So convenient

My hotel is just next to some shops and a short walk to the MTR

I just have to cross this bridge and I’m at another building who has 7-Eleven and Starbucks

View from the bride, in one side my hotel, and on the other side big buildings 

Just a cross the bridge

Amazing ice cream

Got some Coca Cola Light at the 7-Eleven, to have at the room so I don’t have to use the minibar all the time! Took the elevator down and down stairs there is this place for sushi lovers, and also Starbucks! As you can see it is just across the street from my hotel💖 bless, so goood 😇 

Other sortiment than we have in Switzerland 

Paid with my Octopus card, you just hold the purse near this Octopus receiver
And went to the pool! Finally got to use my new Ralph Lauren towel dress! Hermes sandals are happy to come out from their “winter rest”


My love bracelet is put to the ultimate test! I have been worried that it is to tight, and not in this heat and the humidity I will know if it is one size to small or perfect 

Bikini choice of the day! Hermes to match sandals 

I hope this does not make anyone jealous, but I hope to inspire people! Remember ALL OF YOU ARE UNIQUE AND PERFECT IN YOUR OWN SPECIAL WAY, AND YOU ALL CAN ACHIVE ANYTING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO! I BELIEVE IN YOU! ALWAYS💖

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