💖Valentine’s day💖

Look at this beautiful card I gave to               ❤️Francois❤️ and the one he gave to me! 

And the chocolate 😋

Here are the cards, had to censor the Privat text we wrote to each other, but you can see the cute text the card said 😍 I mean the text in Francois card to me, my heart melts 

After the cards and the chocolate it was time for some presents 

You guys already know what I  bought for Francois, so here is what I was so lucky to get from my love, scarf (same as Francois have) and cardigan:

And this, this bag 😍💖🎀 Pink one is sold out in Geneva, and my darling have got it for me😍🎂 a Gucci by Alessandro Michele 

(the little packet🎁 I sneaky found, if you saw my VLOGG youtube video 🎥 and wrapped is here, but I did not get it jet, maybe the 🎁 is something that is planed for my birthday, my bad 😂)

After that we went for breakfast 

 Omelett bar 😋

Then some well needed  relaxing in the room (eate way to much), but could still eat some more chocolate in bed 😋, enjoy each other company, cuddle and look at our presents, – grateful 😇

After being lazy, GYMTIME

Then of to skiing ⛷

 All set⛷⛷

🇨🇭Big ☀️ and him❤️ what more can I ask for

He’s the BEST ❤️⭐️

I was a good skier when I was a little girl, was active in Narvik slalom club and Narvik cross country ski club, did children World Cup and stuff, but after I got my pony Jolly Jumper I only wanted to ride ride ride! When I started working as a professional rider, my boss preferred that I did not do any other extreme sport than my job. So going to ski ⛷ when I was visiting in Narvik was no option. It must be 15 years since I skied (skied once on 💖Valentine’s Day💖 last year also) not really on top of my game! But I had fun 😃😉

Almost forgot to say, that I got these blue Ski glasses also😃 fun fact: -I use children helmet and children glasses cause my head is so little 😂

Francois was very helpful with some tips to improve my style, he is one of those man who dose not think he is good in almost everything, he really is good at almost everything. When we ware done skiing, we head back to the hotel and some well needed after ski 

View from our room

Still some energy left, so we went down to the spa 🏊🏊

The look on his face here, he was just explaining me something and I was like SMILE 😃 and snap! Got this one, and I actually love it😍

The spa of this hotel is unreal, totall relaxation 🏊🏝🏖 

Now we are relaxing in the bed before going to dinner💑

I hope you guys had the perfect day also💖

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