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Early morning heading back to Spain 

Jumped in my clothes, and my pink socks 😂 so Francois, my blog boss, or him and Eyvind is the blog bosses! Francois helps me trying to minimize the spelling mistakes and write some of the post, anyway! -Francois, I’m coming clean now, after I washed this T-Shirt I must have forgotten to take it out of the washer and I put in mine and yours underware and socks, that’s why it is pink now, SORRY! So I love fashion and I love to wear a shirt in one brand with a bag in the same brand. Daddy I love the Hermes bag you gave me, but for this trip it is to heavy! A Birkin is beautiful, but it is a heavy bag, and you can not put it on your shoulder. So since I have loads of carry with me today, I prefer a lighter bag! 

Looking forward to see the horses again, but it is always so hard to leave home and Francois❤! Today’s plan with the horses is flatwork/dressage!

Just have to put some more beach fotos of Skin, Tina, Duc and Ice Tea

This is me back in Spain, ready to go riding 

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