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Getting beat up

I want to use a couple of blog post to tell my story, and then move on to regular blogging, like what me, Francois❤️ and the horses are doing every day 😃If you like the reading please cheer the link on your social media, blogging take time, so I sort of need to know that what I am writing you want to read, if my blog sucks and are boring😋 it is better that I skip the blogging
So after my education at Strömsholm in Sweden I moved to Danmark and started to work as a rider for Jens and Birgit Jensen, those who are from Danmark knows Jens as -Krølle Jens, they lived in Nibe!

Here it was a lot of horses and many new experiences for me!
My dad of course drowe me there, and here is a picture of me🙋, Latour my daddy and the truck at a show in Danmark!

After this I got a job in Norway at Olympic Rider Stein Endresen, where I learn a lot and about managing top horses.

At this stable nothing was left to coincidence, everything is perfectly planed  down to every detail! And I think that is a part of their success!

While I was working there I applied for a scholar ship at Stömsholm again to be a “Jumping student” , got in and started to train a lot with my great trainer that I have today Sylve Söderstrand, who actually has been the chef d Equipe of Sweden and Norway.

Pictures form my second time at Strömsholm

When the scholarship was finished I moved in with my boyfriend (now ex boyfriend) in Sweden!

Would prefer to skip over this part but it is a part of me and I want to cheer it with you, to show you that even though life is not a fairy-tail everyday, YOU DECIDE WHO YOU ARE GOING TO BE!

My boyfriend (ex) has a beautiful farm by the water, it was so perfect, accept for one thing.

The man (ex boyfriend) was the kindest person in the world , when he was not drinking..

(If you read this, please know that I wish you the best! And I hope you are happy and healthy!)

When he was drinking he became violent and it is hard for me to write, because he hit me.

Many times my friends had to come and rescue me, other times when he had taken my phone I had to try to run through the forest to our nearest neighbur.

It was a very hard time.

We tried everything, he went to therapy, he started on Anti bus (pills that makes you sick if you drink) but non of this helped.

I know I am a confident person, and when I was watching films with a subject like this when I was a teenager I always thought if something like that happened to me I would just pack my bags and leave when the man was away.

In reality it was a lot harder.

He was very controlling.

I had recently bought a horse from Stud Alfarvad in Danmark and they send with me one other horse to ride and sell in Sweden, while I was there trying horse they also offered me a job.

Here you can see a film of the horse i first started to ride for the Stud farm 

Here is some pictures of him! Really love you Chellani💖 and I know you have a good home I. Norway

It was no way my (ex) boyfriend would let me leave.But after he had been extremely violent one time we agreed with his doctor that I would go and work in Danmark 6 months. I told my boyfriend that it would be a great experience for me, and I would learn a lot that I could use for our business when I came back.

I knew in my heart that I wanted to leave him, and leave the beautiful farm and never come back.

I can not even describe how a person like that can control you, and it was difficult for me to get him out of my life. I had lied to him and told him I would be coming back again.

He kept visiting me in Danmark.

One Tuesday night I had been teaching my students at another club and came back home to the stud farm where I lived, he was drunk and beat me very bad and ripped the clothes I was wearing in pieces.

The grooms who also lived at the Danish Stud farm rescued me and brought me to the hospital and the police.

I was beaten up and could not ride for at least one week.

I am for ever grateful for what happened next:

The owner of the Stud farm Susanne Hansen got it organized so the girls brought me some clothes, put me on a plane to my parents home in Narvik and told me: “Now you are going home to rest, and when you come back you are going to stay here and be safe and “he(the ex boyfriend)” is never going to come back”

And like that I got out of it.

My little house in Danmark 
My little Christmas tree for me and my dog when I was alone

After this had happened to me for years ,-I had two choices, I could lay down and feel sorry for myself, relive all the bad things that happened, think about it everyday and be scared and sad
Or I could be grateful for that it was over and embrace the new life I was give, be happy for all the good things I have and make exciting plans for the future.
I chose happiness, and I hope everybody who reads this also can do that!
There is now way to happiness, happiness is the way 💖

Best wishes


Thank you: Ola and Ulla, Monica, Jeanette, John and Louise for saving me when it was needed in Sweden

Monica and her horse at that time, Gwendelyn by Cardento

Thank you Susanne for getting me out of a poison relationship when I worked for you in Danmark

Thank you Jannie, Karina, Jenny, Laura for rescuing me that night

6 thoughts on “Getting beat up”

  1. If I just had known. That evening in my stable I really liked our talk if you remember? But I couldn”t understand why you were together with him…. Gosh. What a travel you have done. Best wishes Christina

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Du er så sterk Eva ❤️ Har så mange fine minner med deg i både Sverige og Danmark! Både du og bloggen din er veldig inspirerende, keep doing it !

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kjære Eva❤️
    Så utrolig glad for at du lever lykkelig nå! Du skal vite at også jeg har fine minner fra Sverige. Uten deg hadde jeg ikke fått min fantastiske ponni Takira, som gjorde at min begynnelse som rytter ble superbra❤️

    Du er veldig inspirerende og det står respekt av alt det du har fått til!! 😊


  4. Gått igenom en liknande relation och vet precis vad du pratar om och hur svårt det var att bryta sig lös. Det är erfarenheter som sätter spår för livet men det gäller att fatta beslutet om att sopa av sig, räta på ryggen och gå framåt. Instämmer, happiness is the way 💖

    Liked by 1 person

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