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New VLOGG from the Show in Oliva

Hi Guys! In this VLOGG I am showing you how I remember the course and how many strides there is between the jumps, in a special way so I include how I’m going to ride each jump in my plan as I walk the course to have the best possible result!

To remember where to ride is step nr 1, to remember how many strides to ride is step nr 2, and to remember how to ride the distances and how to ride the horse is step nr 3

I also show you how I do my warm up, and I share with you my check list!

It is really good to find a system with your horse that works well and do the same every time! Both you and your horse feels more confident then!

What level you and your horse are determine what and how you are going to jump in the warm up. If you are a bit nervous but sitting on a good horse you might feel more confident to jump some higher jumps in the warm up, so it seems lower when you go in to the ring. For me the only goal for the warm up is to make the horse relaxed and warm in his body. And that he listens to me! I do not need to jump high to do that. Even if the class I am starting is 155, I many times don’t jump fore than 135 in the warm up!

A horse like Ice Tea that jumps very long i choose to jump higher on the vertical to make him jump more up before i start on the oxer.

A horse like Duc needs just a couple of jumps to be ready, he has a easy way of jumping, he is older and experienced and knows what to do. I always think about the horse health and limit the jumps i do in the warm up. It is no point to jump just to jump!

I really hope you will enjoy it! Please remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel, it would also be great if you leave a comment here what you think, and if you want me to do something special in the next video!

10 thoughts on “New VLOGG from the Show in Oliva”

  1. I wanted to ask, if you plate the mane, do you UNdo the plaits completely every single day and the day after you make new plaits from zero? I know the plaits shouldn’t be kept overnight not to damage the mane.. But I thought to just release the ‘bobbles’ and keep just the straight braid for the day after… What is the best way you do it (or your groom) to save some time?

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  2. Really nice video! You made it very qualitatively, I think 😊 As one girl said, it would be cool, if You would make a video of plating 😃 And could You make a blogg or vlogg of shampoos, conditioners, sprays, hoof oil, brushes and other stuff that you use on your guys while taking care, thanks! 😄

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  3. And I remembered one thing! 😂 I think that all of us have a list, which we always check before the competitions 😃 I mean that list, where is written all stuff that you have to pick up with yourself when going to the competition 😀 so it would be perfect, if You could share it with us! 😄 THANKS one more time 😸


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