Just do it 

And that’s what I did, woke up 05.30 and did the cardio up the mouintain

Because me and Francois had such a busy day planed so it was better to start early and be ahead of schedual 

We also went to get one of the Ferrari’S from the garage! Was trying to take a panorama foto 😂😂😂😂


Then I had to go to DHL and pick up new reversed samples and also go for some fitting in Lausanne!

Skin came with me 

My outfit, Dior Top, Louis Vuitton bag, Chanel shoes

Of course we also went to Starbucks

When we got back to the stables I started with this horse

This is my riding outfit 

Duc and Alf ready!

Since I jumped yesterday I only rode some light dressage and stretched the horses A LOT today! 

LOVE this picture Skin took of me and Alf, while she is holding Duc💖

DUCi have earnets on them when I ride now, because I don’t want fly’s to irritate them 

Skin taking Duc back to the stables and me taking Picsou

Details! Such a special belt

Went home and went to the gym with my 👑KING👑 FRANCOIS❤

20 min Cross trainer and some abs workout 

2 thoughts on “Just do it ”

  1. Love it, waking up early then the day is much longer en you can do a lot till noon.
    You do a lot of variation with your horses, thats necessary otherwise they get boired.
    I like you trainingschedule a lot!! 😚

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