Operation today

No riding for me today! Skin did really hard interval training with the horses yesterday and they need a day off! 🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴

Started the day with a nice breakfast with Francois! And then a run 

Me and Francois went to Geneva because I have a operation today! 

But first we had time to visit town a little 

My outfit


Some good food 

Francois and I love to look at the watches, very interesting! Well done watches are like art, according to me anyway! We had even coordinated our outfits! Black and Pink! He had pink stripes on the shirt 


Minni Mouse was walking casually around Geneva 

Taxi to hostpital, since it could be difficult to park the car there! Who looked most worried about the operation? 

Ready for operation 

After reeeeeesing a loooong time I am heading out for a evening walk 

Super proud of this tank top! Bought it in Thailand, I always wanted to go to Thailand! 


We also went to see tigers at a rescue center! Where tigers that has been sold to privat people as pets when they were small could be rescue and as many as possible was turned out to the wild again! 

4 thoughts on “Operation today”

  1. Hope the operation went well!
    But I see that you already did an evening walk😊 power women.
    I also loved the the holidays with my dad. He always spoiled me when I was a child.
    Good recovery! 😘

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