A fairytale, the hard life of “Frank” a AMAZING man who did so many good things for others!

Hi guys, I am letting somebody guest blog here today, and I take no responsibility for what is written. Best wishes, Eva

This is a fairytale, it is about a young man, that loved all kind in sports and especially music! Let’s call him Frank
He grew up in Antwerpen with his mother, father a sister and two brothers
His father sadly passed away when Frank was only in the early 20 years of his life. He quickly resume responsibility and did the best he could to support his family!
At a holiday in Morocco the club Med had some horse riding the guests could do. Frank gave it a try and had so much fun that when he came back home to Belgium he looked for a riding school to get some lessons!

 He found a place near Antwerp, Kalmthout. He first started to ride on the riding school horses, before he bought a chestnut horse from the riding school owner! This was the first horse Frank did shows on, the chestnut was a good jumper with a good style but difficult to steer. Frank got better and wanted to invest in a better horse! 

Somebody told him that there was a good sales stable in England, so he and his girlfriend went Wolverhampton to see this horses at Pennwood stables! Here the most horses were bought to be slaughtered, but before they went of to the butcher the stable jockey would let them jump, and would save the good jumpers from the butcher.
Frank bought for himself to ride Blue Cliff and Irish Rock, he also bought and this is so funny, a chestnut horse for his girlfriend at that time to ride! 
Frank went to a lot of shows and competed himself, but also study the other riders and their horses! He saw some horses he liked, but he did not buy them. Other horse dealers bought the horses Frank saw, and they turned out to be superstar jumpers. 

So Frank thought to himself that he might just have a good eye to find top horses.
Frank started to buy some horses and let a man called P De Backer ride them. Frank him self did not have the time to ride all, because he was studying economics at the University of Brussels. 

And when he had time over he concentrated on Blue Cliff and his new horse Ronald. Ronald was a ex steeple chase horse, but Frank schools him over to be a jumper! 

Frank found a horse called Wellington and he let a very good rider called Herman ride him! The two went to the Olympic Games in Los Angeles! 
And then Frank just did more and more horses!  

Frank’s youngest brother Anton was sadly sick with depression, and there were no help to get from Franks other sister or brother, so Frank made a plan. He contacted a clinic that was specialized in this, it was located in Switzerland. He knew his little brother Anton would never go to the clinic form free will so he told this to Anton. “Anton, I am sick, I have to go to a clinic in Switzerland but I am afraid to go there alone” Frank had already booked the airplane tickets and got his brother convinced to come with him! It was not easy, because the brother kept changing his mind! 
When the two came to the hospital in Switzerland Frank said to Anton that he could wait together with the manager while Frank talked to his new doctor! Frank had planed everything, and the director talked so well to Anton, and convinced him to stay! When Frank came back from his “meeting” Anton told him that he wanted to stay, because he though the Suisse people could help him with his issues also! So Anton staid and got help and Frank went back to Belgium!
Sadly some years after this Anton without saying to anyone that he was sick again, committed suicide. Frank and his mother was broken up with sadness, but he also noted the ignorance from his sister Marion. 
Later on in life Marion spend almost all her money and asked Frank to give her 5000 euro a month. And Frank did for a very very long time, until he found out that Marion and her husband not ware saving money, they were using the money Frank gave them to go on cruise and stuff like that. He never forgot the coldness Marion had shown when his beloved brother Anton died. 

All Franks siblings were now married, and Franks mother was pressuring him to get married. Because he was her oldest child and for her religion it was important. Franks mother had a friend who had two daughters, one beautiful and kind, Frank liked her, but sadly she was the one that was already married. 

The friend had one more daughter, let’s call her Elina, she had only had one boyfriend in their life, for just a short period, and it was clearly a reason for that. Frank was pressured to marry this women that was not compatible to him in anyway. No charisma, no sense of love for others , she only had love for her mother, and she was not even funny.

 Frank was always interested in fashion, and wanted to buy her all the most beautiful clothes she could ever wish for! Frank had a big business and he of course wanted his wife to look as good as possible to present the business well together with him. But she refuse, and he was always unhappy with her choice of wardrobe. But this was just a bagatelle from the rest
Before the wedding she told Frank that he had to understand that even thought they were getting married he was not going to be nr1 in her life. Her mother was always going to be nr 1, then her friends and after that Frank, her new husband. 
Elina and her mother always talked bad about their father, to him and to others. When Elina and Frank were married she continued like this. She talked to Frank like he was a idiot. 

Elina said Frank was only good at making money and all the rest he was bad at. She complained about everything. Frank can speak 8 languages and run a successful business, Elina had some education and had only been working a short period in her life. Elina stopped working when she married Frank. And you might think she was taking care of the house, but she was not, she had a house keeper twice a week. 

When they got children Elina got a nanny, even when they went on holidays Elina brought the nanny to take care of the children.

Elina and Frank got 3 beautiful children! The youngest one sadly had problems with depression! Frank did everything he could to help his son. But Elina said that everything Frank did was wrong. If Frank and his son were alone on holiday and came back happy, Elina would tell Frank the day after they came back that the son had a terrible time and that Frank could not do anything wright.
Elina and Frank could no longer live together, Frank bought her a beautiful penthouse apartment and lived alone in the house. They ware still married on paper. But it was not and was never any love between them.
Elina was trying her methods to help the son and did not include Frank. The doctor of the son recommended another doctor from Argentina to help them. The 3, Frank, Elina and their son met the doctor at a hotel restaurant. Elina got crazy when she saw the woman doctor, because she was a beautiful women she shouted in from of everybody that Frank only wanted to have a appointment with the doctor because he wanted to fuck her. Frank had never seen the doctor before, and he only wanted to help his son. But Elina would not allow such a beautiful woman, although she was a doctor to help her son.  
Frank never understood why his two other children did not try to help their brother more. When his own brother Anton was sick, Frank did everything he could think of to help the brother.
Elina had a affair with her best friends husband, Ricardo’root and Frank had other girlfriends. 
The son at gotten better for a short period of time, and Frank was in England for a jumping competition. He phoned his son every day. On a Wednesday the son did not pick up the phone, so Frank phones Elina and ask her if she can go and check on the son. She only lived 45 min from him. She says no, he is probably out with his friends. Frank phones his son many times on Thursday, no answer, he phone Elina and ask her again please go to check on him. Elina says he is probably at the movies with his Friends and that he will be at Franks house on Friday. Frank says to Elina that the son does not have any friends and ask her again please go to check on him. But she say no. He even says if she does not go to check he will take the plane to check on him, but Elina reassure him that the boy is fine and he should not come. Friday comes, no answer on the sons phone and no answer on the house like in Frank house. He calls Elina again, the same happens on Saturday, he calls Elina to please go to the son to check, she says no. On Sunday she finally goes there, she phones Frank and tells him his son is dead, he took suicide on Thursday. She knew he was going to do it, because he had found a way to get some poison, she said she had done everything to help the son, but he was still depressed so it was better for him to die. 

Although Frank had done everything he could to help his beloved son, he got the blame for his suicide. Still the day of today Elina sends him messages about that.

4 thoughts on “A fairytale, the hard life of “Frank” a AMAZING man who did so many good things for others!”

  1. This is so so very sad but in my opinion Frank did everything he possibly could and should be proud of himself and his accomplishments in life. I belive in karma and I think his ex wife will face her decision for the rest of her life for their son and his tragic choice to end his life and she didn’t even care about phone him… Unfortunately this with suicide can be genetic and his uncle also committed suicide. I have lost my stepfather in suicide when he ended his life at night outside the stable. His father committed suicide. I gave him a hug the night before and told him to take care while I was away with one of the horses for the weekend. I told him that I be home on Sunday early morning and our friend who helped him in the stable during the weekend found him on Sunday morning just 2 hours before I arrived back home. This is their only option, their only way out, they don’t see any other solutions to their problems. But this is so hard to the ones left behind. The constant question, WHY? It have been 5 years now since my stepfather past away. I miss him every day and there’s not a day not thinking of him. Sometimes I’m angry for his decision but I have no other choice than live with it and keep walking. I have no contact with my biological father so we were really close and I could talk to him about everything. Be proud of yourself Frank, and I am sure that you have a big and warm heart and have found the warm caring woman that you deserve. I have stop helping others because of similar experiences… Take care 🌞🌹

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    1. Thank you so much for your very emotional comment, it touched us both! We really appreciate it, and we wish you the best! Please accept our condolences for your stepfather 💖 we wish you the best


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