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Becoming a drug addict 

While Francois got clean from all his prescription drugs and continued his life heathy and happy on lithium, I became a drug addict myself.The drug was Tramadol, it is a morphine based drug.

It is highly addictive and has a long list of side effects.
The constant headache from when “that person” had attacked me would not go away.
Although “another person” was aware of all this it did not keep her from kicking me out of the house I was living in with my man,-when she was coming to visit with her family.

I’m like, yes if you are 5 years old or in the middle of breaking out all the worst hormones in your teenage years, well yes, I guess it can be difficult to meet your daddy’s girlfriend.

But if you are a grown up women, in your 30’s, hello, deal with it.

Anyway so “another person” with her husband and children was coming here one week to visit Francois, but the real reason was skiing, cause they did not spend any time with him, they did not even ask him to come with them to ski.

I got kicked out, even though I hade made 3 different cakes for them, brownies, popcorn, jelly with vanilla sauce and even bough my little ponies for the two girls.

So I was back in the truck again for one week.

I had made a food plan for Francois, what he should eat since he is bipolar, and was in a recovery state from all the addictive prescription drugs, but this they completely ignored and gave him spaghetti bolognese 2 days in a row, the dish he hates more than anything.

Please people out there, when you go to visit your parents, please ask them what they want, be grateful, they gave us life💖
While the “another person” and the gang was out skiing, me and Francois meet at the gym.
I had gotten glasses that I used so I could safely drive the car again, and when I took the Tramadol 3 times a day I was feeling better!
Sorry that this post is short, because I am at home with a very very bad throat inflammation.

I will continue the blog tomorrow 🤒

Here is a picture of me from yesterday

I was sick already Sunday, not choose to ignore it, worse Monday but had been looking forward a whole week to go skiing with Francois, so I did.

And on yesterday (Tuesday) I was going to jump with Duc, and for sure did not want to miss that!

Can we all take a moment please and appreciate his incredible front leg? ⭐🐴

  Totally best friends with the 🥕Carrot eater💖🐴

Went to the doctor and got penicillin and continued my day. When I was finished riding I was todyally caput, so tired. Been in bed since. Can’t eat or drink, well I eat ice cubes, they cool down my throat so good .

5 thoughts on “Becoming a drug addict ”

  1. Krya på dig Eva! Hoppas det går över fort.
    Det är väldigt intressant och roligt att få följa dig här på bloggen! 🙂 Vilka otroligt fina hästar du har, men det är inte så konstigt då du rider grymt bra och gör ett fint jobb med dom.

    Har du någon mejladress som man kan nå dig på?

    Stor kram till dig och all lycka till dig & Francois.


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