So me, Skin, Calla, Duc, Ice and Alf has left Suisse and are now in San Remo for the Jumping!

Skin lives in the truck and I live at the Royal Hotel Sanremo! Sooo good! Lucky me 

Got up at 06.00 because I wanted to ride early so I could enjoy the sun and the pool later!  I jogged the 2 km from the hotel to the stables and rode Alf first! I have my riding clothes in the truck so I changed there! Here is my outfit, Versace tshirt, my own JEM one seem riding breeches, and Louis Vuitton belt

Me and Alf!

 The horses was 6 hours on the transport yeasterday so I did not work them so hard today, low shape, bending them, relaxes and listening  to me! Alf was super, Duc was a little stiff, but it became good quite quick, and Ice Tea was fresh! 

Duc wanting carrots while I’m giving a lesson to Skin

Skin with Calla! They were both super!

Pool time, Louis Vuitton all the way ๐Ÿ˜‰

The family of Skin is here

Went down to the beach and had a little swim in the ocean 

Finished up the day by jogging to the stables and cuddling with the horses! 

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