Friends over

Me and Francois woke up early and went down to the stables together! 

My outfit! All Louis Vuitton today! Love this heart shaped V neck!

We had some friends coming over and they looked at the horses and we had a good time!

Ice waiting Sarah bruising Victor

Duc and Skin

So shiny boots 😍

Soon I think it is to hot to use these boots, and then we will use normal Eskadron the rest of the summer! 

Afterwords I had some light training with Alf! Thought he was going to be very spooky and tense since he has not jumped since the show in Oliva! But he was super cool and relaxed!

Me and Skin also finished a VLOGG anout learning your horse to jump water! That we actually started on in Oliva! Just came together now! 

Some Picsou time 😍

Duc and Pic in their boxes with Ice on after training 

Went to town to get some needed things 

Finished the day with cardio up the mouintain 

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