Woke up at 07.00, and here you see me going to breakfast in my gym clothes! At 07.21 because I’m going for a run to Victoria Park after breakfast 😃

My breakfast! Haha, you can see I eat a lot! In my opinion, there is no point on going to a buffet if your not going to eat a lot 

More donuts 

The favorite eggs of Francois in two different variations 

So 08.09 I was jogging in Victoria Park! I could almost run all the way there because the streets were not so crowded 

When I got to the park I saw women in every age group doing exercising! They had music on, and they were happy! Did you guys know when you exercise endorphins are realized in your body and these makes you happy! I love to exercise, to move! To use my body! Relaxing after exercise is the best relaxing!

The women were moving to the music in different groups! 

Beside the jogging track where the people usually have picnics, the place was empty, to early for picnic!

Spotted! This women running with the Chanel CoCo Cuba tshirt, could not take a picture from the front because that’s a little rude I think, even thought I admire her fashion in a positive way 

I made my cardio and was ready for some poo time at 08.39!

I had already packed my “beach dresses” so I took one of the hotels bathrobes and the slippers to go to the pool with! 

So I got 1 hour 20 min pool time! 

Quick up to my room, quick shower, taxi, airport express train check in, airport express train to airport! No line in security check is the best line in security  

Ready to go to the gate, exactly same outfit as I traveled down in, Gucci dress and headband, bracelet, shoes, bag, and the new Louis Vuitton phone cover! This dress is perfect for travels, it is loose so it’s comfortable to sit and also sleep in many hours, classy but still not to elegant, so I can wear snicker with it! The feat often swell up while flying, so sneakers is a good choice

On my way to the gate

Quick stop at Starbucks 

They love Danish cakes here 
In my seat!


Main course 


Film and candy

Can’t wait to hug Francois❤ and to see his beautiful smile, so I was so excited did not sleep nothing on the plane, or actually I sleept 40 min before we landed! 

This was out breakfast  

Landed in Amsterdam, plane is so big

At the airport shop at Gucci they had the Gucci monogram, so beautiful! My BFF trine and her monogram 

Airport monogram! In Hong Kong this was all sold out

Stopped by Hermes and saw this t-shirt! Nice I think

Finally got to Geneva and my LOVE was waiting for me with hugs and kisses and this SMILE! LOVE HIM 

4 thoughts on “GOING H❤❤❤❤ME TO FRANC❤IS ”

  1. Jeg blir alltid så glad av å lese bloggen din, jeg tror jeg aldri har lest enn mer positiv og gledesspredende blogg før! Hipp hurra for grunnslovsdagen forresten 😀

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