Working with the rugs

My morning 😍looong breakfast with my love

My outfit of the day, doing a LV monogram, combine with this cute ski top and Cavalleria Toscana riding pants! I’m gonna show you the pants that I made tomorrow! Want to make some nice pictures and today the weather is not on top and I am sooo tired. 

When I got to the stable me and Skin started to try the rugs on the horses, we need to make some changes to make it perfect! Everything is about the perfect cut

This rug has the name “So Zen” it is for the horses to go in the transport with, to live with in the box at the shows, to use it to dry! And in the winter you you can use a wool rug first and put this one over when the horse is drying after training. Since a lot of wool rugs does not have cross girts, you can put a wool first and this over, so it stays in the perfect place! Or in the spring or the fall you can put this rung first and then a fleece rug over for the horse to dry perfect!

Picsou trying the So Zen rug

My vision was to make the whole rug dark blue, but I actually think it looks more exclusive with black and dark blue details! What is you opinion? TELL MEEEE!!!??? PLEASE 

After that I ride Picsou, Skin and Francois went to Pius with Duc to fix a lost shoe! Since his special superstar blacksmith was there today!

I longed Picsou a little first to see how he was moving! And he looked very good

Details on this ski top is just so cute 

I iced his feet twice and made like 100 girsl try my pants that is called JEM L! They looked so good in it! It is important for me that people worn different body shapes will look good in the pants!

Then I went for a cardio run up the mouintain! It started to rain a lot so I did it in 1 hour 15 min, normal time is 1 hour 45 min, haha!

Rode Alf and Ice Tea!

When Francois, Skin and Duc came back me and Francois went to take groceries! Went to bed stright away when we got home! So tired!

18 thoughts on “Working with the rugs”

  1. I really like the look of that rug. I have learned that my TB is very sensitive over the withers and if the blanket sits on her wrong she gets pissed. She’s built a bit like your guys in the wither area. Because of these issues I’m super picky about blankets now and will shell out more money for her comfort and durability/ quality of the blanket.

    I like the black with blue trim. Would you offer other colors too? And like I said above I like how that blanket sits a bit more up the neck. Could it be used in turnout as a fly sheet? I had a cheaper fly sheet rub her really bad on her chest and am now a bit hesitant on what fly sheet to get her now.

    Can’t wait to see the other blankets and breeches!

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    1. Yes I am sure you can turn her out in it! If she is with other horses it is a risk that they might bite the rug, and I don’t know how resistant it will be to biting! In the beginning only one color, it is so expensive all the top quality I want😂 but you could special order your stable colors! Sky’s the limit!😃THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE COMMENT


  2. I like combination of those colours, they match great, but how about more choices? 😄 for example, I think the opposite version of colours would look great too👍(navy rug and black details), or a rug in brown colour with beige details (and opposite version 😁) I know, you have a big imagination, you can create a lot of diffrent and beautiful colour combinations! So that’s my opinion about it 😊
    BTW I think it would look great too, if on the neck would be a little of sheepskin (maybe fake sheepskin ir something 😂)
    Good luck! Can’t wait for the photos of breeches!!! 😃😃😃

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    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE COMMENT! I replied to it in the blog today! Cause I felt you took up a lot of important subject!!
      Please read it and give me more feed back! THANK YOU AGAIN😇


  3. Liker det utrolig godt, jeg foretrekker classy hesteutstyr slik at det kan brukes til alt, alltid! Jeg synes også at marineblått og svart er de to fineste fargene og jeg synes det ser litt “billig” ut med bare en farge. O:) Jeg liker også ideen i kommentaren over her, en lett padding på bryst hadde vært genialt siden vi alltid “må” bruke bandasjeplater under. Jeg vet ikke om noen dekking som har padding i brystet?

    Jeg gleder meg såååå mye til å se ridebuksene!!!

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    1. TUSEN TAKK for kommentaren! Kan du please lese inlegge fra idag og se Va du syns on mine synspunkter på padding?? Lover å komme med ridebukse bilder i morgen💖


  4. Hi Eva,
    I left You before to older post some days ago comment but maybe it has not came throw?
    Anyway it was about I love to read Yor blog, its really interesting! Some things I dont know if you have write already but would like to know; your daily routins, what other sports you do and how often? Your hight and weight? (If can ask ;)) what you eat to keep yourself so fit? Do you dream about children? And also how did Franchois become a horseman? He is really interesting person too 🙂
    BR: Your reader from Finland

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    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENT! How francois became a horse man you can read about in the category about me, here on the blog! I was thinking about doing a Vlogg about my fitness and eating program?! What do you think? My wight is 54 and I am 165 cm high! Please continue to comment 😇


      1. Thanks alot Eva about Your unswer 🙂
        I would love to see vlog about your fittness and eating habbits! Couldnt still find that post about how Francois become a horseman, i went to searcj cathegory ‘about me’..?
        I also really like you show everyday outfit!! 🙂 🙂

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