“That person” tried to make me blind 

So the last post on my story finished with “that person” following me, Maria and my freelance groom, in the dark with the long light on her car on, so it was difficult for me to drive safe.
Anyway, that went fine.
After me and Francois had lived together in his home one week, It had awaken a big longing in him, he was longing for me all the time!
I started to spend the night there, in the evening when he was sure “that person” would not come and control him. 

He also thought it was ridiculous, “that person” never worked in her life and was solely living on Francois money. “That person” had a boyfriend in Israel, a apartment there, a cleaning lady in Suisse and in Israel, eat in restaurants all the time, with her boyfriend, and all this Francois paid for.

On top of that, how could anybody accept that “that person” made rules, for a grown up man, Francois that he was not allowed to have his girlfriend in his own house that he paid for himself. When “that person” had her boyfriend in her pent house that belongs half to Francois and half to “that person”.

Francois never said anything or cared who “that person” had sleeping with her in the pent house, so how could it be possible that “that person” made all this rules for Francois? It is insane! And why did he have to listen to them?
It started a little bit to accrue to Francois, even though he was still very drugged, that the rules of “that person” were insane. 

But somehow he still was not strong enough to tell “that person” to fuck off, so as I said, we started to sneak around!
On of my American girlfriends was coming to try Bayamo a weekend, the freelance groom was still there, and my American friend was going to crash in the apartment where already me and the girl groom was living.

It would be crowded, so me and Francois decided that I would sleep at home with thin that weekend!
We had huge plans for the weekend, she was going to try Bayamo and Chaparone, I was going to the first show in ages with Dream, and Hitchcock was going to join.

Old pics of Bayo and Chap
I picked her up at the airport on Friday, we had something to eat, she got installed in my apartment, and I went home to Francois in the evening!

Early in the morning around 06.30 “that person” comes running up the stairs to the bed room. “That person” starts first with smashing my phone that was on the bed, then jump on me, sits on me holds me down by my hair, and put her fingers in my eyes.

Before it all was done I ended up with a broken nose and no feeling and sight on the right side of my face and my eye.

“That person” trashed my car also.
I called the police and they came. 

“That person” left and I did to. 

The drive down was risky, I did not see well, but I manage to get down the Alps in 20 km a hour.

I had some tramadol left from a operation I had done earlier that year, so I took a couple and went down to the horses and the girls.

I did not see on the right eye, I think I was in shock, but I am raised to work, and so I did.

I told them what happened, because you could clearly see it on my face.

But I could not lay down, or go to the hospital jet, I first had to do my job. 

The girl tried the Bayo and Chap, after Dream and Hitch was loaded in the truck and we went to the little show.

My truck had a limit on 80 km, and it can only drive like 40 up hill, and that was good, cause I really did not see. But driving slow and some guidance from my friend does groom who also has the license I manage to drive there. It was not far from home, and only high way. So straight on.
With all the adrenaline in my body and the morphine I manage to not give up, I did not want to be a offer, and I wanted to do as I promised to the American girl, she would look at the horses at the show and see if she found something interesting for her.
I was not worried to jump with Dream, he had already did 160 before and is a very smart horse.

So I could just gallop him and he would basically find the strides himself. 

And Hitch, is a big elephant that does not know the action to stop. 

So I knew the two horses would be able to carry me around the course.
Dream was fine, we were even clear, I galloped and hold my self in him, and he jumped!

You can see on these pictures that are even a time after, that I hold myself in the horse but are afraid to follow, poor horse. Should never have jumped that show.

Hitch was a bit shocked that I did not ride like normal, but he jumped anyway, not so good though.
We luckily got safe home, and I had hold my promise of the day to my customer.

The pain in my head could no longer be ignored, and I went to the hospital. 
 I got some more drugs to get over the weekend, and they told me to see a eye doctor and a surgeon ( a operating doctor ) for my nose.

To be continued 

4 thoughts on ““That person” tried to make me blind ”

  1. Today is it: international womans day. I think you must get a award today.🏆🏅
    You’ve been true hell for the love of your life!
    What a bad person, she just tried to kill you. She must be in jail!!!
    You see at the photos you’re riding, and have a lot of pain.
    But what a courage to ride and keep going on.
    It’s a sad story but on the other way, you are power women and fight for Francois and the horses.
    That’s why I think your blogg is amazing and inspiring for others including me 😉
    Nice post Eva! Now It took a lot courage to write it.
    Love Joke 😘

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks! I spoil her mabey to much 😉but she’s a thankfull child. And she know I work a lot for giving her the best. 💞

        Liked by 1 person

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