More answers from Instagram 

1: how many horses that are for sale goes up and down, and they are not all on instagram

2: I dont have any fear of falling of. If you have fear you must find out what you really are afraid of, because statistic seen it is more dangerous to drive a car! I would recommend mental coaching! Many athletes use it!

3: I am from Norway but live i Switzerland with the love of my Life Francois ❤

4: I am aducated a professional rider and trainer. But after the attack I have been reduced. The horses belong to my family and me


1: I have been riding all my life! For more info read the “about me” in the category’s in the blog

2: if I’m looking for a horse for me to keep I want to have the feeling of a connection with the horse, and also that the horse can for file the ambitions I have from home and him! If I look for a horse for somebody else, I try to find all the qualities in the horse that the rider needs to be as good as possible, good health and as good price as possible 

3: I live in Switzerland with the love of my Life Francois❤

4: no, not all of them are for sale 

5: it depends a lot on each individual case. But I’m always careful when it comes to tendons and ligaments 

6: thank you, I will think about it

1: Norwegian is my main language, but I feel I speak English as good

2: me and Francois speak English together, but I dream many times about him learning Norwegian so we can talk to each other and nobody else will understand 😉 No, I dont ride Starlight anymore! But I also really loved him

3: I think I always had a good eye, but I had to hold and push a lot before get the horse to go to the good distance. Now I am able to see 7 strides before the jump so I can adjust mildly the horse to get to the good stride! But I do believe anyone can learn anything they really want 

4: I give muscle builder from Cavalor and vitamin E! But normally I plan the training in a way that they don’t get muscle pain! Me and Skin massage them when we brush them with a rubber brush every day 

1: I use a lot of different bits! But I usually ride dressage in a snaffle, and can almost jump all horses in a gag with two reins

2: thank you so much! You can shorten your stirrups 4 holes and stand in them in all gates when you for example ride in the forest 40 min twice a week! It is hard core but it helps! Good luck

3: helt sannt😘

4: thank you 😃

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