Jumping and pool time

But first C A R D I O 

I stared with jogging 6 KM outside while Francois hit the treadmill! We meet downstairs and did the musculation together! 

After that we went to the stables!

My riding outfit of the day! JEM L, new Chanel belt, Armani t-shirt, KEP ITALIA and PARLANTI PASSION!

Alf was first and he JUMPED GREAT!! Mostly focused today to have a good rhythm and jumping oxer a after vertical! The gymnastic line was there, but it was not the main focus of the day!

Then Duc, he has already jumped enough this week so he just did some low jumps for schooling

Check out this jump, I been focusing so much on keeping him staring , he normally jumps to the left, So now I am actually to much on the right!


Same with Ice! He has jumped enough so just popped a couple of poles for schooling, he was a very good and calm boy!

It has finally got warmer and Picsou was not wild 😂

I took care of him myself and here he is standing with ice on the LEGGS after doing out first gallop today in a LOOONG TIME! He feels top! I put double ice on the left hindleg, because some of the ice cells are broken in some of the cooling pads, and I wanted to be sure he got ice proper! 😂 he was not keen on posing on pictures today! But it is not funny on the blog if all the pictures are perfect!

I gave Skin a lesson with Calla! While she was walking Cal’i around I changed in to my pool clothes 

I train Skin a lot on the little, but very important detail like riding the horse stright, and the perfect position of the leg, seeing the distance from far to a pole or a cavaletti and still getting the horse to be in perfect balance 

Then pooltime! Francois had a really good salmon salad 

I had Coca Cola and MicronPOP😋

When Skin was finished taking care of Calla she came to the pool to join us! 

My bikini outfit of today

Me and Skin thought it was “to cold” to swim, but Francois went for it!


Ready to go home! Love the purple color on the glasses! The skirt is bought at TEZNIES for 2 euro last year!

When we came home I baked a lactose free, gluten free, sugar free, NEW YORK CHEESCAKE! And we watch tv 

5 thoughts on “Jumping and pool time”

  1. Kan jeg spørre om hva som skjedde med det overfallet? Husker du skrev på face at noen hadde slått deg ned, og at du slet en stund etter det? Er de som gjorde det tatt? Ellers så følger jeg bloggen din og blir veldig inspirert av treningen med hestene. Du er så flink og du ser smashing ut😀

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