So early 

Me, Tina and Magne came back home to Francois at 01.30 and we had to get up before 07.00 to drive to the airport since they are flying back to Norway!

The car drive to Geneva was sooo long, we were all so sleepy! Zzz but we made it 

Hotel ibis with some new commercial on Geneva airport 😂

Magne and Tina had so many heavy bags! Shopping in Spain had spoken in their favor! The light blue suite case is brand new, filled with just new things😍 LUCKY

This big one with holes in my mom gave to me (when it was still good and without holes) and when Tina was visiting me the last time I gave it to her because she had been shopping to much! I said that the suit case could do one last travel before it would go of to retirement, but hey, she’s still using it! And it still gets the job done!

Me and Tina sleepy selfie 

Some much needed expresso Frappochino 

Afterwords I had a quick change of wardreobe, Francois had given me the stright instructions to look for some potential birthday presents so I had to make a quick stop in Geneva 

I’m thinking maybe this one

Or something from Chanel

My Chanel espadrilles are so comfy, put have been a lot in the stables and are damaged because of it, so a pair of New once would be good I think 

I have the old model of this bag, and I really like it, this one is a bit bigger and another color! Totally usable!

Or some more Chanel clothes, this t-shirts is yours for 900 euro 🤔 but I’m sort of digging it 

Now I’m heading out to take care of the horses 🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴

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