Shopping 💁

My room! Sooooooo good! 

After I got back from the pool I went down town! Check out the Dior earrings🎀 Francois gave me for Christmas 

My outfit, used my Chanel tank top since it is very warm today, my LV shoes, bag and bracelet! 

Took sneakers today because I’m planing to walk a lot! It is very high humidity here, so yesterday’s trip to town in my Armani high heels has given me blisters on my feet! 

Took the MTR as always, and went back to Harbour City 

Look at the size of the Fendi! Can’t wait for my birthday to get to open the present from my parents! 

But if you are going to buy one high fashion pice I would say that the hottest right now is Gucci or Chanel! Gucci clothes are a little  cheaper that Chanel clothes. Except this T-Shirt from Gucci , cost more than the Chanel t-shirt that is on my wish list for my birtday 🎂 but normally a dress from Gucci cost less than a dress or a shirt from Chanel! 

This T-shirt though 

the reason I went back to Harbour City, this t-shirt! Have not even visit my all time favorite Starbucks in Hong Kong, it is in between the landmark Alexandra Building and Price Building in Central! So I got the t-shirt! PROUD! Back to if you are going to buy one fashion item, I would do like myself years ago! I saved up for CC Chanel earrings! They are difficult to get, like now, the stores does not have them, so if you want them, go regularly by your Chanel shop and ask for them! Or ask that they call you if they have it!

 They are so classic and goes with every outfit! 

The T-Shirt I bought is not in the shops in Europe jet, but I did see some clothes that I tried on in Gucci Geneva this winter , the first picture is from Hong Kong 

Gucci Geneva 

The designers have a lot of different things, getting the “more casual” things can be a challenge, since they get sold fast! The pink dress is still in stock..

New collection in Hong Kong

Waiting to pay ! You know I love to match, and I love to match the Gucci green and red web, but those shoes are a big No No for me

These shoes, NOOOOO

Went to Chanel also because I am hung up on a belt! 

It is from the Cruise Collection, sold out in Europe, and the collections only come once 

Always good service, me and my new Gucci t-shirt sat down and had some drinks 

And wanted to look at the sandals 

Hard choice!  

New style on ballerinas, quite cool, but these once are not really me! The CC moves on the shoes

The Chanel people was really in to horses and when I told them I am riding they wanted a picture with me 

Went to Pizza Hut! But I am allergic to Gluten, Lactose and Sugar after the attack so I felt really bad after eating the Pizza! Had to lay on my bed looong time before I could go to the gym! I was a pizza eater at least 3 times a week before! And I love Pizza Hut 

Saw this car on my way back to the hotel 

This excit I take from the MTR to the hotel commercials for EU

Almost forgot to say that I bought this one, you can hock it on and use it as a selfie stick! 

Before bed I went for 40 min of cardio, Cross Trainer today , and did some stretching 

The new thing is used to take the first picture


6 thoughts on “Shopping 💁”

  1. Altså, for noen lekre ting du har kjøpt!! ❤ Det må være gøy å kunne kjøpe så luksuriøse klær, jeg gleder meg til jeg er ferdig som student! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TUSEN TAKK!! Er virkelig stolt! Gleder meg til å bruke det! Var litt usikker på Gucci t-shirt’en, men når jeg hadde tenk en dag så JA! Jeg kommer til å bruke den masse!


  2. Those brown Chanel sandals are beautiful!!!
    I don’t buy a lot of clothes. My mom always says that my riding clothes are more expensive then my usual outfits 😂
    And now I know you’re going to have a collection 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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