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Preparing for 💖Valentines Day 💖

(I am taking a break from telling my story and are going to focus 100% on having a wonderful time on Valentine’s Day! My story will continue after😉)

For me Francois is the perfect man❤️ he is the kindest person I know, helped many people without getting nothing in return, he is super smart and knows everything! He is a loving boyfriend that thinks I am beautiful even if i am sick and he has to hold my hair when I am trowing up in the bath room

He has a great style and when we first started to date, and he was not super happy about my clothes he bought really beautiful clothes for me, that fitted perfect!

So now when we are approaching Valentine’s Day it is important for me to look beautiful for him, so he can be proud of me when we go out!

He always looks so great and has so many different outfits in his wardrobe, so for me to be able to look half as good as him, well that takes some planing!
That is why I made a VLOGG about choosing a outfit, some small trix to make outfits stay perfect on, of course some riding exercises, and my love of gift wrapping!

If you can not see the VLOGG baked in 🔝there, here is the link:

My YouTube account is : evaursin please subscribe 😇

I love to give presents, and while I am wrapping a present I have bought with attendance and love for the receiver I wrap it as beautiful as I can while I happily think about how glad the person will be when he/she receive the gift 😍
If you like that I did a VLOGG please subscribe to my YouTube channel, and have a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY

6 thoughts on “Preparing for 💖Valentines Day 💖”

  1. Hi Eva!! I’m so happy I found this! Your story about abuse is so moving. I cried! I’ve been in an abusive relationship so reading this was empowering! I hope to find a man like Francois some day! Thank you for sharing g your life! Iwas in a horrible jumping accident in a very green horse and he shattered my pelvis and tore every ligament and tendon in my pelvis. Been trying to recover but I have a lot of hard days. Reading your post makes me happy so thanks for sharing! I didn’t see the link for your cliff. I found your YouTube channel but didn’t see the vlogg link.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I truly wish you the very best and I also hope you find love with a fantastic man as Francois! I am sure you will recover and stay tuned, you will get more motivation from reading more about Lone! Please share my blog, it takes a lot of time and it is emotional to write about, so I would be happy if I could reach out to a bigger audience! Best wishes Eva
      And ps, I will try to fix the link in he blog to the VLOGG now


  2. It’s so fun to read your blog.
    I love that you’re telling your story, while you tell about your everyday life. Like that you come with some training tips with riding. Love the video blog

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    1. Thank you so much! Story will continue after Valentine’s! Takes a long time finding old pictures and digging in my memories
      Really happy to hear that you like the VLOGG! Please help share my blog 😇


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