I got sunshine 

Went to the stable and started with riding Calla, normally Skin rides her all the time, but Francois wanted to see me on her, so I did as I was told! And also took the opportunity to show Skin how she can get Calla to relax more! This is my outfit of today! CT riding pants, Armani T-shirt, Chanel belt, Kep, pic taken after riding so me and Calla are good and sweat! 

Me and Calla 

❤Francois, Skin and Picsou went to meet up Daniel, the vet! Picsou is still not a 100% and we need to make sure he gets the cafe he needs to recover! He is traveling in the SO ZEN rug I have made! 

When they left I took care of Calla, and afterwords rode Alf’i! 

Me and Alf trained a lot on changing the rhythm in Trott and canter, but for him still keeping his neck out, went good! 

Ice and cooling rug after 

I thought Duc was a little swollen in his feet today, so I just hand walked him and let him wax grass! He does not look swollen, but for me who knows his legs inside out, I could tell he was a little. Better to be careful! Maybe it came from galloping so much yesterday, he was in the woods, and it is very dry and hard since we did not have so much rain lately 

Wine to get groceries alone since Francois❤ was not home jet, and had a quick stop at Starbucks! Haha, must say me and Skin also had Mc Donald’s for lunch while we were getting the truck fixed! 🍔🍔

But it be fair this is a expresso Frappochino with light Vanilla base, soya milk and extra wipped cream! Not that rich..

The gang came back! 

And I rode Ice Tea! Loads of collected canter, mostly on the right hand today! 

Finished up by going to the gym with my ❤LOVE❤

And now I just finished checking measurements for my fashion creations, our riding clothes!

Tomorrow I’m going for fitting in Lausanne! My parents bought me the Chanel t-shirt and it has a loose fit, I prefer more close to the body, so we have booked a fitting 😃 

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