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Stepping up

The last post on my story ended with our first rider Lone Kroman falling of the giant 4 year old Aristoteles 
Lone broke her back and they made a decision that she would stop working as a rider full time, when she healed she started to work as a instructor in Norway, and also rode a couple of horses in Norway and Danmark! Most tough woman ever!
It left me as the only rider at Alfarvad and I got to step up and fill her position as first rider.

This blog post will only be about getting Aristoteles ready, I will continue tomorrow with some more from Alfarvad and how work was when Lone was not there anymore.

What I did not know was that Aristoteles was entered for the 4 year old champion ship in two weeks.

My own 4 year old was already ready, could jump courses and had been out side home trying a couple of things.

Aristoteles was like a wild horse compared to them.

The owner wanted me to try to make him ready and I can tell you guys it was a big challenge for me.
I knew he was spooky and I could not risk riding to a jump with him, if he would hesitate or do a unforeseen movement that would make me come in unbalance for just a second, it would trigger his panic and he would bold and buck until I feel off.
So I really needed to think, me + the grooms, Janni, Jenni and Karina sat down and brainstorm, how ware we going to succeed without me falling of in two weeks.
Since we already knew Lone’s good ideas with leading them over spooky jumps and then putting the rider on after this what was we ware going to do! 

So the girls took turns staying with me in the outdoor ring, helping me out with the giant horse! 

We would first long him, so he got the girt cramp out of his system, then they would carefully help me up and I would war up the horse in dressage.

When that was done I jumped of and we hooked on the lounge line, Janni, Jenni or Karina would hold him ca 5-6 meter from one side of the jump and I would hold the lounge line on the other side together with a bucket of musli. They would then run with him a couple of steps and then he would jump over a lone. 

Or it did not go that easy at first but after a while it went easy.
We got him used to all the jumps we had, the water, the wall, different grinds, filling and combinations!

When he was secure in himself I got on, one of the girls would stand on opposite side of the jump with the bucket of musli and I would ride in walk determined to jump the jump from walk, and it went good, Musli and petting from the groom was waiting on the other side!
You are probably wondering why I was jumping in walk and not Trott?

Simple explanation for that: many times the young horse stops, or run to the side of a jump because he does not have enough time to see, perceive the “information” about the jump, understand it and jump it.

Many times when we come in speed the horse suddenly see it and gets a shock, and does something unwanted, like stopping or running out on the side.

Since Aristoteles became afraid if a situation like that would a cure, and my body would move on top of him. The result of that would be full panic, we had to do everything in a way so he would think it was fun and relaxing to do riding and jumping.

If the horses suddenly stops in Trott, it is a big difference compared to if he suddenly stoops in walk.

That is the answer why we jumped him only in walk in the beginning 
So he got so good at walk jumping, that I could do a course on 1 m from walk, when he saw the jump, ears forward and fast walk to it, and jump, completely happy about himself with the patting and Müsli he got on the other side for being such a good boy! 
And in this way we slowly slowly got him ready in two weeks for the 4 year old Championship!

He could gallop and jump with great confidence without hesitating at home, and this is his first show and also the first time he ever was away from home

My story will continue tomorrow!

Promise 😃 

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