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New plan!

I asked yesterday when it was the least people at the clear round so I could go with Alf, they said at 14.00. But my bad, I did not go a extra time to the show office to check, so the clear round had already finished for the day at 12.00. When I was riding Ice Tea in that arena I thought they would just put up the course again, but no!

So me and Alf will jump some jumps at one warm up and jump the 3 jumps in the supposed to be clear round arena!

This is how the horses stand waiting for me to ride them, ready tacked up with a fly rug on!

Riding to the ring with Alf

Me and Alf jumping at the first warm up place:

Some more jumps in the “clear round” arena!

I really felt it went well, Alf was very relaxed and we got some good jumps and good experience together!

After that the whole gang of 5 went to the mall, I got brash/ bras? BH, how do you write that?😂 and some nail polish and a sponge 

I also decided to give the truck a little makeover! This is how it usually lookes like, just that many times we have a pillow in our lap and put a plate of food on top of it and eat like that! Aaaannd, may times we have spilled on the pillows, so I got some new pillows: look! Before :

After, new pillows and tablecloth! 

Nicer before or after? Haha, does not matter, nobody like to be cozy on the sofa with “yellow pillows” 😂, not throwing the old once out just jet, are going to see if they can survive on being washed on 90 degrees! Even got some small decorations to put in front of the tv! 

After that it was Duc time 

Me and Duc rode in the “new” (new for me anyway) they did not have this arena when I was here two years ago, so new MET Flat work arena! Felt the ground was good, worked Duc low and relaxed, he was also good 

Btw, check out what my friends eats, looks good right 🎂😍 I’m staying strong because of my sugar allergies, and don’t want to risk getting sick again 

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