Day one on my new factory!

I must say it was clean and the products that are made here are very well known brands! I wish I could say their names, but believe me, if it says made in Italy or Germany it does not have to have been produced in Italy or Germany..

They had made me some samples after what I had made before on the old factory! Sewing was perfect, but I was not 100% convinved on the material, so we are looking at that tomorrow! Also the rise front and back need to be change a little! 

But I must say very very good! They even had imported some machines from Germany to make the products perfect! Impressed⭐

After that they took me back to the hotel! I live at the Crown Plaza! 

This is my room, beautiful 

I went to eat with the people from the factory, and it was very nice! Although the food was very  Chinese, so I did not want to eat the supe. It was not the Chinese supe we get at a Chinese in Suisse! Dessert was amazing!!

Went a quickie to the gym, and now I’m going to sleep! 

I will take some pictures from the factory tomorrow! 

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