Hi guys! 

Today I started by jogging/walking up the the mouintain 

The weather is grey and colder so I’m wearing my thicker Nike tank top

Some pictures from the road up, here I’m looking down, from where I already walked 

And here I’m looking up where I am going to continue to walk 

Look at these sweet goats!

Here is where I came from, the little road on the right 

It’s 6500 m of stright up climbing! Very good for staying fit!

Cows on the road 

Me on the train down, warm and cozy in my peak preformance hoodie

After that me and Skin went to Starbucks 

Then it was time for some riding! Skin had already done interval training with Duc and Ice, so I only rode Alf, Picsou and a little on Calla!

Me and Alf went to Gallop on the filed also today! 

This is my outfit

Me and Alf on the filed! So good for him! Really gallop and stretch out! 

On the way home I like to walk together with the horses! I also pick up some grass and give them as treats, when I have run out of carrots 😂

I ride Picsou and Skin ride Calla! When I was finished with Picsou I ride Calla a bit! She felt good!

The weather got better so we manage to get a little pool time also! Francois and me went to the gym, but it was closed today! So we went for a run outside instead!

Ready to go to the gym

But became a run outside instead 

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