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Moving in together 

After the birthday of Francois and the beautiful pictures of me, Francois and Kanouk, – it was time for my operation to correct my broken nose.
I still had a lot of pain in my head, and the doctors were hoping that the pain would diminish once the nose was on its right place again!

I still had blurry sight on my right eye and no feeling on the right side of my face. Had no control over the right eye, and could not open it fully.
Nose operation done, Francois staid with me at the hospital, and brought me home to his house.

He had a bed with a remote control, so I could “sit” sleeping in bed, you know, raise the back.

And I had to be like this and under observation because of the risk of inner bleeding.

“That person” said I was not allowed to be in Francois house, and threaten me, said horrible things to me, that Francois did not love me, and that he only said that he loves me to get to fuck me, the oldest lie in the book, that men have been lying to women and telling them they love them for sex, and that Francois never loved me, that I would never live with him, and never some other things also.
All this “that person” shouted to me while I was lying in my pj on the sofa in the music room, one day after surgery.

“That person” also said if I was going to be in the house until I was healthy, the 3 of us was going to sleep in the same bad, and “that person” wanted to sleep in the middle.

But of course this did not happen, somehow Francois got that person to leave. And we were alone!

He was still drugged, bud manage to take well care of me, bringing me croissant with Philadelphia and jam in bed! He even made fresh made orange juice.

After my 1 check up with the doctor it was time for me to fly to Narvik and go on Christmas holidays with my parents.

To take the plane was unbearable, the headache was so strong that I trow up all the time, and was not able to go to my second plane, and had to wait one day to continue the journey to the North of Norway and my childhood paradise.

When I landed I was in very very bad state, I was screaming of pain, and my parents had to take me directly to the hospital.

I got morphine and meet with a crises team.

The whole Christmas was filled with hospital time, CT scanns, psychiatrist and so on.

Not really the Christmas we had been looking forward to.
Francois had put his foot down and decided that I was going to move in with him after the New Year.

I could move in the 6, because then “that person” was going to Israel.

One of my best friends Tina followed me back to Switzerland and helped me move, she took the horses and basically did everything for me.

I was taking sleeping pills and Tramadol.

The 6. January came and I moved in to Chalet My Ladi, the house of me and Francois❤

If you think it was a fairytale straight away, you are wrong.

I was in so much pain and had doctors appointments all the time.

Francois was addicted to 4 very strong antidepressants.

In all this I still wanted to save the love of my life.

Every time I tried to explain him that the pills were wrong for him and dangerous, and reminded him how I had healed him once before, he became angry and said to me that I was not a doctor. And that “that person” and his doctor said he had to take everything.

It was impossible for me to make him understand how the body of a human works, what processes the different drugs does to the body and what impact they have, specially on a older person.

So I said that I wanted to see his doctor, and I needed a good shrink form my own problems anyway!

“That person” said to Francois to forbid me to see his doctor, that I would manipulate the doctor 😂😂😂 statements like that, from “that person” makes me think 🤔😂
So me and Francois went to his doctor, I stated my case, what I have studied and how I thought a bipolar person like Francois should be treated, with a correct nutrition plan for his gens, the lithium and regular physical exercising.

That the drugs Francois was taking were extremely dangerous for him.

And guess what, the doctor agreed, he confirmed that all this medication gave Francois no life quality, cluttered with his memory and had bad side effects. – the only reason that he had prescribed all this for Francois was because “that person” said Francois wanted to kill himself all the time and he needed to be totally tranquillized.

But it was not a medical problem why Francois had talked about killing himself, it was because of his terrible family and how he felt bad future prospect.

It was a hard fight to get him of these very addictive drugs, one of them being similar to LSD.
To be continued


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