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Pool time 

Since we were finished early today the whole gang went for some pool time!

All 4, yes inclusive Magne (sterke mannen) had our new bikinis/bading gear,- and we were really just “goofing” around 

This pool is at the apartment hotel where Tina, Magne and Skin lives! Cost only 750 euros for a big apartment with room form 5 people for 2 WEEKS!! Good deal I would say! 

We got loads of sun and relaxation 

I went for a run on the beach when the sun went behind clouds! I saw these little “sea animals”, does anyone know what they are?? I never saw anything like these before

Back to the stable to do some horse cuddles with my chestnut team 💖 Duc, most happy horse in the world I think  

Alf, hiding behind Alf 

Looking the same way

Looking grumpy  

Looking at each other 

And Finally looking at the camera 

I could not cuddle with Ice, cause he was out walking with Skin, Duc monitoring, him and Ice are good friends when it’s not feeding time

Btw, a good tips from me to you, hang up two water buckets so your horse always get enough water 

Last night in Oliva for this time, and the gang went to the mall and took the usual selfie in the glasses shop At the glasses shop we also saw this little friend! So sweet that the owners take so good care and have a wagon for him 


Selfie, my outfit, All Chanel except for the Skirt, it is from I was 14 years old and the brand is Only! Haha, it’s a oldie, but goodie😂💎😉 

Our usual restaurant, Magne and Tina 

The gang 

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