Questions and answers from Instagram

1: on individual fences Ice Tea jumps the highest, on a course both Picsou and Duc did 160

2: How I ride this horse workes the best for her, she is very special! Take a look at a show film of us:

3 : the highest i ever jumped is 2.10 cm with Chambord Du Filou

1: I have never been unmotivated to ride, the love for the horses and my ambitions and the fact that I love physical activity moteivates me everyday 

2: I started to work for the local riding school on weekends, then I got my own pony but continued to work to ride and give leasons! Read about me, here on the blog to get the full story! I of course can thank  stud Farm Alfarvad that I worked successfully as a ride for, and. Francois for believing in me and giving me very good horses

3: my mom and dad put me on a pony when I was 2 years old, after that all I wanted to do was riding! Read about me on the blog 

4: the place we have the horses are fantastic! I believe in the law of attraction

1: I use Butet saddles 

2: to overcome fear of jumping you must have a horse that you trust that always will jump and do his best for you, and a instructor that gives you confidence 

3: I ride almost everyday 

4: yes Francois has ridden in the past! You can read more about it in the category on the blog  “about me” 

5: I look up to many rides! Rolf Göran Bengtsson, Meridith M Beerbaum, Pius Schwizer, Marcus Ehning, Edwina Tops, John Whitaker, Malin Baryard, Simone Leimgruber that has the stables where I am. And many many more 

1: I alsways want good head, and good heart, scoop and a smart horse! Francois study the technic more than me

2: 😃

3: the horses can go weeks without jumping at all, it depends on their program and if we need to train on something specific, if they have a rest period or a show period! Never more than 3 times a week

4: check this out: 

1: when I was 13 with my Pony Jolly Jumper

2: I have been riding all my life, for more details read “about me” in the category’s on my blog 

3: some of them are for sale and some not! We will most likely not sell Classica and Picsou, and maybe not Duc!

4: I can’t explain that, it’s is just in my blood and my heart! They give so much unconditional love 

5: I learn to count in the canter between small jumps and poles

6: I am 32, I come from Norway but live in Switzerland with the love of my life Francois❤

1: I don’t have a go pro camera so I have no plans on a Vlogg with that! But it was a cool idea

2: favorite for breeding must be Quidam De Revel, Kannan, INDOCTRO, Nabab De Reve, Letot De Semilly, Diamant de Semilly, For Pleasure 

3: yes, they have a lot of brakes form jumping. I think it is very important 

4: my mom rode a little, but my father not! When they realized that I love horses my father learnd a lot about them so he could help me! He even breed two horses, Greatest Espri B Jumper that is successful in Sweden, and Greatest Jump like Magic that won the Norwegian Championship for Junior! I broke in and took both to their first competitions! My first pony was Jolly Jumper, if you want to know more read “about me” in the category’s on the blog

5: I have a YouTube channel: evaursin

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