Sunny Saturday ☀️

I have some problems in my body after the attack from “that person” and it has made me more aware of my fitness! So even if it is saturday and I like to sleep in I Got up at 08.00, grabbed a protein bar, water,  Pepsi Max and jumped in the car! 

Went running/walking up the mouintain and took the train down to my car at 10.00! Already hot so I was sweating A LOT

Went to Manor and got fresh berries for breakfast and now me and Francois❤ are at the pool! He is in the shadow, me in the sun

Bikini of the day! Top and pants with pink bird (what’s the name again??)

And this yellow bikini top! Love the bright colors 

When we are at the pool we always swim at least 500m, good total body workout! So lucky to have such a great pool so near the stables!

SKIN also came! 

When we were finished at the pool Francois❤ went home and me and Skin went to the stables

Me today, posing with Duc🐴💖

Guess top that I bought in Spain, Hermes belt, Kep and Parlanti passion 
Rode hard core dressage with Duc today, a lot of collective canter, that he thinks is very heavy! It went very good! It is important to ride forward and make the horse long after you collect him, don’t collect to long at the time, it can cause tensions!

The Ice Tea, a lot of work on the right side, jumping tomorrow! 

Alf I trained a lot in collecting also, but that he still makes his neck long! Went good!

Just walk for Picsou today! And I gave a flat work lesson to Skin and Calla! They did both great

Before I went home, me and Skin put up the course for tomorrow! 

Have a great Saturday guys! 

4 thoughts on “Sunny Saturday ☀️”

  1. Hi,
    When do You have Your next competition?
    Is that Your and Francois own stable?
    Could you do some stable pictures one time too to have better image about the place 😊

    BR: Susanna

    Liked by 1 person

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