So cold here today, had to put on the Central heater in the truck This is my breakfast today, was so cold in the truck when I woke up so I did not feel like making my usual morning salad! Protein bar, digestive cookies, breakfast Pepsi and Heartland on the iPad 

Today’s me

Now me, Alf and Skin are going to the clear round! We are going to jump a little course and afterwords train the water, with water in this time 😃

Me and Alf warming up in the warm up to the Valencia ring 

Course jumping in the clear round ring! The jumps are low, we are not really training on the jumping part, but mostly about staying relaxed before, over and after the jump 

Me and Alf did two rounds, and on the second round everything felt really good! Then I jumped of him, and Skin lead him over the big water! Afterwards I rode Alf over the water in walk, then trot and finally we jumped! Tomorrow before start we are going to the clear round again, trying to jump the water stright away without leading him over! If I have done my work good it should go easy 😇

Now I need to go and change my clothes, Duc and me are starting soon!

4 thoughts on “Cooooold”

  1. love watching Heartland too😻😻😻 where do you watch it? I used to stream ir but it doesnt work anymore🙉
    keep up the good work with the blog!😃👍🏻💜

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