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The last time Kanouk💖

So after “that person” attacked me Francois refused to leave my side!Nothing “that person” said or threaten could make him leave.
He first staid with me in the apartment outside the stable, and took me to all doctors appointments.
For his birthday we were going for two days to Zermatt, I was not riding anything at all for the moment.

But Francois insisted that I had to ride a little on his birthday before we left, so Simone the stable boss let me ride her very safe school horse Victor.
I really could not judge distance and had constant headache, took high doses of Tramadol/morphine and was not up for any riding on my sensitive competition horses!

I also had to wear sunglasses all the time to avoid getting any lights in my damaged eyes.
Riding Victor went fine! And I was happy with that, the horse was calm and listen to my irregular signals, or he did what he knew to do, no matter what I did.

I was convinced my jumping career was over, but Francois was not ready to give it up just yet.

He begged me to tack on Kanouk, and ride just a little on Kanouk.
I was skeptical, but after all it was Francois birthday, and I wanted to please him, – so me Victor (the horse) and Francois went back in the stable.

We tacked of Victor together and on Kanouk!

Riding on Kanouk went okey, I did not work him good, but I could ride him around!

This to Francois satisfaction, he wanted me to try a little jump.

In his defense he were only thinking of me flying over some jumps with Kanouk, and the both of us feeling a lot better afterwords.
But it did not happen.

I galloped to a little vertical, but since I could not judge the distance I went forward then hold, then Trott, the stop.

This was the first time Kanouk had ever stopped with me.

I came on again, hold my self in the mane wit both hands, sat completely still, Kanouk jumped! – but I could not follow, so I ended up behind him, pulling his mouth, since I had panicked and let go of my grip in his mane.

I dropped of him and cried, my last memory of jumping my all time favorite horse ended like this.
Francois cried to.

We put Kanouk in the stable, I took more Tramadol, got in the car, and feel asleep on our way to Zermatt.

I still remember the feeling of being hopeless and sucking, just like I did that day, when I let on of my best friends Kanouk down.
I had a lot of pain, and when we came back I got a date for my operation to fix my broken nose.

We got a girl from the stable to take some pictures of me, Francois and Kanouk together, before I would have a giant cast in my face.

After my operation it was scheduled that he was going to leave me, and jump children/junior classes in Norway. To be outside 8 hours a day in a big filed, and have a big box to come in to in the afternoon.

To be able to compete as long as he wanted and me retired there.

It would be good for him, but it was so hard for me!
When he left, it was the last time I ever saw him! I still remember his smell, his touch of his nose on my head, how he would smell me, and how his fur on his neck felt when my hand touched him!

I try as good as I can to forget the last time I tried to jump with him, and only remember the happy times we shared, and everything he though me💖

Thank you Kanouk des Essarts!
And Francois, thank you for letting me have him, and not selling him when you had that offer from the French girl at the show in Chevenez!

4 thoughts on “The last time Kanouk💖”

  1. Your bloggs are wonderful! Life stories are sooo interesting, You inspire me a lot! 🤗 riding exercises are really helpful too. 😊 Keep writing it 😄
    P.S. I created account just becauce that I could press like buttons on your bloggs and comment them 😂

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