Hi guys! Thank you so much for feed back about the rugs! 

I have been very busy today, and we did not have time to Fotograf the pants!

I can only make one color at first on The RUGS! But you can special order custom made! Why I can not make more colors? Cause it is VERY EXPENSIVE material I take! 

You know me! I want THE BEST OF EVRYTING! And I don’t want to sell you guys some shit!!!!

I have been thinking a lot back and forward regarding having a “pad” or some fake sheep skin in the front and on the back of the horse! But in the end I think no! Because the horses sweat during the hot summer days and it can be a sweat layer on the padding in front and on the back, that makes you have to wash the whole rug!

Many people don’t have access to horse washing machines and have to pay extra for it. 

One of the goals for my rugs is that they have to fit the horse so well that we don’t need to use that. 

But if you want to use it anyway, I think a bandage pad is the best option, because when it is sweat and dirty it is so small that you can just wash it for hand if you don’t have access to a horse washing machine! And that is already a good thing!


My day has been good!

We went to the doctor in Geneva, rainy weather! Had planed to do cardio up the mouintain or run at home before we left, but it was poring rain! And the gym did not open before 09.00

My outfit in Geneva! Gucci dress, Chanel bag, earrings  and shoes, Louis Vuitton scarf, and Patek  Philippe watch 

And also since it had been raining like crazy, Burberry trench coat! And pumps from Gucci! When I have to walk a lot I bring two pairs of shoes, one pair of high heels and one pair of flats! So I can change when my feet get tired! 
Me and Francois had lunch at Patara! Sooo good

The ceiling is so beautiful 

Went to Patek Philippe, Patek Philippe is among the most presige and most expensive watches in the world! A gold complicated watch from Patek Philippe cost easy 70 000 euro. And that is the same price as a good horse! The watches can increase in value when they are older if that special model is out of production but still in high demand! Rolex is often rakend as NR 2, and was the sponsor of the World Cup before, but now Longines is the sponsor. 

When we was finished at the doctor we went to the stables! I have to operate next week!! NOOOOO!! Nothing serious, but my nose got broken when “that person” attacked me, and not only have I a problem with my digestion, but also some problems with the nose after the attack and he operation I had to have because of it!! Oh well! I’m so blessed in so many other areas of my life

Me and Francois❤ had some Burger King on the way to the stables 

Skin had the day of so I took care of the guys myself!  The horse had a day of today! So mostly just walking! Did not take any horse pics today, but this is my outfit for riding today 


Tomorrow expect pictures of the pants at 17.00! THATS A PROMISE

2 thoughts on “ABOUT THE RUGS”

  1. I will be ready at 17u, it’s so exited and I’m very curious!! It’s true about the rug I’ve always have to bring them to the cleaning shop. They don’t fit in the washing machine.
    Only the fly and the sweatrug.
    Think it’s a very good idea Eva!
    But I think it’s amazing you’re doing this😘

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  2. Now I understood, that you can’t make more choices of colours! Black with navy looks gorgeous, classic! I would buy it, but I’m just thinking if we use it as a fly rug, wouldn’t it be hot for horses? I mean black colour attract sunlight, and if the day is hot, maybe it would be too warm for horses? 😅 I know, light colours are impractible, because you have to wash it often, but how about brown maybe? It’s a medium version I think 😁 of course that’s your decision, maybe that material is special or something, so it doesn’t atrracts sun, but that’s what I think! 😄

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