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Being broke, could not pay rent for my apartment and had to move out in my truck 

When I first met Francois in Gothenburg it was February that year. And his beloved son David had taken suicide in January the same year.
➡️”fairytale” about Frank in the post below this one. 
I had got away from my abusive ex the year before and I only had a short relation with a Swedish rider after that, I pretty much have given up on love, and sleeping next to someone was a problem for me. 
Francois was really hurt. And I guess we needed each other. I could cheer him up, and he became a true friend that always had time to listen to me! 
We even made a agreement, that if one of us woke up with a nightmare, even if it was in the middle of the night, – we could always call each other!

Francois told me the story of his life, and I told him mine. After a while we fell in love! I knew that he was married but they had been living a part for years. So I accepted that! 
I still lived in Danmark and Francois still lived in Switzerland, but we saw each other as often as we could! Francois even helped me out with the horses in Danmark when my groom had a day of 

We went on holidays and Francois thought me how to swim! 

He also used a lot of time with me to help me ride better and better! 

Suddenly end of one summer Francois got some problems with his business. I could not see him. He used to call me every day before, but now he called me only once or twice a week. His wife had came back in to his life to “help” him, although she was just doing the opposite. She still lived in her own penthouse but was supposed to make food for Francois or at least go out to buy some. She made a lot of rules and Francois was not “allowed” to see me. Francois started to take a lot of anti depressant prescription  drugs, and was sleeping 24/7. We meet in secret once in Geneva, and spend the night together, he was so drugged that it was difficult to talk to him. He just wanted to sleep. 

At the same time Francois was so drugged that he thought he was broke I guess, and the wife did not think it was any reason for me to get any money, although I had 11 of his horses. The house I was renting was going to be sold so I had to move out, but the big problem was that I had no money to rent something else. 
I had to move in to the truck. My car broke down and I did not have money to repair it, so it got destroyed because nobody wanted to buy it. 
I lived in my truck, outside the stable. In the winter it was so cold in Danmark, if I had the central heater on it was nice and warm, but to warm in the night. If I only had the little own on it was to cold. I could not have water on it in the winter cause the pipes would freeze, so I had to go out to go to the toilet or shower. 
My furniture and my clothes that I could not fit in the truck moved in to the garage of Svend! Thank you Svend

I as I told you I had 11 of Francois horses, and I had a routine for the horses! 
In the morning we ( me and my groom) started at 07.00, we would put Kanouk, Duc, Dream and Giga Star in the walker. Then the rest of the horses in one paddock each. 
Quickly go back and muck out the boxes, clean the water cups, and fill buckets for the horses who had double. 

Put in more straw or shavings in the boxes who needed, put in hay and musli for the horses. 
Swipe the flor and bring the horses in.

After that me and my groom eat breakfast and the horses eat their breakfast. 

Then riding + the horses that ware in the walker in the morning went out in the paddock during the day.
The horses that ware in the paddock in the morning went in the walker during the day. 
All was ridden, and if the was not riding that day they went for a hand walk. 

So every horse came out 3 times a day!
Lucky the boxes, straw and hay Francois had pre paid one year in advance, so the horses had a home even though I lived in the horse truck.

My groom had to live on a madras in Svend’s house. At that time one of my best friends Nashmil was living in his attic, my groom in his living room, and another of my best friends Trine had also had some family challenges and was living in her truck outside his house. 

I was really so broke, so when the money was getting really short I could not pay a groom anymore, and I did everything myself. 

I would start at 06.00 to be finished with the stable before 08.00 in the morning, and I was finished around 21.00 in the evening. 

Then I ate tuna fish on a hermetic box and went to sleep, because I had to get up at 05.45 again and I was really tired. 
A high point for me was when Sven would invite us to come and eat at his house, to eat “real” food was so good! Both me and Trine used to cry a lot, because I was so worried about Francois and I missed him so much, and Trine well that’s her story! 

Sometimes my parents would transfer me money so I could go with Trine to our favorite restaurant Jensen’s bøffhus! It was at that time where you could get a 3 course meal for 150dkk, we would really eat! It was so good, I appreciated so much to sit at the restaurant and eat, it was warm and the chairs ware comfortable, the food never tasted better, it was like heaven! 

I did not have a car so I always had to text Trine or Svend to ask them to drive me to the store. I always bought a lot of hermetic tuna fish, it was cheep and I knew with all the physical work I did I had to get a lot of proteins! Anyway almost every time I called them the would say before hello, do you need me to pick you up to drive you to the store, or do you want to come and eat. 

Christmas came and I was allowed to come a couple of days between Christmas and New Years to see Francois. Svend took care of the horses and my parents paid the plane ticket for me. The wife was suppose to come back on New Years, and I had to be gone by then. 

When Francois came to pick me up at the airport, he had fallen and had a big wound in his head, the wound was infected and clearly at lest 3 days old. Means the wife would have seen it but just ignored it when she came to check on him before she left on holidays to Israel. 

Francois had problems keeping his balance and was very thin, he only wight 70 kg. When we got home he had no food in the house, only 4 different very strong anti depression drugs bipolar people like Francois was not even suppose to take.  

I called my parents, they transferred me more money, and I bough a micro wave own for him, and made enough food for one month and put in the freezer. 

It was difficult for Francois to learn how to use the micro wave because he was so drugged. I made him thisexplantation, and he would often call to make sure he was operating the micro right  

 New Year came and I left. But the wife did not come back, and she did not take the phone and Francois did not hear anything from her to the 10 of January, when she called him back and said she would return from Israel the 11.

 She had left Francois that was very depressed, suicidal, very thin in bad shape, whiteout food and nothing, she even made sure the cleaning women was not coming in that period she was away. I was only allowed to come for a couple of days and she had no idea if I knew how to cook or anything. She made sure I only could stay a couple of days, so he would be a long time alone without anyone calling or anyone coming by. She had left Francois that she said she would help and made all the crazy rules for alone, he could have died.
To be continued 

13 thoughts on “Being broke, could not pay rent for my apartment and had to move out in my truck ”

  1. Wow…That’s really sad story. Especially after seeing you guys on Insta always so happy and smilie. That’s why I always think – before people start to be jealous, they should think what others went through to get success in life…Anyway,God is good! At the end love wins, always!

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  2. I can believe it was not easy sometimes but what a courage and a will to fight and go on you had! But now you know the meaning of life, and you appreciate the little things. You’re such a good person Eva. It don’t matter what color or how much money you have. Having a ❤ is much important. And you have a bigg one. The inner side of a person is valuar then the outside. My mom always says: who don’t love animals, don’t live people… I think that’s very true. You love them both! Keep going girl!

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  3. I’ve been reading your blog since you started and I just want to say your such a courageous person to make your story public. You are also such a strong person! I can somewhat relate to how hard it is being broke in the horse world working many, many hours but even then it was only half of what you have gone through! Your truly an inspiring person to have gone through so much and have such a positive outlook on life and want to share that with others 💕💞 PS love the training vlogs as well!

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  4. So amazing for you to share your story! As someone in the horse industry, there are a lot of people who would just look at you and think “wow she has it all, it’s so easy”. It’s actually really nice of you to be so honest, maybe younger riders will see that it’s hard work, love, and passion for horses that make the dream work! You’re a survivor!!

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  5. It’s really shocking to read this part of your story, because on social media and other areas you’ve seemed so happy and only living the dream! It makes me look at you in a whole new way!
    But i have a question that might be out of line, but in your first years living of selling horses would you or your ex be a little dishonest or maybe a little “shady” to earn your living? -To be able to get better?

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I wold say no to that, he always did his best with the horses, but sometimes a horse comes to a home where it is not trained after what that horse needs, and the horses we sold was cheep horses from 6000 euro to max 20 000 euro, we even sold a horse for 20 that jumped 140 with his new rider! So it was not Grand Prix horses, but when you pay 60 000 Swedish kroner and get a decent horse, the buyer should be happy! I mean I don’t even know where to get a horse that is nice for those money anymore. So I think he always did his best, and he never made big profit on the horses. Best wishes, Eva


  6. älskar att läsa “the story behind” / innan det “gick bra” att du alltid fight:at i de svåra situationerna.
    Du kunde exempelvis ha åkt tillbaka till Norge och börja om på nytt där, eller komma tillbaka o bo hemma i ett varmt hem osv men du gav inte upp

    riktig Inspiration

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