tryouts started they counted one to much, that was me! I explained that I had great admiration for the studies, the teachers and the school and if they please gave me a chance I would not disappoint. It was still the issue of the subjects and exams I did not have, but I convinced them that I could study it on my own, parallel with the studies at the school!

And I did! I got in, I competed the exams and became a riding instructor on the school of my dreams!

And if anyone that knows one of my old Showjumping teachers from the school, Eric Berggren, please tell him that I had a HUDGE crush on him during that time!

(Of course I am 100% happy with Francois and do not want to change, just so that is said and clear 😍)

Stay tuned for more 😉

Best wishes


2 thoughts on “Not accepted ?”

  1. since the first time I saw your profile on Instagram, you became the person that inspire me 😅 now after reading your blog I have greater respect for what you are doing and especially how as you figured to all of your victories 🙏🏻😘

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