Day two new factory

This is the view from my room at the Crown Plaza, it is not much around. So when we are finished with work tonight I fly back to Hong Kong and spend the weekend there.

 They work on the products for me in the factory alone Friday and Saturday, on Sunday they have a day of. And on Monday I go back to China to check the products and see what changes we need to make! When they sew the products the customers can’t be there. So as always, I have to wait! It is to long to go home, and they said there is Ebola warning in China, infected chicken meat on meat marked, so Hong Kong is more safe!

The breakfast buffet looked beautiful! And it was a lot! Croissant and some Danish cakes, but the taste was not like it taste I Europe! The other hotel Marco Polo I lived at the old factory was more European! A lot of Europeans was there, but here I only see me as a European person. But still I am appreciating this beautiful hotel and the food! It is in China so it should be Chinese I guess!

In my room this Chinese song is playing on repeat, near the window, I filmed it to try to record it for you, if you put the sound laud you can hear it ​


After breakfast we went to the factory! It is really exciting and I have great hopes for these products! It is things I really need, that already are on the marked, but not perfect! So many things could be better!!

And of course my dream riding pants! Sorry that the picture is bad quality, but I can not show the brand of he pants that are produced in this factory ..

 We had Mc Donald’s for lunch today, 😂 since I was a bit skeptical to the food yesterday. I got a Big Mc

Show room picture! They also do Show Jackets, but nothing like I have in mind! That’s just a totally new thing! And also saddle pads! But I think it is so many good saddle pads on the marked, so I’m not gonna do any saddle pads! I’ll let you guys come with me to take a closer look at the factory! The factory is clean, they have real toilet, and no child labor 

They had some fishes outside

My sizes on my products  will be: XS, S, M and L ! I always think it is so confusing with the sizes 36, 38, 40, 42. Because a Italian 36 is not the same as a European 36. But a XS is a small size, a S is small but a bit bigger then a XS, a M is a medium and normally we know if we are a S or a M, and a L is a little bigger again! 

I think it is easiest this way! What do you guys think?

9 thoughts on “Day two new factory”

  1. Hi Eva!! This is great! I wouldn’t definitely buy from you! WHen do you anticipate your products to Be available for sale?

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  2. It is a good idea with sizes! It’s much easier to find robe in the size that fits you 😃 and what a beautiful rug! That one which is in purple and white colours👍 looks very gorgeous 💜

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  3. Oh Eva I’m so excited knowing your collection going on the market!
    I hope it’s available in Belgium😉or on the web.
    Sure I’m going to buy it!!!
    I need new riding pants 😊
    Joke 😘

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  4. Hello! I love the looks of the products! What is the difference, or what are you making better about the products? Can’t wait to purchase some!

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