Started the day with a cardio walk run up the mouintain!When that goat sees me, it always goes up on that thing 😃

Then me, Skin and Irene took pictures of my JEM L and some high waist Levi’s jeans to demonstrate the differences! Also I strongly believe if you are not as fit as us, more low waist helps you forme a slimmer figure! Will make a post about it! 

We took some pictures of us normal! And afterwords we eat a lot! I ate 2 protein bars and 2.5 chocolate croissants! Skin ate 4 chocolate croissants! 

Rode Duc first! 

My riding outfit of today

More hard core dressage strength training with him today 

Getting treats after work 😍

Skin was walkin Ice Tea while I finished up with Duc

Hard core for Ice also today! Collection/ riding forward/ balance up, Collection again

Also rode Alf’i! He I mostly rode forward and as always I try to make him LOOOONG! He was very relaxed and good today 

Then pool time! Me and Skin eate a WHOLE ben n Jerry’s each! Working on getting a BIIIG BELLY for taking pictures with the pants later! So you guys can see, if you have a belly the cut I made is better!

Pool outfit of he day! My daddy bought me this jeans skirt from Fornarina when I was 14 years old! Still fits! 


When the belly still was “normal”

Since our bellys had not got big enough we went to Mc Donald’s! This food is just for Skin and me😂

Eat it, took the pictures, that will come in a separate post! So you can really see what I mean! Finished the day by giving a jumping lesson to Skin and Calla! Went super😃

6 thoughts on “Thursday and WE’R GETTING CRAZY”

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! But I can assure you that these pants will be the most comfy every! I’m trying them and two other models on loads of girls right now to make it SUPER! That’s why they are not on the marked jet, because I want to be 100% sure


  1. Jeg personlig synes det er mye bedre med “mid-waist” eller høyt liv. Lavt liv blir liggende på hoftebena, og ligge og gnage. Så ender det med at jeg må dra den opp hele tiden.
    Har mye erfaring med å selge ridebukser, og litt kraftigere mennesker foretrekker ofte høyt liv ellers føler de ofte at de ikke får på seg buksa ordentlig. De litt tjukke menneskene(hvis det er lov å si) synes ofte at det “slankende” uttrykket kommer ved bruk av høytlivsbukser, nettopp fordi de får mer av magen/magefettet inni buksa istede for at det henger over buksekanten. Dette er imidlertid bare mine erfaringer og synspunkter.

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  2. Riding in the morning is the most comfortable for the horses. Are in the evening when it’s very hot.
    I put Snoop at night and the mornings on the field. It’s 30 degrees here in Belgium!
    Your spirit has so much energy! Nice to read every time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the comment! Yes I agree! Nice for Snoop to be so lucky and be out in the night, and enjoy the shadow in the box when it’s at it’s hottest in the day ☀️🐴😃


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