March 2017, Okategoriserade

Rest of the day!

Got my nails done, always putting a F and a ❤, makes me happy when I look at it, and makes Francois happy when he sees it😍 I get pink with glitter every time lately, everybody else takes like mat some kind of neutral color, seems to be what’s hot right now! But me🙋, I am not like everyone else 😉

And went shopping for some new running shoes, choice fell on (as always) Asics Gel Kayano, perfect for how my foot is build and the way I run ⛹️‍♀️

Went for a cardio session up the mouintain! 800 calories!!- the route I take burns

Saw these guys on the way, looks like they are making a baby 🤔

Favorite pause place

Since Skin and Duc went to Dalchenhof to get new Air Max shoes, I went back to the stable for some rug changing, and “back on track putting”

Me holding Ice and Duc while Skin opens the trailer

My horses wears cooling rugs after work, now in a transition face before summer breakers out for real they have fleece rugs with these thin sweat rugs over, mostly to keep the fleece in its place! Check out the look on 🐴Alf’i

All set for the night

After that home and for me I made 🌮taco for dinner, and for Francois❤ I made fish and asparagus in mango sauce 😃

Day not finished jet, = GYM TIME

Don’t worry, I loose the jacket before I start! Just really admire this jacket🎀

Wanted to tell you about something very strange today at jumping with Alf, but have so much other things to attend to now, and I forgot to take some bit pictures, so I’ll do that tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “Rest of the day!”

  1. I love you’re jacket 😍 it’s cool to be different then others and not following the croud.
    You have so much energy and I think with your blog, you giving other people inspiration and energy.
    I always smile rea ding it.
    My little chestnut had also new shoes today 😂
    Joke 😘

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