The last time Lone fell off at Alfarvad

Why I am sharing this with you, is not to make you scared, but to remind you that accidents can happen to the best, so if you suspect that a horse is to fresh it is always better to let them blow of some steam before riding, I know I fell off many times because I thought “he might be a bit wild but I’m sure I can manage”

Every year when the horses turned 3 we would free jump them, and Lone would make her selection.

She would choose the once she would like to ride and bring up, and I would get the rest! That year we had two big geldings, Aristoteles by Air Jordan Z and Adonis by Asca Z

Aristoteles showed from day one great scoop, carefulness, perfect balance, well yeah, he looked great, was built perfect measuring 180 already as a 3 year old. But the light body and the look of a Grand Prix horse

So naturally she picked him, and I got Adonis, a little more clumpsy type but I thought with his power he will for sure at least be a 140 jumper!

At Alfarvad they had a man who came and broke all the young horses in, so me and Lone could concentrate on educating them later on!

But this time it was a problem, Aristotles was afraid, he had girt cramps and when he felt the weight on a rider hanging on him, or a sudden movement he was so awake that he would bolt and do massive bucks, stand on two leggs when you were thinking on leaning on him and so on. Our “in breaker” man could not do it, so we had one other option, I would have to do it, together with the husband of the owner Susanne.

Her husband John is always very calm with the horses, and he is a strong man, he would for sure hold the horse until he died himself. I felt confident that he would not loose the horse while I was half on with the long line hanging after, -that sadly happens a lot with people who do not have the right qualification for such a job, and it is very dangerous.

Slowly slowly me and John got the big horse broken in, by the time we ware done he had atleast grown 5 cm and measured 185.

We still had to be careful, meaning always give him a little longe before getting up so he could get the girt cramp out of his system, and be very still on him. Not taking my arm out, not trying to talk on the phone etc. I could ride him in walk, Trott and canter, turn him on circles and he would go where I wanted! I could even change the canter!

So now he was ready for Lone to take over!

She was happy with our job and starting to ride him went great for her!

On Tuesday that week she had started to jump him in, we had leaded him over some small jumps and she had made a cross in trott, all good.

On Wednesday she was riding him and it was a small small small cross in the arena, she gallops to it, he jumps beautiful over, but goes totally bananas in the landing. At this point I think lone was 61 or 62 years old. She get shot out of the saddle and flies first in to the wall of the riding house before she droppes to the ground.

I screamed for help while I jump off  my horse, let it go, and run over to her. The grooms were quick to come down to the riding house to help us, but I think we all knew that Lone would not come back to work for Alfarvad anymore.

Here are some videos of Lone, she is a true inspiration to see ride, to become half as good as her would be a dream come true for me

Stay tuned for the rest of the story, what happened next, and how I meet my love and moved to Switzerland

A picture I took of lone the same day as the accident, she was talking on the phone when she arrived to the Stud farm, I was waiting excitedly outside her car so we could train together 

Me and Lone at the roller coaster, I look a little more amused then her 😉

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