Jumping today! 

Today I jumped with Duc and Ice Tea!

Outfit of the day, so cold in the morning still! My jeans riding pants 

Glitter top! Gucci scarf

Vest over 

And CT Jacket

Me and Skin build some jumps, and then it got really warm

  I rode Duc first! He is SO HAPPY

The day started good for Duc, he soon descovered that the big paddock was full of snacks 

 We also filmed for a new VLOGG

Duc jumped amazing! And listens to me very well! Really happy with him today! The goal with the training was schooling, making the horse stright, and going relaxed in the rhythm I wanted 

I THINK THE JEM L LOOKS PERFECT ON THE HORSE AND OFF THE HORSE! Here you can see a woman wearing JEM L, S size (I fit S and XS) she does not like to wear the pants a low as me and Skin, just check it out how they sit on her:

Me riding with JEM L


After words it was Ice Teas turn! Me and him are still finding our way, so the first exsercise was a bit difficult for us! It requires full communication between horse and rider! you will see what I mean on the Vlogg! Not horse thinking HEY HOW LETS GO, and rider thinking put more wight on right hindlegs, collect, active, relax! 😂 me and Ice Tea, he’s like that’s all bullshit, let’s take some speed and do this! 


Also here I clipped a little video for you! It is like he suddenly get a rocket in his ass.. just before the jump, makes himself long and just go for it. ​

​​but Grrrrrr, does not work to upload it!! Maybe it works, maybe not 

Here is a classic example of a rocket in Ice Teas ass..



 I have a plan how to fix this, so he stays with the hindlegs under him all the way to the jump! 

My job is to fix this! He is super 

Alf was the next horse, 

I did not jump with him today, because I am the only one who ride him! So when I’m not home he has a holiday! Sice I have been gone over a week he’s has ben only hand walking! So I give him some time to get back to work for real!

Skin came out with Pic💖

Picsou was the last horse I rode today. He behaved perfect! Can’t wait to start to gallop him next week! 

PROUD OF THE PANTS! The model of these pants are JEM L

Me and Skin worked a lot on the rugs after! GOT TO BE PERFECT

When  that was done I gave her a lesson on Calla! Skin and Cal’i 

And it went top! 
When I got home I had one and a half hour meeting with the factory on WhatsApp, after words some gym time with my love!

Now we are watching tv, and I’m going to bed soon! 

The heating in the chalet is off for some reason, so need to go to bed like this! Tomorrow the repair man will come

Here are two rugs, one Rambo and one Amigo, both got caputt from just being on the horse in the box in Villamoura last year! CANT WAIT FOR MY RUGS TO BE READY AND PERFECT!!

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