Tuesday morning 

I know it is just a lot of what I am doing in Hong Kong on the blog now, and not so much about the horses and the products! 

I was suppose to stay in China and work at the factory today also, but since one of the fabrics/tissue I need they have to create and send me samples, it was nothing more we could do. So it was better for me to stay in Hong Kong to wait for my plane! Francois has arrange that I have my room at the Renaissance, my stuff is there all the time so I can spend the night in China or stay at he hotel in Hong Kong as I want! 

The horse rugs I need to try on the horses to see that they are as perfect as I want, and then I will show you pictures so we can compare with the once that are on the marked now! And also I am waiting for your comments on the last post! COMMENT MORE PLEASE!! If just one or two people would like to spend like 80 euro on rugs like this it is no point to continue the process with them! TELL ME!!! PLEASE 

Felt sick when I woke up so no Gym this morning! 

Yesterday when we came back with the plane form China we had to do temperature check before we could go on in to the immigration and luggage area. 

Apparently they are afraid of Ebola. The man I sat next to seemed to be having a cold, and I must say I have been a little worried about myself. They said not to eat chicken from the marked, I only eat Duck last week at the Chinese restaurant at the Crown Placa, it is a 5* so the food there should be top, and safe.

Both me and the man I sat next to passed the temperature check and could go back to Hong Kong.

So I’m probably feeling just a common cold! Francois doctor told us that he did not think I should go to China, because if something happened to me there and I had to go to the Hostpital they use one needle on 10 persons. Is that really so? 

I also have in mind that I have been eating a lot of sugar, gluten and lactose, all of the abow I am allergic to, so it can also be that reason I am feeling low and sick 


You can get sick everywhere, and I’m not gonna start to blame Asia, I like coming here from time to time😉

Anyway, I staid in bed a long time and after having a big breakfast I went down to the pool!

Today I’m wearing my multi purpose Paul Frank “dress” / tank top 

Wearing it “normal”

Alternative way 

Last time I was at the pool it was triangle bikini (Sunday) so today it is this kind of bikini! Don’t know the name..

After sleeping a looooong time on the sun bed and drinking some Coca Cola light with Lemon I felt better 

Went for a swim 

Water felt soooo good!

Some Ice Cream and Chips +refill of Coca Cola Light with lemon *should say on the picture: when the CONCIERGE service is on TOP⭐ Best service, THE ICE CREAM 🍦😍

This hotel also gives their pool guests free water! That is a really good thing I think! So you can stay hydrated without having to put water on your room bill all the time

Feeling better so I’m going to go to town! Here are some selfies from the pool area Waterfall, like to hear the sound of it, and its is so pretty 

The view from my room and testing the new selfie thing 

Here is a little map of the view from my room, if you look closely you can see that Victoria Park is NR 26, and it is there I like to go jogging 

I’ll update you with how the rest of my day is going! Missing Francois❤ so much, we are talking together ALL THE TIME! But when we are not talking writing on the blog makes me feel that I’m with you guys and that’s cool! 

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  1. I think you feel a little lonely in there 😕 No Francois, no family, no friends… And almost there isn’t anyone with who you could talk, right? 😃

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