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Day in 🇩🇰

LANDED! Hei Danmark 

(Love the jacket) ready to embrace the cold  front that aperently went from Suisse and snowed down all the Danish fields 

After breakfast at Starbucks in Brussels Airport the next plane went to Billund, my former home

At the airport these guys picked me up, and we went straight to riding!

Svend, the man our mare Classica La Silla lives at, and a good friend! The girl is Skin, she is on holiday and horse scouting in Danmark, and lives with Sven when she is there! Haha, everybody I know lives at Svend’s when they are in Dnamakr, he is such a amazing and kind person!

Here I am on the horse! Going good although it is the “wrong color” (read, love the warm color of chestnuts😍)

After that we went to eat at my favorite Danish restaurant 

Jensen’s Bøffhus, in Vejle this time😋 and as always I had the nachos 🌮 with extra cheese of course 

And of course got some Danish cakes.

Fuck the sugar allergy today right😉

Dagmar kage 😋😋😋😋 mmmm my favorite Danish cake, some people also call it morgen kage/morning cake, bringing some home for my darling Francois❤️ also

We also had time for some quick shopping 

Best friend 😍 Trine

Skin was like , shop to you drop, prices in Danmark made her happy! Here she is with her new Kingsland jacket! About time, was always worried she would freeze and become a ☃️

At shopping today I was rather boring, I got these bell boots and socks, and this training top🏃‍♀️happy with it 

Now I am sitting in the airport waiting to go home to my darling❤️ 

Tired and dreaming about getting in my usual sleeping position with his arm around me and having a loooong cozy sleep! 

Sometimes I even ask him very sweetly if he can stay in bed to I wake up, because I need super sleep, and then I need him there.

And since Francois is so super, he lays there as quite as possible to I wake up so I get the super sleep 😍 Love you Baby❤️
I wish I had the helicopterCAR, because when I get back to Geneva i would just quickly fly home!  

Haha, the helicopter car is something I often talk about when we are stuck in traffic😂 I also do sudden shout outs; HELICOPTER CAR COME!! 

 Francois tells me it is a stupid idea cause if I could have a helicopter car means that other people also could and then everybody would just be flying around.
But I think in the future, the helicopter car will be for real! 

I mean, when I was little and nobody even had cellphones, and when people talked about cell phones that you could send pictures on, and do video chat, many people did not think that would be possible. 

So I am going to keep on dreaming about the helicopter car!!

Good night guys 💖

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