The view form my room

Woke up 10.15 and breakfast end at 10.30, so I had to jump in a dress and run down! 

Made it 

My breakfast 

Took a little rest and went out for some running today! As you can see I use Snap Chat a lot! Mostly to keep my daddy and mom in the loop on what I’m doing! LOVE THEM 

I went down to Victoria Park to run! The way there is 1.8km, so 1800m, when I asked for directions the Hong Kong people said, “Victoria park, Causaway Bay, to far to walk, take MTR” šŸ˜‚ yes they said that to me that is clearly wearing clothes to do some heavy work out! Anyway, manage to get the directions and recognize myself so I found the way! Not very easy to run there, because of the crowded streets so I mostly walked!  On this corner it was surprisingly quiet check out the black really narrow but high buss

How they collect the trash here 

Apparently Max Mara has been inspired with Francois CARNEVAL outfit and try to create a copy šŸ˜‚

Made it to the park! A lot of people having a picnic 

The jogging track is 625 m one round I did 5 rounds! So 3125m for me today, + walking back and forward that is 6725 m for me so far today! Good cardio start 

It was also a lot of women Ninja’s in training there 

They had different colors of the belts, the once in front had white and other colors on the belt 

On my way back I took a photo of a Chinese clothes shop

Check out the multi colored building together with the sky scrapers 

The last part to my hotel is LUXUS

Had a shower and went down to the pool 

Burberry today 

As you guys can see the pool is not so busy! I think it is because the Hong Kong and Chinese people want to be white, so they don’t want to swim outside and relax in the sun! It is commercial for creams that makes your skin more white everywhere! 

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