The weather is on point☀️

And I just finished my cardio, up the mouintain 🏃‍♀️

Haha, really sweating today, check out the snap filter! First day I did not have to put my hoodie on when I came up to the mouintain! It is a HOT day 😍☀️🙋

Today I have big plans, doing my nails pretty for my birthday on Monday, even going to the hair dresser! Normally Francois❤ cut my hair😃 

A question, do you guys want me to post what I will get for my birthday? Or is that a source of jealousy instead of inspiration? 

I know “that” Person and her friends wants that I post it, they try to use everything they can against me! But no matter what a person have, works for or recieves it is not allowed to try to make someone blind, or threaten to kill someone! 

Since I was little I always got very expensive things from my parents! We did not buy a lot the rest of the year since I had 3 horses, so the list of wishes was long for my birthday and Christmas! I miss the time I was a little girl and the fabulous birthday party’s, all the love from my parents, my familie, my parents friends and my friends! 

How the kids and the grown ups would ring the door bell to come to my birthday party, and I would with great eager run and open the door and greet them! And it is always sun and warm weather on my birthday!🎂

On the train now and heading for the stables!

So share my gifts on the blog or keep it to myself? 

6 thoughts on “The weather is on point☀️”

  1. Deffinetly share everything you will get! I am for fancy clothes but I need to save. Last Year I bought my first Louis Vuitton scarf and now I am saving for a bag..so for me its inspiration and also knowing ‘whats in’ at the moment when You also do fashion posts. 🙂
    BR: Susanna

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    1. Congratulations on your scarf! I am sure you will enjoy it and be proud of it for many years! Have you checked the LV web site? Not all bags are so crazy expensive! Hope you’ll get your dream bag soon!😃 and thank you for the comment


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