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Desperate times, calls for desperate plans 

So after the putting sugar in the pills did not give the long run outcome I hoped I was making new plans for saving my love!
In the mean time Francois had fixed so a business associate gave me money to buy a used Yaris, old for some people but New for me!! Proud girl! 
“That person” had instructed Francois to give me only 2 000 euro to buy a car, and it had to be road tax and registration included, but Francois did not care, he gave me a little more so I had a safe reliable Yaris!
So I was back in Danmark and Francois was in Switzerland. 
I got this text from a very nice friend of me and Francois

and it made me realize that desperate times like this needs desperate actions!! 

I started to make my plan for taking the horses to Switzerland and rescue my love! 

He had already orders dvds and taken information about the clinic Exit, a Suisse clinic you can go to take suicide with a fluid that you swallow. Nobody in his family had told him not to go, and I was not going to wait until it was to late, that he had gone there or taking suicide some other way. He was also in a high risk group for all other deadly diseases because of all the tranquilizers he was taking.
I had one hope, that “another person” was coming for Christmas and New Year holidays with family and maybe that was going to cheers my love Francois up! 
“Another person” came and Francois still called me from bed, the others were out skiing and he was alone home wanting to kill himself. When the others came back from skiing nobody bother to walk up the stairs to his room and comfort him, or trying to convince him to come down and socialize. 

They ware having fun and nobody cared about him. 
If my father was depressed and wanted to kill himself I would have sat on his bed and not left until he came with me! I would never leave him alone! 
The question is, did “another person” come to visit Francois or to have a free holiday with the family, not including Francois. 
“That person” had made a new rule for Francois, I was only allowed to come visit him once more alone, one week, after that somebody else would supervise him so he took his pills and staid in bed. I would not be allowed to be alone with him anymore.
With my darling crying on the phone, i took the decision, I am the only one who loves Francois, the actions of “that person” and “another person” clearly shows nobody cares. So me and the horses was moving to Switzerland! We were going to save my love and give him the life he always deserved!
I did not even tell him about it, I needed to element of surprise!

I am sure you all know a older person, that the children have put in a home and sold the house of. Well this happens quite often, and I knew I needed some hard core convincing to make Francois see that his life was not over, and that he could do this with me!

And of course saving him from “that person”.
I got stables in Suisse, and money from my parents for the trip! And here we go, come on Kanouk, Duc, Dream, Giga Star, Chaparone and Siam! Let’s gooooo! 
I had been a couple of days with my parents for Christmas and Svend was taking care of the horses in Danmark! 

My parents had agreed to give me the money to go and save my love! 

Christmas in Narvik that year, me trying to smile and be positive so I did not ruin Christmas for my parents. I think if Hanne Marit and Therese reads this, they remember that the first thing I did when I saw them was start to cry, because I was consumed with worries, and when I saw kind people that I knew I wanted to explain, but I could not before the tears came.

Preset form Francois that year, he could not buy me anything, but it was a love letter from him! Best present ever❤️

So after Christmas: 

We arrived in Suisse with the help of Peter and Kristine! 

I was ready for my plan, I went to Francois house when I knew “that person” was in Belgium! 
Francois was at this point so drugged he did not understand anything. I had written him a letter I let him read while I tried to explain him. 

I wrote that he needed to get “that person” out of his life for good, and if he did not do it I would go to the police with some info I knew. I also wrote that I did not care if he gave “that person” all the money, that I would even work double at Mc Donald’s if I had to, to support him!

“That person” had some stuff in the house of Francois, so I packed it nice and moved it out. 

I phoned “that person” and said what I have done. 

“That person” quick came back from

Belgium with a little team of helpers and got me kicked out instead. 

The problem was “that person” did not believe my threats, and did not seem to care. I would never have done it, but I was desperate! 

You have to do everything you can think of to save somebody’s life!! And I already tried all the nice, kind things I could think about. 
I was back in the truck again, but now in the truck in Switzerland, and I was not leaving and I was not giving up.

At that time these guys were my new neighbors 

The Suisse people though I was strange to live in the truck, but I was not concern about that at all, the only thing on my mind was making Francois life better

To be continued!

11 thoughts on “Desperate times, calls for desperate plans ”

  1. I totally agree with the previous comment, you are such an amazing woman!! Keep up the good work and all of life’s blessings will come to you and your love 😊

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  2. You are a true fighter, inspiration and angel if a person!!! Francois is so lucky to have you!! You are a true angel that came to save him and a blessing in his life and a blessing to others!! I love your blog and honest real stories! I tell people about you all the time! Doing my best to promote you! Hugs Eva!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Reminds me of the adoption from my daughter. It was hell, but it was my child and the love was so strong. That love makes you a warrior! Same love you have for Francois!
    Hug Joke

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