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A opening came up 

The update has been slow, because I know the post after this one is 🤕bad
In the mean time of me not blogging we have been busy with riding and skiing! Francois❤ the best ski teacher in the world has manage to improve the style on me and Skin 😍🏆🎖

Alf and me

MP (Duc) and me

The ski gang ⛷⛷⛷

I admit, more than enough⛷ ski pictures, so let’s jump back to: My story –

A opportunity came, because “that person” was away, and the babysitter wanted to go away from Suisse to see some relatives for some holiday celebration in …….
Francois had been given strict rules to stay home alone the whole time they were away. The babysitter had even made food boxes for him so he had food to warm up in then microwave I had bought some years back.

But Francois was not going to obey these crazy rules, as soon as the babysitter had left he invited me to stay with him almost a whole week!

It was so goood! Even though he still was very drugged he was so happy to be with me!

I kept him active and I made all his favorite healthy foods!

He was a little worried that the babysitter would be suspicious since her food was not touched so we gave some of it to the foxes😉
The day came, the return of the babysitter. I had carefully cleaned all the evidence of me being in his house, when I left we were both sad.
Potatoes, on the bench in the kitchen made the babysitter suspicious to that I might have been there. The babysitter asked Francois why it was potatoes in the kitchen, he replied that he bought it himself because he was tired of all her rice. He said she should not talk about it to “that person”. How ever that did not help, the second Francois left the room the babysitter phone directly to “that person” and told the successions that I had been there.
“That person” became hysterical and directly booked a ticket from Israel to Suisse
Francois became very angry when he heard this, and told the babysitter that it was fired. The babysitter had to back the bags immediately and leave.
“That person” came back and searched the whole house for Blond hair, and of course “that person” found some.

“That person” had already from before together with “another person” and a “3.person” reserved a room at a home for old people and wanted Francois to move there. He had refused.

Now “that person” said ether Francois takes he babysitter back or he had to move to a home for old people. “That person” also said that he was not allowed to see me anymore at all.
After 1 year and 6 months living in the truck I had rented a apartment at the stables!

It was so weired with all the space, I was used to having everything so crammed together, so at first I did not even like it, but I got used to it fast. And then I could not understand how I even managed to live in the truck so long.

I went to Oliva Nova with the whole team of horses and got a show groom with me.

When we came back my friend Maria came to try one of our horses Chili, she, me and the show groom that was going to stay a couple of weeks extra was staying in a apartment at the stable I had now manage to rent at the stables.

Francois was allowed to come down to see when Maria tried Chili since Maria was a customer, and the idea of selling a horse and getting money was intriguing for “that person”.
To spend a little time with me, Maria and my groom really made Francois come to life and we made the arrangement that we would pick him up in the evening and go and eat at a Chinese restaurant in the Village Francois lives. It would be a good day to do it, since that person apparently did yoga down in Aigle that evening, and we could have him to the restaurant and back before she would be back from yoga on her way home, and might stop on the way to control him.

Me and the two girls was happily driving up the mountain, I passed two cars and continue driving, one of the cars started for follow is, with the long light on, driving 2m from our car. My first thought was that the driver of the car was in a hurry and wanted to pass us, so I stopped beside the rode to let the car drive passed us.

But the car did the same, stopped right behind us with the long lights on.

Creepy, so I drove as fast as I could with the little Yaris, to shake the car and the driver of, but not possible, it keep on driving so close with the long lights on.

I drove super slow to make him pass, no chance. When we came up to the village and the street lights was on I saw in the back mirror that the car and the the driver was “that person”. I quickly phoned to Francois to say that we had to abort the plan.

We stopped the car, “that person” drove in front of us, and stopped right in front of us. Maria and my groom went out to ask that person why it was making dangerous things in the traffic, driving so close with the long lights on.

But they had no time to ask, that person drove direction Francois house and me and the girls drove down and ate in Monthey instead.
To be continued

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