April 2017, Okategoriserade, Travel

Going to Oliva!

After riding the horses me and skin packed all the equipment and food we needed!

Then Skin got our  co drivers and I made the horses ready for the transport!

We left at 02.00 in the night so the horses needed to be 100% ready to go! Since they will have bandages on for so many hours, it is important that the horses feet are first properly cleaned and then completely dried before you put the bandages on!

Some of the horses travles with back on track , and some with bandages! Duc really hates to have stuff on his hindlegs, but for such a long travel I feel it is important to protect his legs! So he gets bandages on all 4  Also all of them get the tail plated

Alf gets back on track on all 4 legs, I always make sure they are good on, not to loose but not to tight ether!  In the night it will be around +12 degrees, but in the day a lot warmer! So they will start with these two rugs on, Alf and Ice have a equiline first and a bucas over 

Duc has a Rambo first and a Bucas over, all of them have these pads in front of the rug to make it more soft 

One and a half hour before the horses gets loaded they get 4 hay cubes that have been in ca 20 liter water minimum 3 hours, and have absorbed the water, so when they eat the hay cubes they get a lot of fluid in them. We have also hanged hay nets in the truck! After driving ca 6-8 hours they get more water with hay and also this mix in the crib 

Me truck driving with my usual truck driver hoodie dress 

Well now I am gonna finish up this blog and go help with the driving! Right now I am up in my bed relaxing, 

I drove the first 8 hours in the night , and now these guys have been driving a while 

We have loads of candy and snacks! Can you guys imagine, before “that Person” attacked me I  was always driving everywhere alone, never a problem! Hope I will be as strong again! Anyway I am grateful for my amazing friends and for Francois❤ that is always there for me!

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