1: I’m from Norway but live in Switzerland with Francois❤ the love of my life 

2: depends if it is because he is young or if he is older andin experienced. If he is young it can be because he did not find his balance jet, if he is older it can be because he does not use his hindlegs correct, and are not enough active! You can jump up and downs! Start to jump only two, then 3 then 4 then 5, when that goes good jump every other high low, high ,low 

3: she followed me on Instagram and I saw her add for a job on a Facebook site 

4: hej! Jeg har laget en YouTube video om det! Sjekk min YouTube : Evaursin du må ride over mange små hinder og bommer, kikke på hindret og telle, sakte men sikkert vill du begynne og kunne måle avstanden mellom hindrene på for eksempel 5 steg og se om du kommer nærme eller stort! Held og lykke

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