Assisted suicide ?

Quoting my mother: what “that person does with its own children is not my business, but I want “that person” to stay away from my only child, and not assist my child to suicide.
My first in counter with “that person” was this (I am sure it is okey that I share it with you, as “that person” stole a personal letter I wrote to Francois, made copy’s of it  showed it to everybody
When Francois told me he wanted to kill himself I told him with love that I love him so much that I can not live without him. So if he was feeling that his life had no purpose, he should think of me! Because I love him more than anything in the world!  
Francois was moved by what I said, and he told his “that person” that he had somebody who really loves him, somebody who had him as NR 1. 

After telling this to “that person” “that person” send me the email you see a picture of over this text.

If you read the email, “that person”  says it knows how to help somebody kill them self, very sad to write something like that when such a tragedy happened in Francois family. It makes me scared.

I do believe that there is good in all people, and that some people bring out the best in you, and other people brings out the worst in you!

Anyway, I after a time meet “that person” we did not talk about the email, but “that person” told me she was happy that Francois was with me, because I made money and was not a gold digger like his other girlfriends. Well that is what “that person” said to my face that day, “that person” said other things other days. 

I am a very trusting person, who gives others 10000 of new chances, “that person” pretended to be my friend and asked a lot of questions about me and Francois. Later “that person” told my answers to Francois in rage and that caused drama between me and Francois. 
Even when I was so broke, living in the truck, trying to keep up appearances, if people know you are broke they don’t pay good money for the horses that are for sale. 

Anyway, I was able to sell top horse Cybertop to one of my best friends, Alex, for a price that was good for the both of us! I was happy I had made some business. But the wife said I had to transfer the money to “that person” because Cybertop was Francois horse not mine. When I told “that person” that Cybertop is older, and if some problems happens in his new home with Alex I need the money to be able to pay her back and take the horse in return. And I asked if I could at least keep the money for 6 months. I was not going to use them. But “that person” said no. I kept it anyway for 3 months until my friend Alex said all was good with Cybertop, and then I paid “that person”. 

“That person” did not even give me a commission, or salary for the work I have done. When I asked about that “that person” said I have received gifts/ like clothes from Francois in the past and that was payment enough. 

In the fall “that person” went away for two months to Israel and I went to Suisse as much as I could to help and be with Francois! Svend, Trine and Nashmil took care of the horses😇
I have grown up with a bipolar person in my nearest family, so I knew already a lot about that! I also had a friend who was a doctor for the head, and I had borrowed her books from school and read all about it! 

Francois was suppose to take lithium and be on a special diet, also have a plan for every day and exercise to stay healthy. But he was tacking all the wrong pills.
I completely took charge of his heeling, and I sometimes had to fight with him physically to stop taking these drugs that was bad for him! 

We did a lot of exercising, every time he got nervous we run, even if it was 2 a clock in the morning, I was there for him! When he had abstinence for the very addictive prescription drugs I encourage him and got him to stay away from it! 

My parents had even given me money to buy jogging shoes, jogging clothes, and a light dawn jacket for outdoor training in the winter! 

And I gave it to him as a birthday present from the whole family🎂

My plan worked, and after the two months he was drug free, feeling better and was happy again! 

I remember after a run I told him to call his another person in his family on FaceTime, we were still outside and he was red in he’s checks, blue sky and he had a big smile!
He called and said proudly to “another person” what he had accomplish! Instead of her being happy “another person” had to go, and the conversation was very short. 

He soon got a text from the “that person” saying to skype. So we went to the computer, Francois did not have a web cam, but “that person” had so we saw “that person”, but “that person” did not see us 

“That person” told him that if he did not take all the 4 pills “that person” would not help him. And that he was sick in his head and needed the pills. 

I then understood that he was not going to be able to stay away from the pills after I left, so I change the pills against sugar. I put sugar inside the pills. 

He was fine a whole week after I left, but after that he gave in to “that persons” demands, “that person” was always making him nervous and insisting on the pills. He started to take the sugar pills and said to me two weeks later that he felt better again taking the pills. 

I told him the pills does not help, I put sugar in them! So you are just taking sugar! This is a prof that you are fine without!

Francois proudly told “that person” he was fine without the pills, that I put sugar in them and he was good anyway. “That person” got furious, threaten to make a police report, took him to the doctor and said he was suicidal and needed to be on the heavy medication again. 

And so he was.

All this  medication made him dizzy, sleepy, and it is bad for 1 million things and prosesses in the body! He had already almost died from a tromboses/ blood clot that went from his leg direction his heart, as a side affect of the pills and the staying in bed all day. A pill can make you sleep and tranquilize you, but when the effect of the pill is gone the same bad thoughts come back. The solution for him was to be able to change the thought.  

To be continued 

9 thoughts on “Assisted suicide ?”

  1. Seriously It’s the best blog 😍 I’d love to read your stories 🙌🏻 after read this and earlier stories of your life I think you’re very strong and responsible person🖖🏻💪🏻
    Waiting for more 😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My step father takes antidepressants and I hate that. He is like another person then which have no idea what he is talking or doing. And he is also very successful businessman…
    You are amazing to save your man from this ! Placebo effect ha? 🙂 So clever Eva!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, it can be an idea. Just we are living more than 3000 km apart from each other :/ My life and my husband is here in Swiss and his life and new family is in Russia. So, I think he found someone who “helps” him…

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  3. Hi!
    I must say that the first time i saw your instagram profile i thought you were “another rich girl with great horses and an easy life” and girl how wrong I was!
    I’m so impressed of how you have fight to get your dreams!! Not easy at all!! And I am sooo happy for the good people like you who get finally what they deserve.
    I can see now why you are such a great rider! Your dedication with the horses is awesome!
    I am willing to go to your place someday, and hopefully get to buy one of your horses!
    Keep on with the profile and the blog, you are doing great!!

    Liked by 1 person

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