Dressage training with Ice Tea and Francois ❤

Today’s me! Still a little cold so put on a few layers, first t-shirt form Cavalleria Toscana, then a pullover from Ralph Lauren and then scarf from LV!

I tucked the scarf in to the pullover  because of the wind! 

These are my accessories of today! 

I got a question how I put my outfits together, first of all, it need to be appropriate for the weather and what I am gonna do, and also I like it to match! I love to put accessories that match, and I love a lot of colors! 
Like here I suggested a outfit for my beautiful helper and friend Skin one day when we were hanging out in Geneva! She is dressed in Gucci, t-shirt, bag, belt and scarf! 

Haha! Geneva has a Gucci fever! It is the hottest shop for the moment! 

Here I am also dress completely in Gucci! Dress, bag, belt, hairband, shoes though from louboutin!

Also Gucci but not the new designer Alessandro Michele (I think) it is more “old” classic horsebit Gucci

 So these outfits we would not wear in the stables, but are perfect for some free time! 
Francois came with me to the stables today and gave me some dressage training with Ice Tea! 

I really need to be concentrated when I ride him so I always keep him active on the hindlegs but still stay light in the front, no matter if I have his head in a low or a high position 

After that Skin came over with Duc!

She took Ice to the stables and took Duc

 I rode Duc more collected today, but still only a short time, 25 min work for him! He really need to gain some wight! So I keep the well fair of him for anything else!
Next up was Alf’i! He was really good today, you can even see on the pictures he is a lot deeper in his shape! Alf has a phase he like, that he can relax in, and be deeper! They phase is not slow but not fast, not very active, but not to inactive ether! 😂 haha, good explanation! 

I work a lot on being able to make him more active in a bigger phase and still being able to keep the neck out and ride him relaxed in a low shape, and also the same with keeping him more collected, very active with the hind legs and still low in the neck and relaxed in his mind! 

When I change the pressure out of his “comfort” zone, he gets a bit more tense and take the head up, but it is slowly getting better so he can be relaxed in other phases also!
Only hand walking today with Picsou, his leg was a little swollen today, so I wanted to give him one day to recuperate! When you put a horse back to work after a rest it can be a little swollen in the legs again, then it is better to back up, give a day of rest and if the leg is gone down resume work the day after! 

Duc in his apartment with ice on the feet after training 

Skin and Calla are really getting best friends! Calla also getting a day off, important to not get to excited when you are building a horse back up 😃 she is her sending some hellos to Irene! Calla misses you 💖 but are happy your new horse is so super 😍💖

Since I’m leaving on a short trip tomorrow I gave them all loads of cuddles and apples before I went home! 

And Snap Chat with Ice Tea
Picsou 💖

Dropping a extra apple to everyone as I walk by on my way home to the BEST FRANCOIS ❤ IN THE WORLD 

When I came home me and Francois had one hour of cardio! 

Afterwords a goood dinner!
That’s that for today 

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